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Former Loretto Volunteer Amy Levad Lectures at Eden Seminary

By Barb Mecker Amy Levad is a former Loretto Volunteer (2001–2002) in Denver at the Empowerment Program. She gave a lecture for the Scmeichen Lecture Series at Eden Seminary in Webster Groves Oct. 4 on a Christian response to mass incarceration. Amy has a bachelor’s degree in math and religious studies from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., and a master’s in theology and a doctorate in ethics from Emory University in Atlanta. Amy is an associate professor in theology at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis. She teaches in the areas of theology, criminal justice, environmental theology and … Continue reading

Meet Molly Grumich, Nerinx Hall’s New Principal

By Julie Lohr, Director of Advancement, Nerinx Hall Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves is excited to welcome a new principal, Molly Grumich. For the past 15 years, Molly has served as a teacher and administrator at Incarnate Word Academy, including the past five years as principal. She is also a graduate of Incarnate Word. Molly received a doctorate of education in administration from St. Louis University and a bachelor’s degree in speech/theater education from Missouri State University. Molly’s blend of experience, knowledge and strength of character make her an ideal fit for Nerinx. She embraces the Loretto values … Continue reading

LWN Supports Ratification of CEDAW

By Trish Herron The CEDAW (Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women) is a treaty signed by 189 states, which, unfortunately, does not include the United States. We are one of the holdouts, along with Iran and Sudan. LWN is supporting ratification, at least city by city, if we can’t get Washington, D.C., to pass this. We currently are working to get the mayor and city council of Albuquerque, N.M., to permit a resolution. Once we do that we will move toward an ordinance, a more binding document. Mary Nelson and I are heading this effort. … Continue reading

Loretto Health Providers Gather at LaSalle Center

By Donna Day The LaSalle Conference Center near St. Louis was the setting for the Health Providers Gathering Sept. 11-13. The conference was planned by Mary Gutzwiller, Joyce Ackles, Jean East and me. Twenty-three Loretto members gathered to consider what implications there are for our time as we remember Father Nerinckx’s words to our early sisters, “There is not a particle of doubt in my mind but that you will undergo great changes from your present status.” Father Nerinckx was right, of course. As part of Loretto’s succession planning, Jean led the group in a three-part process: first, to identify … Continue reading

‘El odio no tiene hogar aquí’: Hate has no home here

By Melanie Farrell Before working at the MICA (Migrant and Immigrant Community Action) Project, I thought I knew what it meant to fight hate. Hate, I believed, was something that could simply be combated with kindness. It was one or the other. No compromise. While I still believe this to be partly true, I now see more additions to this duality. Hate is powerful. It is far easier to hate than it is to love. And it also is far easier to identify acts of kindness than it is to admit the systemic hate in this country. Hate is ingrained … Continue reading

Weekend with National Farm Worker Ministry an Eye Opener

By Mallory Daily My weekend with the National Farm Worker Ministry (NFWM) in Toledo, Ohio, opened my eyes to the intersectionality of the farmworker justice movement. Farmworker justice involves pretty much everything I’ve ever cared about as a human being involved in justice and peace work: immigration rights, worker rights, climate change mitigation, food system repair, corporate accountability, reform of free trade agreements and more. The materials and presentations given during the NFWM board meeting enriched my understanding of many of these topics, and my conversations with farmworkers and labor organizers helped me understand the harsh reality that lies behind … Continue reading

Outreach Hosts Snowmass Retreat

By Sandra Hareld This past Labor Day weekend 17 retreatants, including Loretto vowed and co-members, co-members-in-process and family and friends of the Loretto Community, spent time at St. Benedict’s Trappist Monastery retreat house in Snowmass, Colo. It was a time for prayer, group discussions, personal reflection, spiritual movement practices and building relationships. Highlights of the retreat mentioned in the participants’ evaluations included a reflection by Maureen McCormack on various entries from her journal; the level of sharing and connecting among the retreatants; great discussions around the contemplative path; inspiration/motivation to greater service for others; the awesome setting, which included Mount … Continue reading

Loretto Circle Flourishes with In-Person and Online Groups

By Sandra Herald Loretto’s Outreach Committee continues to find opportunities to respond to those interested in being more connected with Loretto. One way of making those connections, meeting Loretto members and learning more about who we are and what we do, is through the Loretto Circle. The Loretto Circle was started in 2009 when the Loretto Assembly approved a resolution for the Circle as a way to connect with Loretto without needing to make a vowed or co-membership commitment. The first retreat at the Motherhouse took place in 2010 with the help of co-members Martha Alderson and Barbara Mecker. Since … Continue reading

Loretto Offers Generous Support to Haiti in Time of Need

By Barbara Wander Loretto’s very generous donation of $10,000 to the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus has come at a time of real need. Although they did not receive a direct hit from the hurricanes, the glancing blows have yet again caused some deaths (both people and animals washed out to sea) and devastated their agriculture up north. The community was still trying to recover from the hurricane last October in southern and western Haiti when the new ones came. Of course, each time there is something like a tropical storm or hurricane, cholera rears its … Continue reading

Executive Committee Approves More Than $50,000 for Hurricane Relief

At the Sept. 14-15 meeting of the Executive Committee, the following funds from realized gains in 2017 were approved for hurricane relief: • $10,000: St. Michael Parish in Houston to be shared with other parishes such as St. Raphael and Casa San Juan de Diego • $10,000: Farm Worker Ministry for Central Florida • $10,000: Haiti (Barbara Wander) • $5,000: Religious congregations in Cuba who suffered losses • $5,000: Religious congregations in Southern Florida In addition to the above, Special Needs allocated $7,500 to St. Michael in Houston. The Executive Committee also approved by special session on Oct. 2 $10,000 … Continue reading