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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Marian (formerly Sister John Carroll) Andrews SL

Aug. 12, 1924 – Feb. 13, 2017 The following is Sister Marian Andrews’ autobiography, which she submitted to the Archives in 1987: “I was born in Pueblo, Colo., in 1924, the first daughter of John Jacob and Helen Marie Andrews who, in subsequent years, had two other daughters, Betty and Carol. When I was in the 6th grade, Betty died of a heart condition. She had never been a healthy child but, until shortly before her death, we did not know the seriousness of her heart problem. “I attended Catholic schools through the 12th grade. St. Patrick’s Grade School was … Continue reading

100 Days of Prayer


New! 2016 Loretto Year in Review

As a “Valentine’s gift” to all friends of Loretto, the 2016 Loretto Year in Review is now released. Take a moment to enjoy just a few highlights of the many activities, mission projects, achievements and awards accomplished by the Loretto Community in 2016. Many photos illustrate the thoughtful work of different Loretto groups in their care for the earth, support of international causes, work for peace and justice. It’s amazing what people can do when they prepare, pray and roll up their sleeves. Don’t wait!

Remembrance of the Life of Lucy Donovan Walsh CoL

– Feb. 4, 2017 Lucy Donovan Walsh of Kirkwood, Mo., composed a thorough autobiography, at the time of her application for Co-membership in the Loretto Community in 1989: “One must start with being born of wonderful parents, Judge Jack A. Walsh and Lucy Ann Hogan Walsh. [I was] born the second child of what would be five, the first of two girls, all born within 6-and-a-half years. From the beginning of our lives, our parents fostered a family spirit that blessedly continues into the next generations of nieces and nephews. “With some sacrifice all five of us were sent to … Continue reading

Remembrance of the Life of Sister M. Kristin McNamara SL

April 17, 1932 — Feb.1, 2017 Kristin McNamara composed her own obituary and submitted it to the Archives when she moved from Taos, N.M., to Loretto Motherhouse. It reads as follows: “On April 17, 1932, I was born to Marie and James McNamara. Both were wonderful parents who nurtured and loved me throughout their life. “On April 25, 1953, the Sisters of Loretto received me into the Community. I have always been glad I decided to enter into Loretto life as Loretto has been a source of great friendships and opportunities to work with such good people in many different … Continue reading

Welcome, Aileen!

Loretto’s new Communications-Technology Team manager Aileen Gaumond came on board this past December. The part-time staff member pronounces her first name like “Eileen,” and says it is OK to call her “I.” She is a graphic designer and photographer who also enjoys tech work. Aileen has had her photographs in national shows and wants to get them to the international level in 2017 if she can find the time. She enjoys doing a process called “Bromoil.” It makes her finished pictures look like ink drawings. She says she is passionate about her work and noted she has a photo studio … Continue reading

Loretto Marches in 2017 MLK Marade in Denver

Thank you, Maria!

Maria Visse completed her term as Loretto Motherhouse Service Coordinator Dec. 31, 2016. The Motherhouse Community celebrated her years of service with heartfelt thanks and a party. “We are called to be pioneers. … Pioneers filled with unwarranted confidence that visions give. Pioneers whose eyes and ears are elsewhere, who hear an echo of possibilities, as music poised to enter the universe.” — Teilhard de Chardin SJ

Book Review: ‘Roundabout’ by Marie Ego (2016)

By Mary Anne Reese “You who loved humanity would have laughed today at your funeral and been surprised to see who gathered there when before it was too much to lift a finger for you.” So begins the poem “Akos,” one of the first poems in Marie Ego’s new full-length collection Roundabout. The poet addresses this brief communal confession to an AIDS-afflicted prostitute and continues: “[Y]ou accepted pitiful offerings as though they were regal gifts and loved the giver with forgiving eyes …” Marie Ego wrote most of these poems while serving in Ghana from 1987 to 2010. Her title … Continue reading

Loretto Academy Restores St. Joseph’s Chapel Pipe Organ

Story By Alejandra Saldaña St. Joseph’s Chapel at Loretto Academy in El Paso had its grand reopening this past April, and, although the majority of the work was completed, one of its most stunning features, the pipe organ, built in 1939, continued to sit in silence and disrepair. Scott Weir, curator of organs, explained, “The work began with a complete disassembly of the instrument, including the removal of all 1,221 pipes. Metal pipes were washed, and their damage was repaired. Wooden pipes were freed of dust, then oiled. Leather on the organ bellows, windchests, valves and stoppers was replaced. The … Continue reading