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Welcome to Interchange Online, an extension of the Loretto Community's internal monthly newsletter. Here you will find news about Loretto Community life, written and edited by Loretto Community members. Current editors are Martha Alderson CoL, Donna Day SL, Mary Ann McGivern SL and Lillian Moskeland CoL.

Getting to Know You: Conversations About Loretto Work After Vatican II

By Mary Kay Brannan and Therese Stawowy Does your “bucket list” include reconnecting to Loretto? Would you like to share with new Loretto folks what you were doing after Vatican II? Recently a small group of Outreach Team volunteers met on Zoom to talk about how we might engage in ways to gather more information about people in the Loretto Community. Right now, there is only limited information on what individuals have been doing after Loretto sisters started choosing their own work in the late ‘60s. There are so many wonderful, enriching and compelling ministries that were going on and … Continue reading

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Loretto Supports National Farm Workers Ministry

By Roxanne Monterastelli Carolyn Jarmillo and Rox Monterastelli represented the Latin America Caribbean Committee at the National Farm Workers Ministry winter board meeting in January at FIRM, Fresno (Calif.) Interdenominational Immigration Ministries. Historically the NFWM board meetings include an action that reflects and supports the work of the ministry. Arturo Rodriguez, president of the United Farm Workers, spoke to the board about recent successes and future plans of the UFW. Carolyn and Rox then joined Rodriguez, Bobby Kennedy Jr., members of the UFW, local farmworkers and supporters in front of the Coyle Federal Building for a press conference and rally. … Continue reading

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Loretto in Motion: Who We Are and What We Have Done

From the Outreach and Co-membership Teams The Outreach and Co-membership Teams have just completed compiling a study guide which combines readings from Naming Our Truth and A Century of Change, two important books that provide writings on significant events in Loretto’s more recent history. Co-members-in-process are asked to read these books, among others, as part of their study of Loretto. With the success of I Am the Way study groups, whereby co-members-in-process and Loretto members study the Constitutions of Loretto together, the Co-membership Team thought encouraging study groups using Naming Our Truth and A Century of Change might be equally … Continue reading

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Motherhouse Hosts Pakistan Committee

By Mary Ann Lovett Recently the Pakistan Committee decided that our face-to-face meeting would be at the Loretto Motherhouse for the grace that location imparts to each of us and for the opportunity to have conversation with the Community. Two events were planned with the Community. The 2016 Oscar award-winning short documentary A Girl in the River: the Price of Forgiveness was shown one evening, and a discussion with the committee broadcast throughout the Motherhouse was offered after Sunday Mass. At the invitation of retiring committee chairwoman Mary Helen Sandoval, Kathleen Tighe opened the gathering session. She invited us all … Continue reading

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Maureen McCormack Offers Her Perspective on Interfaith Dialogue

By Maureen McCormack As I think about the topic of interfaith dialogue, I realize that most of us grew up in one faith or no faith tradition. Some were part of an interfaith household. Many families protected children from influences of other religious traditions. Stereotypes about different faiths were rampant, including plenty of stereotypes about us. Of course, neighborhood children vied with one another about which religion was the best. My mother used to tell us we didn’t need to argue about which was the best; we belonged to the one true church. As an adult, I imagined that most … Continue reading

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A Film Review: Kullaka

By Mary Peter Bruce “During the 1970s, Bolivia went through many social and political conflicts. At that time several groups, religious and laypeople, went to volunteer in the rural area near La Paz. “They worked as a pastoral team of the Catholic Church in the Bolivian Altiplano. Their services included health, education, communication and special programs for women’s promotion.” (from the Kullaka movie script) In 1974 Maryknoll Father Don Steed invited me to work for Radio San Gabriel, which belonged to his congregation. Five young Aymara women and I entered into a pioneer service in the field of pastoral communication … Continue reading

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Welcome, Christina!

Loretto welcomes new Assistant to the President at the Denver Central Office Christina Manweller. She has volunteered with refugees and the homeless and has been an active member of a local peace and justice group for many years. With a bachelor’s in communication from the University of Denver, Christina has a varied experience record. Her employment history includes administration, marketing, website and customer service work, writing, tutoring at a community college, co-managing a business and analyzing seismograms. Christina is married to Patrick, with a grown daughter, Jola. On weekends, she spends time with family and friends and/or basks in God’s … Continue reading

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Loretto Turns Out for Women’s Rights: A Time for Reflections

                By Lillian Moskeland Families, husbands, co-members and vowed members of Loretto gathered around the nation to stand for women’s rights. Ninety-six years ago, women suffered to gain equality under the law and today that hard-fought battle seems in danger. The young suffer discrimination for being “feminist” from friends who learn to repeat and forget. However, there are young such as Mary Helen Sandoval’s 7-year-old granddaughter who inspires her, and my granddaughter, Sofi Cobb, who encapsulate the feelings of all saying, “I am so glad I came; this was great! I will always … Continue reading

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Welcome, Aileen!

Loretto’s new Communications-Technology Team manager Aileen Gaumond came on board this past December. The part-time staff member pronounces her first name like “Eileen,” and says it is OK to call her “I.” She is a graphic designer and photographer who also enjoys tech work. Aileen has had her photographs in national shows and wants to get them to the international level in 2017 if she can find the time. She enjoys doing a process called “Bromoil.” It makes her finished pictures look like ink drawings. She says she is passionate about her work and noted she has a photo studio … Continue reading

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