Pakistan: Loretto’s Newest Mission

Nasreen Daniel, Maria Daniel, and Samina Iqbal are Sisters of Loretto who work in their home country of Pakistan. In 2009, they began Loretto’s Pakistan mission, initially working in Faisalabad. (Click here to get more information.) Since then, at the invitation of Bishop Sebastian, they moved the Loretto mission to Lahore.




To get a sense of their neighborhood and the needs of the families there, they did a survey. It is a very poor area and they were conducting the survey in the monsoon season, when there is flooding.






At the request of the pastor of their parish, St Mark, our sisters were asked to develop some catechesis about St Mark, the Apostle. They worked with people in the parish to create a play about St Mark and the Resurrection story. There were around 2,000 students from 15-20 schools who attended.






A great need for the children in the area is education, for both Muslim and Christian students. In April, at the request of Bishop Sebastian, Loretto took over St Anthony’s School, Green Town, a southern section of Lahore. This is the 4th branch of the main St Anthony School in Lahore, which was founded in 1892. There are 215 students, ranging in age from 3 to 12. Not only do the sisters work on the education of the students, but they also focus on training and mentoring the school’s teachers. For a video describing the school and the students, click here.

Following the survey of the neighborhood, the identified need for women was literacy and skill development. In May, our sisters began the Loretto Empowering Women of Pakistan (LEWP). They teach skills in sewing – crocheting, embroidery, knitting, making patterns and clothes.

Along with the skill development, they conduct literacy classes in Urdu for women in the area. To hear more about LEWP, click here.







Additionally, the Sisters’ work involves solar panel installation. Their training in this area has proven a great asset because of the shortage of electricity in Pakistan. Sisters Maria and Samina coordinate the installation of solar panels in different locations in Pakistan, helping to create power for fans, lights, refrigerators, computers, and other equipment needing electricity.

Please keep our Sisters Maria, Samina, and Nasreen and those whom they serve in your prayers, as they grow the Loretto presence in Pakistan.

As we stand with Mary at the foot of the cross, we strive to bring the healing Spirit of God into our world and we commit ourselves to improving the conditions of those who suffer from injustice, oppression, and deprivation of dignity.

From I Am The Way, the Constitutions of the Sisters of Loretto

Donors to Pakistan: Past and Future
Because of so many generous persons, the Pakistan Endowment that will support our Sisters of Loretto in perpetuity, has been endowed for over $1,000,000.00. Bequests, totaling $200,000.00 at this point, will continue to grow this fund.

We are counting on past and future donors to give to the Pakistan Endowment so as to continue growing it. The Pakistan Endowment will support the Pakistan mission in perpetuity. If you wish to give to the Pakistan Mission, meaning that your gift will be used for current needs, please do so. Click here to donate. Please indicate if the gift is for the Pakistan Endowment or the Pakistan Mission. Every gift matters, every gift regardless of size, is appreciated and needed. All gifts to the Sisters of Loretto are tax deductible. Bequests and Gifts of Stock are encouraged and valued.

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