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Holy Family Sisters Come to Denver

By Mary Ann McGivern The Guatemala Sister Community Committee is sponsoring a weeklong fund-raising course Nov. 8-12 in Denver. The course will be in Spanish. Raquel López Camey, Gloria León and Carmela Sotz Otzoy (whose visa was in limbo at press time) are expected to arrive late on Friday, Nov. 6. On Sunday, Nov. 8, they start work with Lydia Peña meeting potential donors. Kim Klein has arranged for Olga Gonzales, who is bilingual, to teach proposal writing on Monday, Nov. 9. Tuesday, Nov. 10, the group will tour Escuela de Guadalupe and Friendship Bridge and meet potential donors. Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Loretto Women’s Network: Standing Up for Women’s Rights

By Trish Herron The Loretto Women’s Network has been inspired to work for women’s rights since its inception. New coordinators, Theresa Kinealy, Barbara Jean Kinney, Lillian Moskeland and I want to focus our energies on securing proper opportunities and care for abused and homeless women and children by making sure the “powers that be” in communities provide adequate shelters for women when they, because of abusive partners, have become homeless. The LWN Identity Statement, adopted in 2005, guides our goal. It reads in part: “The Loretto Women’s Network acts to affirm the rights for all women in church and society.” … Continue reading

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Loretto Welcomes Jessie Rathburn

By Lisa Reynolds Jessie Rathburn first encountered Loretto through meeting Mary Kay Brannan several years ago at a one-day workshop on Thomas Berry at St. Mary’s Academy. She since has attended many Loretto events, along with several retreats at the Motherhouse, and has developed many close relationships with Loretto members. Jessie and her husband, Andy, live in Granby, Colo., where Andy works as an engineer in the water department. When they lived in Denver, they managed a small urban farm near downtown Denver where they focused on plant sales and small-scale produce production. Jessie teaches piano and tutors children in … Continue reading

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Strawberry Boycott Alert

The Loretto Community has endorsed the boycott of Driscoll strawberries and Häagen-Dazs strawberry ice cream. These two products are the major buyers of strawberries from Sakuma Bros. berries. Sakuma Bros. entered into an agreement for higher wages and better work conditions some months ago. The agreements were not honored by the parent company that also sent their security guards into the labor camps to intimidate the workers. So, we have endorsed this boycott, we’ve sent postcards, and now ask all readers to endorse it also. I guess it means we should eat those Driscoll berries in our refrigerators and enjoy … Continue reading

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My Week with Pope Francis

By Jeannine Gramick (Editor’s Note: This column first appeared in Global Sisters Report,, a project of National Catholic Reporter. The column appears at ) Pope Francis is called the “people’s pope,” and with good reason; he appeals to all people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The whole United States seemed to be agog with his September visit to our country, and I was no exception. Like a puppy dog, I followed him, visiting Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York during the days of his U.S. tour. I was excited to be on the White House lawn for his arrival … Continue reading

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Hildegard House: A Home of Hospitality at the End of Life

By Karen Cassidy Hildegard House is what is known as a comfort care home, a place where individuals at the end of life who have no home or family can come to die with dignity. We are not a licensed facility, but a home, following the social hospice model. We do not bill insurance or charge a fee. We operate solely on charitable contributions and grants. Every resident has a hospice team that creates a care plan that provides for her or his comfort care through Medicare. Hildegard House was incorporated in September 2014, and we hit the ground running. … Continue reading

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Loretto Circles: Extending Loretto’s Spirit and Values

By Sandra Hareld and Lisa Reynolds Earlier this summer Lisa Reynolds and I (as members of the Loretto Outreach Team) were contacted by Noeli Lytton, a faculty member at Nerinx Hall High School in St. Louis. She inquired about the possibility of forming a Loretto Circle for faculty members or others in St. Louis who are interested in a connection to the Loretto Community. Noeli wanted to learn more about Loretto’s history, values, spirituality, culture and missions. Since then, Lisa and I have heard from other individuals who know Loretto vowed and co-members, are former Loretto Volunteers or are alums … Continue reading

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Sandy’s Joyful Week

By Mary Peter Bruce The day Sandy Ardoyno received news from Mobile, Ala., that she would receive an award from McGill-Toolen High School, where she taught for nearly 45 years, she was very happy and proud. Sandy and four other graduates — a business man, two doctors and a dentist — were being inducted into the high school’s Hall of Fame. Sandy invited Mary Swain and me to accompany her to Mobile. Mary had driven Sandy to Mobile on various occasions, and I had taught Sandy and her sister Susie religion when they were sophomores in 1958-1959. Sept. 24 we … Continue reading

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Loretto Endowment Fund for Pakistan

By Lydia Peña In August 2013, Pearl McGivney, president of the Sisters of Loretto, asked me to raise $1 million for a Loretto Pakistan Endowment Fund. An endowment ensures the future of the Pakistan mission and work of our Sisters living there. Margaret Hartman, a 1967 alumna of Loretto Heights College (LHC), pledged $250,000 and said, “The Sisters of Loretto were founded to educate, and I, a thankful alumna of LHC, want to help them continue the work that they began over 200 years ago. I believe education is the key to making a life and making a living. As … Continue reading

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A Single Act of Kindness

By Alex McNeil “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” — Amelia Earhart It was a bit of luck that the earthquake struck at noon on a Saturday, when the markets were full and when thousands of children were playing outdoors. Except when the shaking stopped, luck in Nepal seemed in short supply. Measured at a magnitude of 7.8, the earthquake was qualified by the U.S. Geological Survey as “major” — likely to cause “serious damage.” For the villagers of Dhawa and Balimtar, Nepal, two villages mere … Continue reading

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