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Loretto Heritage Center Earns Award of Merit for Leadership in History

By Eleanor Craig The Loretto Heritage Center Archives and Museum received an Award of Merit at the annual meeting of the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) Sept. 19 in St. Paul, Minn. In announcing the award, AASLH President Terry Davis wrote, “The Leadership in History Award is the nation’s most prestigious competition for recognition in state and local history. … We congratulate you for the work that has brought this honor.” The award recognizes “the transformation of visitor engagement at the Loretto Motherhouse, including a complete redesign for the visitor’s center and archive research facilities, a mission … Continue reading

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Kudos to Team that Guided Heritage Center from Start to Finish

By Roberta Hudlow When giving kudos to those who worked on the Heritage Center it is important to acknowledge those who contributed greatly. Kate Misbauer dreamed, researched, traveled, viewed the work of others and sought advice. Denise Ann Clifford hunted for and raised money to make Kate’s dream a reality. The talented and knowledgeable Michael Heusler turned their hard work, along with the additional work of the archives team and the planning committee, into an over-the-top event. His expertise in display and knowledge of fabricators produced something far beyond our own ability. In comparing his portfolio to others, Michael’s work … Continue reading

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Thinking Together — What We Do to Earth

By Susan Classen (It’s Sunday evening, Sept. 28, and I’m traveling home from Kansas after attending the Prairie Festival sponsored by The Land Institute. One week earlier on Sept. 21, I was traveling home from New York City after attending the largest climate march in history. Each weekend was significant in itself. Together they were powerful. What follows are my reflections on the interrelationship of these two events.) On the surface the two gatherings were drastically different. The People’s Climate March was a dramatic event that attracted 400,000 people to the largest city in the United States. The Prairie Festival … Continue reading

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An Impact Investment: Iroquois Valley Farms

By Eleanor Craig The Loretto Investment Committee recently executed an “alternative investment” unusual in several respects. Since its beginnings in the early 1970s, Loretto’s Investment Committee has advised the Community and its decision-makers on ways Loretto can be socially responsible in its investments. One aspect of the committee’s work has been to seek opportunities to invest in non-traditional enterprises that more closely reflect Loretto values. Loretto’s most recent alternative investment, in Iroquois Valley Farms, gives new expression to Loretto’s value for land and small family farming. It also connects us with the Midwestern region where our Motherhouse and farm are … Continue reading

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Gift of Collaboration in Care for the Earth

By Susan Classen The Farm and Land Management Committee received an unexpected gift the end of June when the Congregation of St. Joseph offered Loretto a $10,000 grant. Here is what happened. It was mid-June and a group of young adult volunteers was helping with the renovation of the Cedars of Peace chapel at the same time that a silent retreat group was at Knobs Haven. Drawn by the energy of the young adults and the energy of the land, one of the retreatants, Sister Jeannie Masterson CSJ, began to think about possibilities. A few days after returning home, Jeannie … Continue reading

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Loretto Hunger Fund Turns 40

By Cecily Jones A few days after the close of the 1974 Loretto General Assembly, held in El Paso, Loretto President Helen Sanders wrote in a Community letter, “From the opening day until adjournment one preoccupation surfaced as common to Assembly members and participant observers both young and not so young. This preoccupation was that there is a crisis of hunger in many parts of the world and we as religious, living in a land of plenty, must do something significant to help alleviate it.” Because of that preoccupation the Assembly voted to create the Hunger Fund with the immediate … Continue reading

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A Review of ‘Power of Sisterhood”: Women Religious Tell Story of Apostolic Visitation

By Mary Ann McGivern Dec. 22, 2008, the Vatican Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Institutes of Apostolic Life announced an Apostolic Visitation to investigate the lives of Sisters in the United States. The fact of this announcement begins the book Power of Sisterhood, and it begins a journey of Sisters together across the United States. Because no report has been made public and the investigated lives and works of the Sisters has been neither praised nor criticized, the journey is continuing across uncharted territory. Eight members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), calling themselves the Grassroots … Continue reading

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Plans to Protest SOA Continue

By Mary Ann McGivern SL (Updated Nov. 14, 2014) Though the Columbus, GA police chief initially denied a permit for the School of Americas (SOA) Watch protest November 21-23, it since has been granted. Loretto Community President Pearl McGivney sent a letter on Loretto’s behalf protesting the denial. A judge eventually did issue a permit. This is a good year for Loretto members and friends to plan to attend the SOA protest in Fort Benning, GA.  This year, all nine Loretto Volunteers will be attending as part of the Loretto contingent. As Pearl’s letter states, Loretto has been protesting the Western Hemispheric … Continue reading

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‘Sister Ann’: A Portrait of Dr. Ann Manganaro SL

By Sarah Legett June 6, 2013, marked the 20th anniversary of the death of Ann Manganaro SL. In the following months a group of her colleagues at Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis, led by Dr. Dennis O’Connor (nephew of Loretto Sisters Ann and Jane Frances Mueller), began exploring a means to honor her at the hospital. A portrait was commissioned through the generous funding of the Glennon Foundation. Not only would a portrait serve to honor and remember her, but also through it we imagined creating a respectful, contemplative space within which people might pause and reflect. The commissioned … Continue reading

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