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Sisters of Loretto Receive Request to Come to Rome

Click here for a printable version of this statement. SISTERS OF LORETTO  Central Office June 9, 2016 For more information, call/email Jean Schildz, (314) 962-8112, ext. 106   Sisters of Loretto Receive Request to Come to Rome to Discuss Issues Arising from Apostolic Visitation The Congregation of the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross has been asked to meet with Vatican officials to discuss concerns the Vatican said had been raised as a result of its 2010 Apostolic Visitation. A letter of invitation to come to Rome, dated Jan. 1, 2016, was signed by Cardinal João … Continue reading

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Loretto Legacy in Pakistan

Legacy, from its Latin origins, means “to do good,” or, in the Middle English, “a body of persons sent on a mission.” Certainly our Sisters of Loretto in Pakistan bestowed good at St. Albert School and fulfilled the mission of igniting inquiry for students, hope for families, English language facility and pedagogy practices for staff. Thanks to the support of the U.S. Loretto Community and the students in our Loretto schools in this country, a gift for prosperity has been left for all to recall the presence and good that Nasreen and Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal achieved. We are … Continue reading

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Mandalas: A Creative Way to Meditate

By Lillian Moskeland Sharon Kassing doesn’t set out to draw a specific mandala. Instead the mandala (pronounced mən-də-lə) draws itself, coming to her line by line. Beginning about 18 months ago, Sharon wanted to take an art class so she went to Artmart in St. Louis for a Zentangle course. She enjoyed this form of “intentional doodling” until she ran out of ideas. In a search for inspiration, she saw a book on mandalas, a circular art form based on repeated patterns. Patterns always have held a fascination for Sharon, especially those revealed in nature. The repetition of simple patterns … Continue reading

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El Paso Women’s Hall of Fame Honors Helen Santamaria

(Editor’s Note: Information excerpted from the nomination forms completed by Jo Soto) “Since her teens Helen Santamaria has dedicated her life as a member of the Loretto Community to her mission of ‘working for justice and acting for peace’ through education, addressing border issues and responding to the needs of the homeless in El Paso. Helen worked as director of development and president of Loretto Academy from 1989 to 1995. There she encouraged students to service, beginning with Annunciation House run by Ruben Garcia. Helen met the challenge of changing the resistance of many Latino students to see themselves as … Continue reading

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Elisa and EPISO

Elisa Rodriguez was honored recently on the 40th anniversary of EPISO (El Paso Inter-religious Sponsoring Organization). Pictured to Elisa’s left is Alicia Franco, who worked very hard with Elisa in starting the organization in Texas. To the right at center is Bishop Mark Seitz of the Diocese of El Paso and other EPISO friends. In a news quote from El Paso Inc. April 20, 2014, Bishop Seitz already had shown an interest in the organization, saying, “EPISO is not a work of the Church, but it is a community group that we believe we should cooperate with because they’re dealing … Continue reading

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Loretto Academy Robotics Team Celebrates Rookie Season

By Buffy Boesen Loretto Academy in El Paso is celebrating the completion of their high school robotics team’s rookie season. The Loretto Angelbots Gold Team #6144 was founded in 2015 and is currently the only all-girl high school team in El Paso. The team competes under the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) Division. The competition combines the excitement of a sports environment with the intensity of science and technology. Each FRC team is expected to build a robot in six weeks that can complete the assigned mission with the greatest amount of … Continue reading

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Loretto Academy Celebrates the Renovation of St. Joseph Chapel

By Katie Martinez Photos by Ale Saldana St. Joseph’s Chapel is the crown jewel of the Loretto Academy campus in El Paso. The very first Mass held in the chapel was on Christmas, 1928. Throughout the years, weekly school Masses, concerts and special occasion Masses have been celebrated in the chapel. After 88 years of use, St. Joseph’s Chapel was in dire need of repair. For restoration purposes, the Chapel Renovation Campaign began in 2012. It began with various events to raise funds needed for the estimated $500,000 renovation. “Every time I stepped foot in the chapel I was distracted … Continue reading

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St. Mary’s Academy: Change Coming to the President’s Office

By Regina Drey At the end of June St. Mary’s Academy President Deirdre Cryor will head back east to lead the all girls, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Philadelphia. Vicki Schwartz will return to the world of education to serve as interim president for 2016-2017 while continuing her work as Loretto human resources coordinator. “We are filled with gratitude for Deirdre’s commitment to St. Mary’s Academy. She has been a wise and compassionate leader,” said Loretto President Pearl McGivney. Deirdre has a special connection with Country Day School as her mother and aunt … Continue reading

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Hunger Fund’s Generous Donors Enable Global and Local Reach

By Cecily Jones The late Jane Corbett, friend of Loretto in St. Louis and a Mary Rhodes awardee, began her 2015 request to the Loretto Hunger Fund by writing “in the name of the poor in St. Louis and in Haiti.” That phrase summarizes the dual purpose of this fund. Since its creation at the 1974 Assembly, the Hunger Fund has sent assistance to 32 foreign countries and to 123 groups in the United States; many of these were annual grants. This article reports on the 2015 distribution and suggests ways to increase this vital Loretto outreach. Money went to … Continue reading

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Jubilarians Reflect on Their Loretto Lives

By Cecily Jones Two diamond jubilarians, Virginia Ann (V.A.) Driscoll and Theresa Louise Wiseman, were joined by two golden jubilarians, Marie Ego and Sue Charmley (anticipating their May 29 anniversary), for a festive celebration at Loretto Motherhouse on Foundation Day, April 25. Several weeks later, each was asked to reflect on some highlight or enduring memory of her many years in the Loretto Community. Theresa Louise immediately talked about her love for teaching the little ones in the primary grades. For nearly 50 years, she taught at Loretto-staffed schools in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. Her sister, Bernardine, and Mary Joyce … Continue reading

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