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Ann Manganaro’s Legacy Continues to Flourish

One of the Salvadoran villages we visited was San Antonio de Los Ranchos, where we were housed with local families. A Lutheran woman pastor and I stayed with a single parent mother and her two children. She was one of the leaders in her community, a feminist and a skilled agriculture educator. The following morning on our way back to meet the bus I was called from behind by one of our delegation, Father Terry Moran (a fellow NETWORK Board member). He pointed out to me that this was where Ann Manganaro had her clinic. Murals along the alleyway walls … Continue reading

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Community Rights Precede Corporate Rights

By Libby Comeaux I was asked to defend a local fracking ban enacted by the people of Lafayette, Colo., through the citizen initiative in their home rule city. For the first time in Colorado, the local community enacted such a ban based explicitly on the people’s inalienable right of local community self-government. This is a right that is natural and essential to American democracy, although the Colorado courts have not as yet squarely faced this question in the current context. The people of Lafayette carefully constructed the ban so as not to reduce any inalienable right of individuals, but they … Continue reading

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El Salvador, Then and Now: Delegation Commemorates Churchwomen Murdered 35 Years Ago

By Alice Kitchen Nov. 28, 2015, a delegation of 126 mostly women traveled to El Salvador to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the martyrdom of Ita Ford, Maura Clarke, Dorothy Kazel and Jean Donovan. This trip to El Salvador was organized by the Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid, Research and Education Foundation (SHARE), which promotes solidarity with and among the Salvadoran people in El Salvador and the United States, and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious to commemorate the legacy of the churchwomen and to remind the world of this tragedy and the atrocities of the civil war in El Salvador. We … Continue reading

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Loretto Community Endorses Colorado Community Rights Amendment

The Loretto Community Forum in its October 2015 meeting voted to endorse the Colorado Community Rights Amendment. In her letter to the proponents, Loretto President Pearl McGivney quoted paragraphs 144 and 179 of Laudato Si’, then added the following: “Especially where questions must be decided that may put at risk the public and ecological health of families and communities or their abilities to include and support their own labor force, welcome the stranger, and care for the impoverished, it is essential that the human beings who live and raise their families in these communities be the ones to decide, if … Continue reading

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City of Webster Groves, Mo., Installs ‘Fiat’ in Sculpture Park

By Mary Ann McGivern It was pouring rain Nov. 27, 2015, when 40 people gathered under umbrellas at the Webster Groves, Mo., Sculpture Garden to celebrate the installation of “Fiat” by Jeanne Dueber. The bronze sculpture is a gift from Jeanne’s sister and brother-in-law, Joanne and Bill Fogarty, to the Webster Groves Arts Commission in honor of Jeanne who was born and educated in Webster Groves. The “Fiat” that stands in the Motherhouse courtyard is an aluminum structure while the one in Webster is a bronze casting. Webster Groves Mayor Gerry Welch and Kathie Cahoon, president of the Webster Arts … Continue reading

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Reflections on Participating in the School of the Americas Watch

Editor’s Note: The following are four reflections from Loretto participants at the SOAW March this past November. The SOAW (School of the Americas Watch) was a heart-opening and challenging experience. The people who gathered for the weekend were committed to community and peace. They recognized the injustices of immigration enforcement which tears families and loved ones apart and uses violence and detainment to generate fear. The people who gathered were working to close detention facilities for undocumented immigrants. The violence created by the training at the School of the Americas must stop. The experience renewed my hope and faith in … Continue reading

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Bridging Time and Space: Studying Loretto History in Denver with Teachers in St. Louis

  By Regina Drey Right after the Assembly I started to read Joan Campbell’s Loretto: An Early American Congregation in the Antebellum South. I was fascinated. Her depth of research, accessible writing style, rich appendices and the commitment of friends — Barbara Ann Barbato, Rose Colley, Ceciliana Skees and Annie Stevens — to bring the book to publication make it a remarkable work. It was definitely a book to share with the St. Mary’s Academy students! As soon as school started, I talked with my colleague Nina Ehrlich, who teaches advanced placement U. S. history, about inviting Barbara Ann and … Continue reading

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Sweet Musical Memories: Webster U. Remembers Eloise Jarvis

Webster University’s Department of Music and friends of Eloise Jarvis hosted a musical tribute in her memory Nov. 22, 2015, in the Winifred Moore Auditorium on the Webster Groves, Mo., campus. Barbara Ann Barbato was among those who attended the event. She recounted how she knew Eloise and a little of Eloise’s life. Eloise, who had a doctorate in music theory, taught in the Department of Music and served as its chair from 1960 to 1984. She built the graduate program, and she hired fully half of its faculty. Eloise was the 2009 Outstanding Alumnus of the Leigh Gerdine College … Continue reading

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Hildegard House: A Home of Hospitality at the End of Life

By Karen Cassidy Hildegard House is what is known as a comfort care home, a place where individuals at the end of life who have no home or family can come to die with dignity. We are not a licensed facility, but a home, following the social hospice model. We do not bill insurance or charge a fee. We operate solely on charitable contributions and grants. Every resident has a hospice team that creates a care plan that provides for her or his comfort care through Medicare. Hildegard House was incorporated in September 2014, and we hit the ground running. … Continue reading

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Advent Vespers: Celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy

(Solemn Advent Vespers took place Dec. 4 in the St. Louis Loretto Center Chapel. The evening prayer service was co-sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill and Loretto, and was open to all. Sister Donna Day SL opened the service with the introduction below. She spoke the words in the Center foyer before the chapel’s main doors, which were sealed with a ribbon. Before entering the chapel, the “holy-doors” ribbon was cut, and Sister Sheila Brennan OP opened them in welcome to the participants. Everyone then prayed the words of Pope Francis: “Open unto me the gates of justice.”) This … Continue reading

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