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A Tribute to Nazareth Living Center

It is with mixed emotions that the Loretto Executive Committee announces that on April 1 the sale of Nazareth Hall was finalized. We honor the many years of service by the Sisters of Loretto as directors, nurses, staff and volunteers at Nazareth. Thanks to all who gave so much of their lives to Nazareth. A wonderful tribute of Nazareth recently compiled by Eleanor Craig and Neil Tucker may be viewed here.

Foundation Day 2018

Foundation Day Reflection: April 25, 2018 Praised are You, O God of all existence, You gave us a vision binding generations. Crafter of light, painter of darkness, peacemaker and Word of the Eternal, be with us as we stand as Friends of Mary, listening to, “an echo of the Gospel, a continuing call to glorify God and serve the neighbor through life-long commitment and compassion. This legacy resounds in our hearts as a grace and challenge marked by our unique foundation and history.” IATW #4 Throughout all ages O God, You are experienced in different ways. But one constant remains … Continue reading

LOREtto: Agnesetta Reid’s Only Solace

By Laurel Wilson For today’s LOREtto blog post, I’d like to highlight the life of Sister Agnesetta Reid SL, whose personal papers I recently processed in the Archives. Though Agnesetta’s life was short and often full of suffering, she was an inspiration to many, and her legacy lives on today. Agnesetta was born Agnes Veronica Reid on Nov. 11, 1891, in St. Louis. Two of her cousins were Sisters of Loretto, and she attended high school where one of them was stationed, at St. Vincent Academy in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Upon graduating from St. Vincent in 1910, Agnesetta went through … Continue reading

Remembrance of the Life of Sister Angelus Caron SL

June 27, 1916 — April 3, 2018 Sister Angelus began life as Blanche Louise Caron, the second of the six children of Frank Patrick and Nettie Margaret Roelfs Caron. Three of her siblings also made religious commitments. Her older sister Aldea became Loretto Sister Margaret Francis, resuming her baptismal name, Aldea, in later years. Blanche followed Aldea to Loretto, despite the efforts of her next younger sister, Ruth, to keep her home. The fourth of the Caron sisters, Eleanor, joined the Little Sisters of the Poor as Sister Winifred. And the youngest, Clarabell, contributed a great deal as a nurse … Continue reading

St. Louis Public Library Recognizes Loretto, Other Congregations at Downtown Exhibit

                Above, from left, Barbara Ann Barbato and Annie Stevens, and at right, Eleanor Craig view the Catholic Sisters exhibit at the St. Louis Public Library. The exhibit runs through April 28.

St. Mary’s Academy Students Honor Florida High School Victims

In silent reflection, St. Mary’s Academy students and faculty participate in the March 14 national Walk Out, honoring the 17 victims at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The eighth graders, on their East Coast trip, gathered at the U.S. Capitol in remembrance. (Photos courtesy of Regina Drey)

Welcome, New Loretto Co-Members!

Loretto welcomes its newest co-members, from left, Julie Popham and Sally Maresh. (Photos courtesy of Lisa Reynolds)

Beef and Climate Change: A Continuum

By Susan Classen Does eating beef harm the planet? Many are asking that important question and, like most good questions, there is no clear answer. Think of a continuum ranging from beef choices that contribute to the problem of climate change to those that contribute to its solution. The placement of beef on that broad continuum is determined by the health of the cow, the food it ate and the location of its pasture. Beef from cattle raised through industrial livestock production falls on the far end of the problem side of the continuum. There is significant consensus that the … Continue reading

What Are Ecosystem Services?

By Joy Jensen We have read about ecosystems. But what are ecosystem services? The notion was popularized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report in 2005, and it is often used in forest management and planning. Ecosystem services imply those benefits that come from the functioning of ecosystems. These services are generally divided into three categories: provisioning services such as those provided by forests and their habitats; supporting services necessary for producing other ecosystem services such as how forests provide conditions for soil formation and nutrient and water cycling; and cultural and non-material benefits that forests provide such as spiritual enrichment … Continue reading

A Secret Garden: The Motherhouse Courtyard Ecosystem

By Joy Jensen Editor’s note: Joy has written a series of four articles to inform us about the ecosystem at the Motherhouse. In this issue, we will present the first two. Look for the following two articles in the next two issues of Interchange. A gray squirrel scampers up the trunk of the tree in the courtyard outside my Infirmary window, usually with a nut in its mouth. A chipmunk scurries across the concrete walkway. The English sparrows flutter in the pond’s waterfall to clean their wings. This is our own secret garden, our own garden ecosystem in the Motherhouse … Continue reading