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JoAnn Gates, Susan Classen Make Vows to God and Loretto

By Eleanor Craig JoAnn Gates and Susan Classen celebrated their vows to God in the Loretto Community at Loretto Motherhouse Nov. 4. The celebration lasted all day, incorporating elements intimately warm and solemn, familiar and fresh. It was Loretto doing something entirely new, yet the whole day embodied a deep continuity with Charles Nerinckx’s open-ended mandate to Loretto to “provide any spiritual or corporal service that might be needed.” The day set aside for the vows dawned late, grey and chill — a typical early November day in Kentucky. At 9 a.m. we gathered in the Motherhouse church, a setting … Continue reading

St. Mary’s Academy Welcomes a New President

By Regina Drey When Bill Barrett and his three sons arrived in Denver after driving 27 hours from Bedford, N.Y., he was greeted with streamers and Wildcat mascot pawprints and a large tray overflowing with drawings and messages. The messages contained wise and sometimes humorous advice from the community on his new venture as the seventh president of St. Mary’s Academy. Once the school year was underway, the warm wishes continued, especially at a community celebration to welcome Bill. In true SMA fashion, presentations by Lower, Middle and High schools reflected the unique character of each division. Lower Schoolers shared … Continue reading

It’s Not All About the Face

By Rox Monterastelli Facebook became available to the public in 2006. Though initially used to “friend” your friends and family, over time its uses have expanded. In using the Internet and mobile devices on desktops, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones, it’s obvious Facebook is a great way to share photos. All during the day one may receive photos of the grandkids’ soccer, a friend’s visit to a market in Paris, a photo of a part needed for the kitchen sink and what someone ordered for dinner. Facebook is also a steady stream of news. An endless number of pages and … Continue reading

Loretto Stands at the Border to Close the School of the Americas

By Paulette Peterson and Mary Ann McGivern Sixteen Loretto Community members, Volunteers and friends joined the Nov. 9 demonstration to advocate for the closing of the School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC). Loretto has been present at the School of the Americas Watch in Fort Benning, Ga., since 1999, protesting a school there that trains military from Latin America. This training includes sniper training, interrogation tactics, commando and psychology warfare. Graduates have been convicted of human rights violations, targeting educators, unions, student and religious leaders and people who advocate for the poor and … Continue reading

Loretto Mission in Pakistan Empowers Other Women

By Cathy Mueller Our sisters in Pakistan — Maria Daniel, Samina Iqbal and Nasreen Daniel — are busy with several projects, all of which reflect the Loretto mission. Bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw OFM asked our sisters to take over St. Anthony School in Green Town, a poor section of Lahore. From 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, they do administration, substitute teach and do all the activities necessary in a school with 247 students from 3-to-12-years old. Saturdays, they often offer teacher training for the teachers from St. Anthony’s and other Catholic schools. Weekday afternoons, from 3 to … Continue reading

Colorado Peaches Win Silver Medal in 2017

By Magdalena McCloskey I joined the Colorado Peaches team when I was 77. My teammates were my age. Most had been playing on the team since 1991. My contribution to the team was my ability to run. Besides playing in the outfield, I was the designated runner. Three years later, six of our team members retired, including the founders of the Colorado Peaches. We were left without a coach, manager, pitcher, catcher, first base(wo)man and left fielder. Those who retired had just turned 80. They had been Peaches for 21 years. The fragmented Peaches continued to compete in the Huntsman … Continue reading

Loretto at the UN: Supporting Girls and Women

By Beth Blissman When I arrived at the United Nations office a year ago, the first meeting Sally Dunne took me to was the Working Group on Girls (WGG). I joined WGG’s Mission Advocacy Committee and began to visit the offices where diplomats work. These are called missions, oddly enough. We would share our priorities from WGG and talk with staff members from various countries about how our priorities connected with their top issues. It was an exciting and enlightening process, and it was an honor to be invited to co-chair this committee in 2017-18 with Eileen Reilly SSND and … Continue reading

Pennsylvania Pipeline Update

Above is the chapel structure and ribbon tree built on land owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ in Lancaster, Pa. When the Williams Company came to lay pipe on the land, the sisters moved the chapel to another field. The pipe is underground but unconnected to any line. Nov. 6 the U.S. Court of Appeals issued a stay on pipeline construction in Lancaster County, Pa. (Photo by Theresa Kubasak)

Celebrating the Day of the Girl

At right, two Syrian women give a cookie baking demonstration to about 40 women and their daughters. While the cookies were baking, three of the girls read aloud in English and Arabic, all to celebrate the Day of the Girl. (Photos by Sally Dunne)

Former Loretto Volunteer Amy Levad Lectures at Eden Seminary

By Barb Mecker Amy Levad is a former Loretto Volunteer (2001–2002) in Denver at the Empowerment Program. She gave a lecture for the Scmeichen Lecture Series at Eden Seminary in Webster Groves Oct. 4 on a Christian response to mass incarceration. Amy has a bachelor’s degree in math and religious studies from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Wash., and a master’s in theology and a doctorate in ethics from Emory University in Atlanta. Amy is an associate professor in theology at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis. She teaches in the areas of theology, criminal justice, environmental theology and … Continue reading