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St. Louis Public Library Recognizes Loretto, Other Congregations at Downtown Exhibit

                Above, from left, Barbara Ann Barbato and Annie Stevens, and at right, Eleanor Craig view the Catholic Sisters exhibit at the St. Louis Public Library. The exhibit runs through April 28.

Beef and Climate Change: A Continuum

By Susan Classen Does eating beef harm the planet? Many are asking that important question and, like most good questions, there is no clear answer. Think of a continuum ranging from beef choices that contribute to the problem of climate change to those that contribute to its solution. The placement of beef on that broad continuum is determined by the health of the cow, the food it ate and the location of its pasture. Beef from cattle raised through industrial livestock production falls on the far end of the problem side of the continuum. There is significant consensus that the … Continue reading

What Are Ecosystem Services?

By Joy Jensen We have read about ecosystems. But what are ecosystem services? The notion was popularized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment report in 2005, and it is often used in forest management and planning. Ecosystem services imply those benefits that come from the functioning of ecosystems. These services are generally divided into three categories: provisioning services such as those provided by forests and their habitats; supporting services necessary for producing other ecosystem services such as how forests provide conditions for soil formation and nutrient and water cycling; and cultural and non-material benefits that forests provide such as spiritual enrichment … Continue reading

A Secret Garden: The Motherhouse Courtyard Ecosystem

By Joy Jensen Editor’s note: Joy has written a series of four articles to inform us about the ecosystem at the Motherhouse. In this issue, we will present the first two. Look for the following two articles in the next two issues of Interchange. A gray squirrel scampers up the trunk of the tree in the courtyard outside my Infirmary window, usually with a nut in its mouth. A chipmunk scurries across the concrete walkway. The English sparrows flutter in the pond’s waterfall to clean their wings. This is our own secret garden, our own garden ecosystem in the Motherhouse … Continue reading

Sharing Loretto’s Story at St. Louis University

By Barbara Roche I spoke at St. Louis University (SLU) Feb. 22, as part of the American Religion, Culture and History (A.R.C.H.) Speaker Series sponsored by the Cultures of American Religion writing group at SLU. Loretto Volunteer Susan Nichols, a former member of the writing group, recommended that they invite someone from the Loretto Community to speak. They, in turn, contacted Kathy Sullivan, adjunct professor at SLU, who suggested me. The goal of the A.R.C.H. series is to bring some new voices to SLU and to strengthen networks of people with similar interests in the St. Louis region. The A.R.C.H. … Continue reading

Negotiation of Compacts This Year at United Nations

By Mary Louise Pabello Editor’s Note: Mary Louise is a returning Loretto Volunteer now working as NGO U.N. Intern/Loretto Community. The Loretto Community has long supported migrants and refugees in our midst. Here is an update on what has been happening on a global level at the United Nations. In September 2016, the U.N. General Assembly hosted a high-level Summit for Refugees and Migrants. The document resulting from that summit, “The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” (aka “The New York Declaration” or NYD), made history. Not only did all 193 U.N. member states adopt it but it contained … Continue reading

Faculty, Staff Engage in St. Mary’s Academy Day Of Retreat

By Regina Drey “Joining Loretto in Working for Justice and Acting for Peace” was the theme of the annual faculty/staff retreat day at St. Mary’s Academy in February. Opening the day, senior Raegan Rychecky shared her recent trip with Loretto’s Sister Community Committee to meet with the Holy Family Sisters (Las Hermanas de la Sagrada Familia) in Guatemala. Raegan was eager to visit the Guatemalan schools as she hopes to establish a partnership to make technology more accessible in a school associated with Loretto. Through Raegan’s slides, video and insights, the SMA community learned about the Holy Family schools, the … Continue reading

A Day of Fun for the LEWP

By Maria Daniel Some of the members of Loretto Empowering Women in Pakistan share a meal of biryani, a rice with veggies and chicken dish, on their outing together with Loretto’s Pakistan sisters.(Photo courtesy of Maria Daniel)[/caption]Recently, Samina Iqbal, Nasreen Daniel and I took the women’s group of the sewing class, Loretto Empowering Women in Pakistan (LEWP), on a picnic to the beautiful Changa Manga Forest. We had given the field trip information to the women about two months before going so they could get family permission. Unfortunately, some did not get permission from their families to attend; they could … Continue reading

Guatemala Snapshots: Continuing the Guatemala Sister Community Trip

By Pat Geier Editor’s Note: In January, Mary Ann McGivern, Irma Avila, Alicia Ramirez and Pat Geier spent 10 days in Guatemala visiting our sister community, Las Hermanas de la Sagrada Familia. The following are Pat’s “snapshots” from that visit: Midway through our time in Guatemala, the four of us set out in different directions. Alicia and I took the six-hour bus ride to Chiantla, a small town in the Cuchumatanes Mountains. On the edge of town, the Holy Family Sisters have created a small paradise — a boarding school for girls, mostly indigenous, all very poor, whose families live … Continue reading

Loretto’s Second Century

“A Century of Change,” a book initiated by PJ Manion with the writing of 20 Loretto community members, was published just in time for the 2012 Loretto Jubilee. Judi Jennings, Executive Director of the Kentucky Women’s Foundation, had this to say: This book is a shining beacon to all who are engaged in the quest for peace and justice in our world today. It tells the story of the second hundred years of the Loretto Community, rooted in rural Kentucky but now reaching around the globe. Yet the story addresses universal questions, too: What does it mean to live in … Continue reading