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Welcome to Interchange Online, an extension of the Loretto Community's internal monthly newsletter. Here you will find news about Loretto Community life, written and edited by Loretto Community members. Current editors are Martha Alderson CoL, Donna Day SL, Mary Ann McGivern SL and Lillian Moskeland CoL.

Loretto Offers Generous Support to Haiti in Time of Need

By Barbara Wander Loretto’s very generous donation of $10,000 to the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus has come at a time of real need. Although they did not receive a direct hit from the hurricanes, the glancing blows have yet again caused some deaths (both people and animals washed out to sea) and devastated their agriculture up north. The community was still trying to recover from the hurricane last October in southern and western Haiti when the new ones came. Of course, each time there is something like a tropical storm or hurricane, cholera rears its … Continue reading

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Executive Committee Approves More Than $50,000 for Hurricane Relief

At the Sept. 14-15 meeting of the Executive Committee, the following funds from realized gains in 2017 were approved for hurricane relief: • $10,000: St. Michael Parish in Houston to be shared with other parishes such as St. Raphael and Casa San Juan de Diego • $10,000: Farm Worker Ministry for Central Florida • $10,000: Haiti (Barbara Wander) • $5,000: Religious congregations in Cuba who suffered losses • $5,000: Religious congregations in Southern Florida In addition to the above, Special Needs allocated $7,500 to St. Michael in Houston. The Executive Committee also approved by special session on Oct. 2 $10,000 … Continue reading

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Education Continues at the Loretto Motherhouse Farm!

By Sharon Kassing Take a minute and conjure up a picture of that teacher who “captured” you: the one who with his/her enthusiasm and curiosity turned you on to an insight or a piece of knowledge which you hadn’t known before. For me, it was an art teacher in grade school, a biology teacher in high school and, of course, Mary Roger Brennan in college. I can track their influences in my professional and personal life to this very day. We all lament the passing of those times from our personal and communal experience, right? Well, think again! Right now, … Continue reading

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Two Loretto Members to Visit Ghana

                              The Ghana Sister Community Committee is sending two Loretto Community members to Ghana to experience Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity (FST) Community life and ministry and to follow up the work of earlier meetings. (See Interchange, Dec. 2016, Vol. #10, No. 10.) Kay Carlew and Maria Visse will leave Nov. 16 and return Dec. 18. Ghana Sister Community Committee members are Pauline Albin, Betsy Clute, Marie Ego, Carole Eschen and Lillian Moskeland.

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An Update on the Fracking Fields

By Theresa Kubasak Editor’s Note: The last issue of Interchange reported on Loretto’s participation in resistance to the Pennsylvania pipeline and the gathering in Lancaster, Pa., at the site owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ. Here is Theresa Kubasak’s report on what has happened since. U.S. District Court Judge Jeffrey L. Schmehl ruled against the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, stating that Williams Co. has the right to take the sisters’ land by eminent domain. Schmehl said Williams would suffer “irreparable harm” from the financial cost of not going ahead with the pipeline at that particular … Continue reading

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Special Needs Fund: Promoting Loretto Mission

By Sue Rogers The Special Needs Fund, established by the General Assembly of 1973, has been active in promoting Loretto mission for 44 years. The Special Needs Fund has provided a combination of grant funds promoting social change and emergency funding to assist Loretto’s economically disadvantaged neighbors in times of crisis. The 1973 Loretto General Assembly mandated the creation of a “fund for the disadvantaged.” The decision read in part: “… we begin this year to include in the Congregation’s operating budget an expenditure for the support of the disadvantaged, representing a certain percentage of our operating income. As a … Continue reading

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Introducing the 2017-2018 Loretto Volunteers

By Mallory Daily Many of the 2017-2018 group of Loretto Volunteers had traveled far, some coming from as far as Washington and Florida to take their first steps as a Loretto Volunteer on the Motherhouse grounds. Their program of orientation was in mid-August. Because the Loretto Volunteer Program seeks young adults with a diversity of interests, spiritual practices and visions for justice and peace, I wondered how well our group would mesh. Any anxieties I felt were quickly assuaged. This group came together quite beautifully before I could even utter the words, “Welcome to Loretto.” The Volunteers’ direct contact with … Continue reading

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Nearly 150 Attend 2018 Election Regional Gatherings

  Denver and St. Louis By Sharon Kassing In August, approximately 150 Loretto members participated in six regionals to discuss materials developed by the Election committees in preparation for Assembly 2018. Gatherings were in Denver, St. Louis, El Paso, the Motherhouse, Pakistan by Zoom and another Zoom meeting to accommodate those who could not get to any of these locations. A primary goal of these meetings was to identify and discuss challenges and opportunities that the Community currently is facing. These challenges and opportunities suggest the direction, hopes and goals that could help guide the thinking and work of those whom … Continue reading

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Loretto Locations Enjoy Spectacular Solar Eclipse

                                        By Martha Alderson St. Louis and other Missouri points were in the path of the remarkable total eclipse of the sun Aug. 21. For most of us it was a once-in-a-lifetime event and much anticipated. At the Motherhouse and in Denver, the eclipse was not quite total but nevertheless a special event. It was a time for paying attention to the science of revolution of heavenly bodies, of warnings about protecting eyesight, of finding the perfect spot for viewing and … Continue reading

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Denver Community Celebrates Cecily’s Life and Work

A celebration of the life and work of Cecily (“Peggy”) Jones took place in Denver Aug. 13. About 60 co-workers, collaborators, Community members and other friends gathered at Loretto Center for songs, poetry and storytelling. Pat McCormick and Sue Kenney planned and led the event, and friends and Community members brought food for continuing the celebrating. Pat read an account that included a comprehensive review of Cecily’s peace work in Denver. As a member of a very special household, including Mary Luke Tobin, Helen Sanders, Carol Dunphy and Sara Frink, Cecily worked with all of them in addition to holding … Continue reading

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