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Welcome to Interchange Online, an extension of the Loretto Community's internal monthly newsletter. Here you will find news about Loretto Community life, written and edited by Loretto Community members. Current editors are Martha Alderson CoL, Donna Day SL, Mary Ann McGivern SL and Lillian Moskeland CoL.

Bob Ernst Celebrates Co-Membership Commitment

by Mary Ann McGivern
Interchange Online

What Do I Know of Territory, God? That’s the question Bob Ernst posed on the cover of the program for his Celebration of Commitment as a Loretto Co-Member September 1, 2013. He began by welcoming the community and saying, “I stand before you as a seeker of God’s ways, God’s dream, a cosmic traveler with his feet on the ground, a simple man…” Continue reading

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Loretto and the Pipeline: To Care for a Sacred Trust

By Kathy Wright
Interchange Online

The grassroots efforts in Kentucky to stop the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline are growing exponentially. Landowners and concerned citizens have challenged the quiet campaign by the Williams Co to survey property across Kentucky to build a natural gas liquids (NGLs) pipeline without really telling anyone what this proposed pipeline would carry. Continue reading

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