It’s Not All About the Face

By Rox Monterastelli

Facebook became available to the public in 2006. Though initially used to “friend” your friends and family, over time its uses have expanded.

In using the Internet and mobile devices on desktops, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones, it’s obvious Facebook is a great way to share photos. All during the day one may receive photos of the grandkids’ soccer, a friend’s visit to a market in Paris, a photo of a part needed for the kitchen sink and what someone ordered for dinner.

Facebook is also a steady stream of news. An endless number of pages and groups local, national and internal catering to specific topics can be “liked” to follow or to contribute.

Facebook provides a way to connect with those with the same interests and passions, read national publications, not so national publications and follow legislation. You can create local events and invite the public that very day. Viewers can watch video events in real time or archive them.

Discover amazing people doing the good work we admire worldwide.

Loretto is adopting this tool. A search for Loretto produced the following Facebook groups and pages connecting to the Community, sharing our common concerns and sometimes even our faces:

Loretto Community
Working for justice and acting for peace, this site posts the activities happening in the Community with photos present and past.

Loretto Motherhouse Farm
Join Rascal the farm dog to be updated about daily activities on the farm.

Loretto at the UN
The Loretto Community NGO at the United Nations advocates on the international level for issues and values of concern to the Community, including disarmament and peace issues; the rights of women and girls, indigenous peoples, migrants and victims of trafficking; social and ecological development; people-centered development; climate justice; and poverty eradication.

Loretto Volunteers
These are women and men who commit a year, a semester or a summer to working for justice and acting for peace. Follow their work in direct service and advocacy while they live in spiritually nourishing intentional community.

Latin America Caribbean Committee — Loretto
This page shares news that raises awareness of injustices and human rights abuses which exist in the countries of Latin America and which are often a result of unjust policies and influences. It advocates for migrants’ rights in the United States.

Loretto Academy
This page shares the activities of students and staff at Loretto Academy in El Paso, Texas, which encourages an approach to all of life that promotes mutuality, collaboration and compassion.

Loretto Academy Challenge Program
The program recruits fourth-grade girls from local public schools who are academically high-achieving but have limited financial resources to attend the Academy.

Loretto Women’s Network
This group shares things that affect the rights of women as the group works for the empowerment of women.

Nerinx Loretto Action Community
This group is working to preserve Loretto’s core values as the core of Nerinx Hall High School.

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