Jubilee Homecoming – on Camera!

On April 22-25, the Loretto Community celebrated their 200-year Jubilee with a Homecoming gathering for sisters and co-members at the Loretto Motherhouse. These video can give you a glimpse into these joyful Jubilee days.

Wednesday, April 25

Today, we gathered all the mobile members at the Motherhouse for an all-Loretto group picture, to remember this historic occasion. Watch a little recap of that here!

Watch this joyful (and occasionally emotional) Jubilee Mass, taped in its entirety here.

Our last event of the afternoon on Wednesday was a Symposium on the Future, a series of talks and discussions on creative approaches to social justice and the future of Loretto. Watch these fantastic talks in there entirety here, or read the speech text below.

Symposium Speech 1: Delores Kincaide SL – The World Calls
Symposium Speech 2: Kim Klein CoL -The End of Economic Progress and the Future of Loretto
Symposium Speech 3: Maureen Fiedler SL – The Future of Mother Earth: “The” Issue of the 21st Century

Tuesday, April 24

Today, we dedicated the new Heritage Center with a gathering in the Church. Watch the dedication ceremony below.

Monday, April 23

Wonderful video coverage available of three wonderful events today: the morning and afternoon Call to Jubilees and a book launch celebration of Loretto’s new history book, Century of Change: 1912-2012.

This is a brief recap of the morning Call to Jubilee: Friends of Mary

The afternoon Call to Jubilee: Founders, Leaders, Visionaries – taped in its entirety here

The Century of Change book launch – taped in its entirety here

Sunday, April 22
The main event of the day was the grand opening of the new Loretto Heritage Center. The ribbon-cutting ceremony began with a service in the chapel, in which Denise Ann SL thanked key benefactors and the designers who led the project. She also introduced special guests Clyde and Maura Graven of Lexington, KY. Mr. Graven is a direct descendent of the brother of Loretto founding member, Christina Stuart!

From the church, the group of members and benefactors processed to the Heritage Center for the ribbon-cutting, and wound their way into the new space. And what a sight they saw! The new Heritage Center lets visitors “see, feel and hear Loretto’s commitment to peace and justice,” through interactive exhibits. Attendees had a great time looking at old photos, artifacts and displays. From Fr. Nerinckx’s desk to a wall dedicated to Loretto’s involvement in peace and justice movements (especially at the School of the Americas), the center recounts many layers of Loretto stories. I heard attendees call the center “mind-blowing,” “inspiring and creative,” and “so professional!” After time to peruse the exhibits, members and benefactors gathered for a reception in the conference room.