Loretto and the Pipeline: The Work Continues

Loretto Motherhouse Community members have been concerned about a proposed pipeline carrying highly explosive, toxic byproducts of fracking since we heard about it coming through neighboring counties in June. That concern catapulted us into an energetic response in mid-July when a company representative came to the Motherhouse seeking permission for the pipeline on Loretto property. The company has revised the pipeline’s route, publicly stating that it will not cut through the Motherhouse’s Marion County, but the community is staying active in the movement to keep the pipeline out of Kentucky.

Motherhouse in the Spotlight
The Loretto Motherhouse’s refusal to let company representatives survey their land this summer garnered national attention, including coverage in USA Today and Mother Jones [see video]. On September 4, the Williams Company told the Associated Press that they do not plan to route the pipeline through Marion County, where the Motherhouse is located.

All Land Is Holy
The Loretto Motherhouse community is grateful that many people have expressed concern for the sisters and the sacred Motherhouse ground. And they extend the same concern to all Kentucky families — many of whom, like the Sisters of Loretto themselves, have carefully tended Kentucky land for generations. As Susan Classen told National Catholic Reporter, “This is a landowners issue and we are a landowner in this county along with lots of other folks. It’s been a wonderful opportunity for us to work together to care for the area.”

The Work Continues
The Loretto Motherhouse community and other community groups and landowners continue to organize to stop dangerous natural gas liquids (NGLs) from flowing through Kentucky. In addition to the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline, other companies have recently announced NGL pipeline plans for Kentucky. One venture would re-purpose an existing natural gas pipeline for NGL use — potentially pumping dangerous and combustible NGLs through Marion County. The work to stop the Bluegrass Pipeline and these other projects is far from over.

Follow What’s Happening
For the latest news on the pipeline, visit: www.nobluegrasspipeline.com.
Loretto Pipeline Blog: http://keepoutthepipeline.wordpress.com/

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