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The Loretto Earth Network exists to educate and alert its members and all who would join them in both the mystery and miracle of creation and the crisis that threatens our universe.

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Vision Statement of the Loretto Earth Network

The Loretto Earth Network is dedicated to re-establishing right relationships between the human community and the Earth community. We are not separate from the universe. We are living into a new understanding of the sacredness of all creation and of our oneness with Earth. It is our ever-growing love, concern and reverence for the earth which compel us to take action and to reverse the destruction humans have wrought on the planet through ignorance, greed, and wastefulness.The dream of Earth in harmony with that of its Creator will be fulfilled as we are transformed and participate in the healing and transformation of the total Earth community. This transformation will lead us:

• to respect profoundly the mystery of life on Earth and in one another, to move away from habits of dominance and submission ,to turn from violence into the ways of peace and

• to enlarge our perspective so as to embrace the cosmos.

LEN Resources

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Loretto Earth Network News
The Loretto Earth Network publishes a quarterly newsletter on environmental issues of interest to the Loretto Community. We invite you to read our most recent issue here — or peruse our online archive of past issues.

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Loretto Earth Network News – 25th Anniversary Special Edition

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The following statement was adopted by the Loretto Community at the General Assembly, July 26, 1994:
Aware of the immanence of God in all creation, we, the Loretto Community, with joy commit ourselves to deepen our study of the mysteries of the Universe. We pledge ourselves to resist the ongoing devastation of our planet by a prayerful scrutiny of our own use/abuse of the Earth’s gifts, and to work to counter the excessive consumption and greed that our United States culture tends to engender. We promise to collaborate with others to formulate positive programs of responsible relationship with the Earth.