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Loretto Welcomes Commitment of New Co-Member Molly Kammien

Posted on June 3, 2019, by Vivian Doremus CoL

Molly Kammien displays one of her gifts at her co-membership celebration. (Photo byRosa Lizarde)

Community Group 21 gathered on April 13 to affirm Molly Kammien as she joyously promised to live as a co-member of Loretto, agreeing to support other Community members in realizing God’s peace on earth while continuing to create a community of faith, hope and love.

Family, friends, surprise guest add to celebration

The Community Group met at my and Judith Powers’s home on Long Island, N.Y. Zoom brought Marcella and Eldon Shields from Oregon, Mary Bundy from Southern California, Kathy Wright from Kentucky and Helen Walsh from New Jersey into the room with facilitator Sally Dunne, Paulette Peterson, Mary Ann McGivern, Mary Lou Pierron, Mary Jean Friel and Rosa Lizarde to celebrate the occasion. Molly’s fiancé Connor O’Shea braved Long Island weekend traffic to join us. The flame of a glowing candle called the spirit of Elizabeth Ann (EA) Compton, Molly’s beloved great aunt and her lifelong inspiration, into the room.

Molly Kammien is delighted with her gift of a shirt representing her commitment to Loretto’s Pakistan mission. (Photo by Rosa Lizarde)

Other friends were brought near to us by technology, including Anna Koop and Lisa Reynolds, who had studied and discerned with Molly in the I Am The Way portion of the co-membership application process, and friends of EA Nancy Wittwer and Mary Kay Brannan. A surprise guest appeared on the screen as President Barbara Nicholas was able to stop in, following the reception held at the same time at Loretto for Julie Popham. Special attendees were Molly’s parents, Craig and Ann Kammien, also a co-member. They enlivened the proceedings as they participated in a moving car, mobile Zoom as it were.

The reception themes mirrored the work and prayerful thought of the day. Rosa read words sent from Eldon grounding the commitment ceremony squarely within our meeting and life agenda. Eldon wrote, “I pray for our sisters and brothers at the borders of our country, and all the borders throughout all countries of the world. I pray they would be free of exploitation, abuse and feelings of contempt from others in their search for the breath of life, clean water, health, food, faith, hope and love. May our prayers be of thankfulness for our human, plant and animal neighbors and our earthly home.”

Paulette accepted Molly’s commitment and in turn promised fidelity to her, reading a welcome from Barbara. The Community Group showered blessings upon Molly.  We continued into the dinner hour with champagne and gifts, well satisfied that Loretto received a fine gift today in the person of our new co-member.


Vivian Doremus CoL

Vivian Doremus CoL is a social worker in private practice who resides in New York.
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