Sister Community: Guatemala

The Loretto Community and the Holy Family Sisters (La Sagrada Familia) in Guatemala established a relationship of sisterhood (hermanamiento) in 1994 in order to enrich one another spiritually and culturally and to support one another in the mission and work of each congregation. Since then Loretto sisters and co-members have visited the schools of the HFS, worked with them in their missions, and participated in regional meetings and conferences in Guatemala. Holy Family Sisters have attended and addressed our assemblies, visited Loretto centers, and participated in events at the United Nations. Although language continues to be a challenge, both groups feel this relationship has been valuable and enriching. The Loretto and Holy Family Sister Community Committees continue to seek new ways to work together for peace and justice.

On a recent visit between SF and SL sisters, Maudilia Lopez, a Mam Mayan Sister explained the destruction by the Marlin Mine in San Miguel Ixtahuacán.

The group went to Sunday Mass in Antigua to celebrate a good meeting.

Meet Our Sister Community
Below are interviews with four Sagrada Familia sisters. We invite you to get to know these inspiring women.

Sister Albina Gaspar Salvador, SF
“As I began working with women, I witnessed the reality of their poverty. I saw the injustices of the suffering poor…I wanted the people to see religion in a different light. I helped raise their self-esteem and taught them that their faith was a liberating force.”
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Rosario Sister Rosario Rodriquez, SF
“I feel it is beautiful that we are sister communities. It’s a good feeling to know that you are helping through the distance with your love, your prayers, your services, and economic assistance.”

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Berta SolisSister Berta Solis, SF
“Our friendship with the Loretto Community is a gift and a grand opportunity for enriching both communities. For me, it has been personally enriching. Not only for the work we do, but for the friendship we have.”
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Sr. Virginia Argueta, SF
“The Holy Spirit was incarnate in these people living in the mountains. God gave me this experience as a beautiful gift.”

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