Investment Committee

The Investment Committee has continued to direct its efforts toward the effects of business practice and policy in areas of agriculture, the environment, energy resources, military production and armament sales, economic conversion, government and peoples in developing nations, and discrimination and stereotyping of minorities. Its members have engaged in dialogues with company managers, filed shareholder resolutions, attended annual share owner meetings, supported boycotts and lawsuits, cooperated with other concerned investors and conducted educational activities to inform members of the community.

The Investment Committee utilizes the legal and research services of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), a coalition of nearly 275 Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Jewish institutional investors, including denominations, religious communities, agencies, pension funds, dioceses, and health care corporations. The Investment Committee is also a member of the Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investing (MCRI).

In addition, Loretto has investments in non-profit organizations that work for systemic change toward a more just society. These alternative investments include housing loans, credit unions, grass-roots cultural organizations, rehabilitation of neighborhoods, land trusts, community development funds, and minority-owned banks. The risk factor in the alternative investments is sometimes greater than in traditional corporate investments. It is the practice of the Investment Committee to assure that the principal (the money loaned) is secure.

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