Loretto Community Obituaries

Gracious God, may these sisters and co-members live forever in the splendor
of your light and life in the community of all saints.

Sister Frances Ratermann SL
April 28, 1915—September 10, 2013
“Sister Frances demonstrated God’s love for children, music, and animals through her decades of unselfish service at Loretto Academy.”

Sister Alice Eugene Tighe
April 13, 1915—August 29, 2013
“When Alice Eugene celebrated her 75th anniversary in 2008, she invited all of her former students..Many played and gave tribute to Alice Eugene, naming all the life lessons she had taught them along with the music. They said what a reflection of God she was for them.”

Agnes Marie Plumb SL
November 11, 1921—August 11, 2013
Agnes Marie enjoyed a forty-year career as an elementary school teacher and principal, beginning with a year in St. Louis, then serving almost entirely in the West.
Agnes Marie Plumb SL Photo Gallery

Frances Ann O’Bryan SL
July 23, 1920-April 30, 2013
Her gracious optimism and encouragement and her concern for the poor and the disadvantaged are as much a part of her as the joy she emanates when she speaks of Loretto, her classmates, her communities through the years, her associations, her memories.
Frances Ann O’Bryan SL Photo Gallery

Georgeann Hanson SL
August 20, 1933 – April 23, 2013
A noted liturgist, teacher and school and parish administrator, Sister Georgeann “was ‘our good company,’ as she contributed not only her liturgical gifts, but also her deep dedication to Loretto and to all that the Community values and loves.”
Georgeann Hanson SL Photo Gallery

Ann Patrick Ware SL
March 3, 1920—February 23, 2013
Ann Pat, as we called her, had a distinguished scholarly career as well as an esteemed Loretto career. Many of us have lost a true friend, and Loretto has lost a giant. Nevertheless, we will count on her continued presence among us.
Reflection on Ann Patrick Ware – by Martha Alderson CoL

Patricia Ann Winterer Dressler
September 28, 1936—February 23, 2013
For twenty-seven years as a co-member and four years as a Sister of Loretto, Pat shared with Loretto her deep faith, her love and loyalty to the Community, and her efforts to carry out the vision of Loretto in the family and community where she lived.

Mary Jean Tenhaeff SLMary Jean Tenhaeff SL
December 24, 1923—February 9, 2013
“The most traumatic change in my “being” began with a decision… to assume responsibility for what was happening in my life and around me, and to confront injustice wherever I found it. This changed my approach to teaching and eventually led to my active role in the civil rights movement: forming a teachers’ association in the Colorado parochial school and negotiating teacher contracts with the Archdiocese.”

Ellen Thomas Reynolds, SLEllen Thomas Reynolds SL
September 25, 1914 – January 11, 2013
“One of the outstanding memories of my early days in teaching was the Louisville flood of 1932 when we had to leave Broadway in row boats…”
Loretto is grateful for Ellen Thomas’ life shared with us and with her beloved students.

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