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Three Sisters of Loretto – Nasreen Daniel, Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal – are currently working in their home country of Pakistan. In 2009, they began Loretto’s new Pakistan mission and settled in Faisalabad, where they have been engaged in four different works. To date, nine North American Sisters of Loretto have spent from three weeks to five months in Pakistan, providing expertise for the Sisters’ work.

St. Albert School is located in a very poor area. Approximately 370 students, from primary level to tenth grade, are taught by 13 teachers. More information about St. Albert is here.

With the intent of upgrading the status of women, the Sisters have actively begun sewing centers, known as Loretto Centers, where women and young girls learn skills that provide them with a source of income and a supportive community.

Sisters Maria and Samina trained extensively in solar panel installation at SEI (Solar Energy International) in Paonia, CO, USA. This skill has proven to be a great asset because of the shortage of electricity in Pakistan. Solar energy is a reliable source of power for fans, lights, refrigerators, computers, and other equipment needing electricity.

Thus far, Sisters Maria and Samina have coordinated the installation of solar panels in eight different locations in Faisalabad and Lahore, with three more projects currently underway in other locations within Pakistan, as well as plans for further expansion in the future.

Sister Nasreen’s doctorate has prepared her well to provide in-service training workshops for teachers in various locations in the diocese.

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Pakistan Endowment Donors: Past and Future
Because of you and your generosity, the Pakistan Endowment that will support our Sisters of Loretto in perpetuity, has grown beyond $920,000 — approximately $200,000.00 in pledges and bequests is included.

With less than $75,000 to go, we are counting on past and future donors — want to help now?  Click here and select “Pakistan Endowment” to support the Pakistan mission in perpetuity.  Every gift matters, regardless of size.  All gifts to the Sisters of Loretto are tax deductible.  Bequests and Gifts of Stock are encouraged and valued as we move toward our goal of $1 million.

To send a check payable to Sisters of Loretto, please mail it to:

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For further information, please contact Sister Lydia Peña SL at (303) 783-0450 x1725.

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