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Loretto making headlines! Here, we collect news stories that feature Loretto members or community.

Scholars, Donors Celebrate Support for Webster University Students at Annual Scholarship Dinner
Staff Report, Webster University News, April 17, 2018
“More than 300 guests joined Webster University Chair of the Board of Trustees Lynn Britton, President Beth Stroble, and Provost Julian Schuster for the 2018 scholarship dinner last week.”
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Marshall To Show Activism Documentary
Staff Report, Herald-Dispatch.com, April 17, 2018
“HUNTINGTON — Marshall University’s women’s studies program will present “The End Of The Line,” a feature-length documentary about a diverse coalition of farmers, activists and religious orders that rose up in opposition to the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline in Kentucky.”
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Protest Good for the Soul
By Mary Ann McGivern, Global Sisters Report, National Catholic Reporter, April 16, 2018
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.-Martin Luther King Jr.
“My first experience of nonviolent direct action was driving the ‘mile roads’ that bound the farmlands in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, looking for migrant workers in the sugar beet fields. We were telling them about food pantries, medical services and day care for their children.”
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Fund Helps SLU Students ‘Accompany’ Nicaraguans
By Joseph Kenny, staff writer, St. Louis Review, April 9-15
“Last summer, St. Louis University student Suzy Kickham volunteered on a project in Nicaragua in an impoverished rural community without paved roads or running water. Kickham doesn’t speak much Spanish but connected with a 7-year-old child who made her comfortable and became a friend.”
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Marshall to Screen Documentary About Community Activism, Bluegrass Pipeline
Special to HNN provided by Marshall University, HuntingtonNews.Net, March 27, 2018
“HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Marshall University’s women’s studies program will present The End Of The Line, a feature-length documentary about a diverse coalition of farmers, activists, and religious orders that rose up in opposition to the controversial Bluegrass Pipeline in Kentucky.”
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Live Blog: March for Our Lives Protests Across the U.S. for Gun Control
NCR staff, National Catholic Reporter blog, March 24, 2018
“The March for Our Lives, predicted to draw as many as 500,000 people to Washington D.C. today, March 24, and thousands more to over 800 sister marches worldwide, is the latest in a youth-led movement for gun reform that has arisen in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting that killed 17.”
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U.S. Catholic Sisters Plan Participation in March for Our Lives
By Dan Stockman, reporter, Global Sisters Report, March 22, 2018
“Thousands of people are expected to take part in the March For Our Lives event March 24 in Washington, D.C., and the more than 800 “sibling marches” planned worldwide. Hundreds of sisters will be among them.
“The march is to demand that children be safe from gun violence in their schools.
“We have worked for years and years to support all sorts of efforts at much more comprehensive gun control at local and national levels and even internationally,” said Eileen Harrington, a co-member of the Loretto Community and its mission activities coordinator. “But the problem of gun violence just continues to escalate.”
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Moments of Light in Uncertain Times
By Catherine Mueller, blog, Global Sisters Report, March 14, 2018
“In the midst of dark days, moments of light spring up like seedlings of hope.
“One recent moment of light for me was the Loretto Community’s acceptance of the noncanonical vows of two longtime co-members. JoAnn Gates, a lifelong Catholic, and Susan Classen, a committed Mennonite, professed vows — to God, in Loretto — surrounded by their Loretto family and friends.”
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Kentuckian to Speak at Loretto’s Invitation on Anti-Fracking Movement at U.N.
Staff Report, Berea Online.com, March 11, 2018
“Kentuckian anti-fracking activist Chris Schimmoeller will speak before the United Nation’s 62nd Conference on the Status of Women and Girls as part of two panels on the anti-fracking movement. Schimmoeller was invited to speak by Beth Blissman, Loretto at the UN’s non-governmental representative.”
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Political Activism at Webster U: Then and Now
By Josh Sellmeyer, Glimpse, Winter 2018, Vol 4, Issue 1
“Eleanor Craig couldn’t help but smile and laugh as she recounted stories of political activism from her youth that riled her beloved granddad.”
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Innovating Toward Reinvention: Reclaiming the Webster Way
By Basiyr Rodney, reporter, Webster Journal, March 7, 2018
“The Sisters of Loretto established institutions to meet unmet needs. Webster College for example was founded to educate women, in a time when women’s higher education was socially unacceptable. The sisters had at their core a social service and social justice framework. In each era as, unmet education needs shifted the institution changed.”
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From Corn-Husk Shoes to Old-Time Habits
By Dave Luecking, Staff Writer, St. Louis Review, March 1, 2018
“By the time of the St. Louis Public Library’s founding in 1865, Catholic sisters had already been at work for nearly a half-century in St. Louis.”
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Sister Acts: 200 Years Ago, Nuns Became St. Louis Pioneers
By Jane Henderson, Reporter, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 1, 2018
“There was the Spirit of St. Louis. But before that, there were the spirits of St. Louis.”
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Religious Sisterhood Isn’t Disappear, It’s Transforming
By Danika Worthington, reporter, Denver Post, Feb. 25, 2018
“Religious sisterhood is in a state of transition.”
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There’s a Massive Amount of Historic Architecture in This Denver Neighborhood
By Amanda Kesting and Caitlin Hendee, Denver Business Journal & 9News.com, Feb. 1, 2018
“On the far southwestern edge of Denver sit the neighborhoods of Harvey Park and Harvey Park South.”
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Sisters of Loretto Touched by the People of Ghana
By Emily LaForme, staff writer, Lebanon Enterprise, Jan. 31, 2018
“Two Sisters of Loretto traveled to Ghana recently for a chance in a lifetime opportunity to experience the African nation, not as tourists, but as friends.”
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Meeting the God of the Maya in Guatemala
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 30, 2018
“I’m home from nine days in Guatemala, mostly with the Holy Family Sisters, who are a sister community to Loretto where I belong.”
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Going to Visit Our Sisters in Guatemala
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 17, 2018
“I’m traveling to Guatemala for nine days to meet with our sister community there, Sagrada Familia (Holy Family).”
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Reckoning: White Sisters Respond to Their Own Racism, to One Historian’s Call for Justice
By Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, Global Sisters Report, Jan. 8, 2018
“When historian Shannen Dee Williams took the stage at the 2016 Leadership Conference of Women Religious national assembly in Atlanta, she had already been working on her book about anti-black racism among Catholic sisters in the United States — Subversive Habits: Black Nuns and the Long Struggle to Desegregate Catholic America — for nine years.”
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Loretto Students Hope to Raise Money for Pakistan Students with ‘Nun Run
By Jesse Martinez, KFOX14, Jan. 8, 2018
“EL PASO, Texas (KFOX14 / CBS4) — Students at Loretto Academy are hoping to raise money for their sisters in Pakistan and they need your help.”
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Share Your Story for ‘People’s State of the Union’
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 2, 2018
“The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture hosts a People’s State of the Union.”
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LGBT people: ‘Sisters Are on Our Side!’
By Jeannine Gramick, blog, Global Sisters Report, Jan. 2, 2018
“‘History is written from the perspective of those who preserve their records,’ proclaimed Mark Bowman, the founder and director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN).”
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SOA Watch Takes Its Protest to the Desert
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Dec. 21, 2017
“TUCSON, ARIZ. — Two weekends before Thanksgiving, I traveled to Arizona to participate in the School of the Americas Watch protests.”
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Feminism Awareness Project Helps Women and Gender Studies Students Find Voice
Staff report, Webster University News, Dec. 12, 2017
“Students in the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies course took part in the annual Feminism Awareness Project on Dec. 7 at the home campus, learning a valuable lesson on feminist activism.”
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Transition Home in El Paso Helps Women Overcome Crises, Regain Independence
By Soli Salgado, reporter, Global Sisters Report, Dec. 4, 2017
“Loretto Sr. Mary Margaret Murphy was walking from the dining hall back to her office in August when she ran into a smiling young woman wearing scrubs.”
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Let’s Pray To Rise Above Our Culture of So Many Things
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Nov. 30, 2017
“A blog has leeway. This one takes me on a journey from standing at the border wall with Mexico in Nogales, Arizona, to the biggest mall with the most expensive shops in St. Louis.”
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Celebration Of Hope Gala Raises Funds For Catholic Charities
By Marty Denzer, associate editor, Catholic Key, Nov. 10, 2017
“KANSAS CITY — The foyer of the grand ballroom of the Muehlebach Hotel teemed with people as night fell Nov. 4, clad in cocktail party attire, greeting friends with hugs, chatting, sipping wine or cocktails and enjoying appetizers as servers invited them to do so. A band played at one end, drawing the partiers in. Groups of religious sisters and priests joined some of the attendees, while others simply strolled around the foyer.”
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Loretto Heights College Redevelopment Should be Thoughtful, Say Residents
By Monte Whaley, Denver Post, Oct. 23, 2017
“Developers of the old Loretto Heights College should ensure any changes to the 76-acre campus fit in well with the neighborhood and preserve the school’s historic landmarks and characteristics, local residents say.”
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The Zarlengo Foundation Donates $450,000 to Havern School to Support the New Learning Evaluation Center
Staff report, Cision PR Newswire, Oct. 10, 2017
“The Zarlengo Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports schools and programs for children with learning disabilities in and around the Denver community, today announced a $450,000 gift to Havern School to support the new Learning Evaluation Center that will serve the entire Colorado community.”
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Rewind, Dear God, How Do We Rewind?
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Oct. 3, 2017
“At a local gallery on Sunday, just yesterday as I write, I saw a painting of a hand gun, and image surrounded by the words of the song “Rewind” by Nas:”
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St. Michael’s Celebrates 225 Years
By Kacie Goode, Kentucky Standard, Oct. 2, 2017
“As Archbishop Joseph Kurtz addressed the congregation Sunday morning, he spoke a little about family dinners.”
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St. Mary’s Academy Welcomes New President
By Bob Sweeney, Opinion, South Metro Villager, Sept. 27, 2017
“It was a bright and sunny morning Sept. 19 as the new St. Mary’s Academy President Bill Barrett address the student body, faculty, trustees, parents and guests in the Academy quad.”
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What If the Purpose of Business Was to Do Good?
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Sept. 25, 2017
“Amazon is looking for a second home. I propose my town, St. Louis.”
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A Look Back: Images from Colorado Springs’ Past
Staff report, Colorado Springs Gazette News, Sept. 22, 2017
“St. Mary’s High School is seen in this April 4, 1971, photo before demolition. St. Mary’s was founded in 1885 as Loretto Academy at 425 N. Tejon St. The Sisters of Loretto operated the school, which in 1902 became known as St. Mary’s.”
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Loretto Community Denounces Suspension of DACA
Opinion page, Lebanon (Ky.) Enterprise, Sept. 13, 2017
“The Loretto Community is deeply disappointed and angered by the decision of the Trump administration to suspend the DACA Executive Order and break our nation’s promise to 800,000 young Dreamers. Loretto urges congressional passage of the bi-partisan DREAM Act.”
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Called to Embrace the Other
By Jeannine Gramick, column, Global Sisters Report, Sept. 6, 2017
“Standing in Hope Street, I gazed in awe at the Cathedral Church of Christ, the fifth-largest cathedral in the world and the seat of the Anglican bishop of Liverpool, England.”
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Webster Remembers Sister M. Cecily Jones ’45, English Professor and Dean
Staff Report, Webster University, Sept. 1, 2017
“Webster University remembers Sister M. Cecily Jones (nee Margaret Blanche Jones), a Sister of Loretto, alumna and longtime faculty member.”
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The Impact of Ferguson
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Aug. 28, 2017
“I’m fortunate to represent two organizations at an ad hoc St. Louis group committed to accomplishing the Forward Through Ferguson [1] recommendations. Four of us regulars are white and over 50 while the other dozen are black and under 40.”
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At LCWR Assembly, Sisters Face Future, Standing Together
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Aug. 15, 2017
“At the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) annual meeting August 8-11, some of the themes were living in communion, preparing for and going forward to meet the future, inclusion, and listening to each other and to the farther neighbor. At one panel discussion, a participant said that she thought about the future not as us moving forward, but as the future coming to us.”
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The Senate FERCed Us
By Karen Furidun, contributor, Huffington Post, Aug. 5, 2017
“Robert Powelson, the newly-confirmed member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, wasn’t clear who he was referring to when he said that citizens who fight pipeline projects are engaged in a “jihad” at an industry conference in March. He may have been referring to the Standing Rock Sioux and all the other water protectors who withstood attack dogs, water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures, and countless other assaults in North Dakota last year. Perhaps he was referring to the Sisters of Loretto who successfully fought off the Bluegrass pipeline in Kentucky.”
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Getting Small Things Done Right: The Economy Is a Women’s Issue
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, July 26, 2017
“Health care and tax cuts have put the economy in the news. I’ve been thinking bigger, about the economy and women.”
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Nuns are Suing to Stop a Pipeline —Because They Believe the Earth is Sacred
By Jack Jenkins, senior religion reporter, ThinkProgress, July 18, 2017
“A group of Pennsylvania Catholic nuns are suing to protect their land from potential pipeline construction using an unusual legal argument: religious liberty, specifically a version popularized by right-wing Christians.
“…They’re not even the first group of U.S. nuns to make national news for trying to stop a pipeline; that mantle belongs to the Sisters of Loretto, who successfully defeated attempts to build the Bluegrass Pipeline across their Kentucky land back in 2014.”
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Religious Order Welcomes Gas Pipeline Opponents to Oray at New ‘Chapel’
By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service, for Crux, July 14, 2017
“WASHINGTON, D.C. – As chapels go, the simple structure on property owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ congregation in Columbia, Pennsylvania, is not much.”
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Standing in the Way of a Gas Pipeline Project: Nuns and a Makeshift Chapel
By Auditi Guha, reporter, Rewire, July 12, 2017
“A small, wooden-slatted structure and an order of nuns drew more than 300 people on Sunday to the middle of a cornfield near Philadelphia. The ‘Stand with the Sisters’ protest opposes a natural gas pipeline project proposed through 37 miles of Lancaster County farms, waterways, and rural communities—including land owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an international order of Catholic nuns. The Oklahoma-based Williams Partners is seeking a right of way there for the 183-mile, $3 billion Atlantic Sunrise Project (ASP). Protesters opposing the easement access came from across the nation and included area farmers, Mennonites from Lancaster, and the Sisters of Loretto from Kentucky who have fought similar battles in their communities, said Malinda Harnish Clatterbuck of Lancaster Against Pipelines, a grassroots organization that built the makeshift chapel.”
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Catholic Nuns in PA Set Up Chapel at Proposed Pipeline Site
By Corey Barnett, reporter, World Religion News, July 12, 2017
“The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project has been greeted with great public opposition especially in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Many residents have pledged to try and frustrate the activities of the project as they feel they haven’t been involved in the process. One such act of protest is the building of an open air chapel by the nuns from Adorers of the Blood of Christ Catholic Church.”
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300 Show Up for Nuns’ Chapel Dedication to Express Opposition to Pipeline
By Jane Holahan, entertainment reporter, Lancaster Online, July 10, 2017
“This is a holy cornfield,” Mark Clatterbuck, founder of Lancaster Against Pipelines, told a crowd of approximately 300 people Sunday afternoon.”
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Nuns Opposed to Pipeline Dedicate Outdoor Chapel on Proposed Route
By Karen Feridun, contributor, Huffington Post, July 9, 2017
“If the management team at Williams Partners was having flashbacks on Sunday, it was by design. The Oklahoma-based pipeline company has met stiff resistance to its proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline since it was first announced in 2014. On Sunday, hundreds of opponents of the project congregated in an outdoor chapel in Columbia, Pennsylvania on property owned by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, an order of Catholic nuns. Among those in attendance were representatives from another order, the Sisters of Loretto, from Kentucky who helped defeat Williams’ Bluegrass pipeline in 2014.
“The Sisters of Loretto led the congregants in the singing of “Amazing Grace.” A video of the nuns singing the hymn at a Bluegrass pipeline open house in 2013 became an internet sensation after it was spotted by Mother Jones.”
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Nuns to Dedicate Outdoor Chapel Built in the Path of Proposed Pipeline
By Amanda Watts and Paige Levin, reporters, CNN, July 8, 2017
“(CNN) – An open-air chapel set up by Catholic nuns to block construction of a nautral gas pipeline in Pennsylvania will be dedicated Sunday on a spot directly in the pipeline’s proposed path.”
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Nun Too Pleased: Sisters Build Outdoor Chapel in Protest at Pennsylvania Pipeline Route
By Staff Report, RT America, July 7, 2017
“A convent of Catholic nuns opposed to a natural gas pipeline are building an outdoor chapel on its proposed route in Pennsylvania. Despite lacking a permit, the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline was planned to go through land owned by the nuns’ cloister.”
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Q & A with Sr. Patricia McCormick, Preaching Peace for 50 years
By Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, Global Sisters Report, July 6, 2017
“Eighty-one-year-old Loretto Sr. Patricia McCormick likes to call herself a “farm kid from Illinois,” but she’s spent the last half-century preaching peace in Central America and, now, Denver. McCormick spoke with Global Sisters Report about nuclear disarmament, being pen pals with Jesuit Fr. Dan Berrigan, and the young activists of Black Lives Matter.”
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Sister Seeks Protection for Old Loretto Heights College Cemetery Where 62 Nuns are Buried
By Monte Whaley, reporter, Denver Post, July 3, 2017
“Year by year, the team of guardians of the 62 Sisters of Loretto buried at the Colorado Heights University campus in southwest Denver dwindles.
“That’s why there is a sense of urgency to Sister Mary Nelle Gage’s quest to seek permanent protection and care for the burial site. It’s there that the remains of three founders of the old Loretto Heights Academy — which started as a Catholic high school for girls in 1888 — now rest.”
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Webster at Churchill Downs: 100 Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Sisters of Loretto Gather for Annual Event
Staff Report, Webster University News, June 30, 2017
“On Saturday, June 10, alumni, faculty and staff gathered together for an afternoon of horseracing fun at the annual Churchill Downs event in Louisville, Kentucky.
“Over 100 representatives of the Webster community attended, including alumni from Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee, in addition to those from the Louisville Chapter. Sister Barbara Nicholas (BA ’65) and several other Sisters of Loretto were also in attendance.”
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Neighbors, officials plot future of storied Colorado Heights University campus
By Monte Whaley, reporter, Denver Post, June 28, 2017
“Southwest Denver residents and others concerned about the future of the storied Colorado Heights University campus are gathering to make sure they have a say over its fate.
“Their first steps toward influencing land-use decisions surrounding the 76-acre campus will be made Thursday at a 7 p.m. meeting at the VFW, 5220 W. Warren Ave. Organizers of the effort hope to draw not only nearby residents but also state and local elected officials, the Sisters of Loretto and Loretto Heights faculty, staff and alumni.”
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St. Louis Women Religious Team Up to Teach Children
By Caitlin Kerfin, staff writer, Global Sisters Report, June 8, 2017
“St. Joseph Sr. Sarah Heger, principal of Marian Middle School in St. Louis, walks the school’s halls with familiarity, greeting girls as she passes, occasionally popping in to check out the creative work they’re doing during the final hour of the school day. The Catholic all-girls school was formed through a collaborative endeavor among St. Louis’ women religious, and the founders’ work is reflected in the encouraging drawings and messages that students have painted on the walls.”
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Don’t Glorify Terrorism – Offer Hope
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, June 5, 2017
“Indira Lakshmanan was interviewed over the weekend on how the media report on acts of terrorism.”
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To Stand in Darkness in the Middle of the Day
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, May 26, 2017
“A total solar eclipse is coming to my state of Missouri August 21.”
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Loretto Alumnae Group Awards Grants
Staff Report, The Louisville Record, May 25, 2017
“From eco-friendly burial to a homeless shelter, efforts of the Sisters of Loretto and their co-members are getting a financial boost from former Loretto students.”
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Historic Review Board OKs 4-Story Building Next to Loretto Chapel
By Daniel J. Chacón, reporter, The New Mexican, May 24, 2017
“The city Historic Districts Review Board put the final stamp of approval Tuesday on a proposal to construct a four-story building next to the Loretto Chapel, ending a decadeslong effort to clear regulatory hurdles to development of a prime piece of real estate abutting one of Santa Fe’s iconic and most treasured structures.”
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New Ways Sees LGBT Catholics’ Hope, Frustration
By Patricia Lefevere, reporter, National Catholic Reporter, May 19-June 1, 2017
“CHICAGO – New Ways Ministry, the 40-year-old advocacy group for LGBT Catholics, brought its eighth national symposium here April 28-30 with what one presenter called feelings of both “hope and frustration.”
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Stand Together Against Homophobia and Transphobia
By Jeannine Gramick SL, Global Sisters Report, May 15, 2017
“Perhaps the tide is turning for lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. Late last year, I made a 10-day visit to Poland, invited by the Campaign against Homophobia to give public addresses, interviews and a retreat for Faith and Rainbow, a group of LGBT Catholics.”
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The Border Is a Death Trap That Doesn’t Deter Migrants
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, May 9, 2017
“NOGALES, MEXICO Two weeks ago, I stood in Nogales, Mexico, at the border wall.”
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Going to the Border as a Witness
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, April 25, 2017
“I’m traveling to Tucson April 26 to visit some of the groups that work on our border with Mexico. The trip is organized by the Loretto Community Latin American/Caribbean Committee, which has been leading groups a couple of times a year for a dozen years.”
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Pray to St. Barabbas for Released Prisoners
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, April 13, 2017
“When I got the job, some years ago, as director of a re-entry program for men and women being released from prison, a friend called to say, “I will pray to St. Barabbas for your success.”
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Throwing Money at Problems
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, April 5, 2017
“In my experience, throwing money at problems often solves them.”
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Sisters of Loretto: Women of Faithful Service
By Sister Janet Gildea SC, Rio Grande Catholic, April 2017 (page 5)
“If you’ve ever taken visitors to the Scenic Overlook to scan our El Paso-Juarez vistas, one unmistakable landmark is Loretto Academy. Since 1879 when the first four Sisters of Loretto arrived in San Elizario to start a school, this congregation of women religious based in Kentucky has been synonymous with education in our border city. In addition to the academy which was the first preparatory school for girls in the southwest, Sisters of Loretto started and staffed many parish
schools in the area. What an impact those missionary teaching Sisters have had!”
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Maplewood OKs Group Home for (Loretto) Volunteer Program
Staff report, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 29, 2017
“MAPLEWOOD • Officials here granted permission on Tuesday to a group called Loretto Volunteers to operate a group home at 7406 Flora Avenue.”
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Peace Economy Project: Organization Marks 40 Years with March 24 Silent Auction & Concert
By Don Corrigan, Webster-Kirkwood Times, March 24-30, 2017
“There will be mirth and joy when the Peace Economy Project (PEP) holds its 40th anniversary celebration on March 24 with a concert full of the songs of Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Arlo Guthrie, Chad Mitchell, Ronnie Gilbert and more.
“However, all the joviality of this reunion of sorts may be tinged with a bit of sadness. …
“It is disappointing that 40 years later we are still spending so much on defense. It will never make us as safe as supporting human welfare and enlightenment,” said Sister Barbara Roche, a member of the Sisters of Loretto and a past president of Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves.”
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Getting My Mind Around the Military We Have
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, March 22, 2017
“I never use the term “defense.” Our military is aggressive, not designed for defense. The current president’s call for a wall may be xenophobic or job-protectionist, but it is certainly not about defense.”
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On Abortion Today
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, March 14, 2017
“I’m afraid that abortion numbers around the world will be going up.”
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The Cedars of Nerinx
By Judith Best SSND, Global Sisters Report, March 6, 2017
“As I pray in my hermitage at Cedars of Peace, I am drawn inward, gifted with the present moment and the energy of the surrounding cedar trees, breathing their encouragement. With a deepening sense of integrity I express my thanks to the Sisters of Loretto for providing space where my contemplative spirit can be nurtured.”
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Matthew 25, Kindness to Strangers Inspire Loretto Community to Respond to Trump
By Dan Stockman, blog, Global Sisters Report, Feb. 27, 2017
“Last week, we reported on how women religious are increasingly using their voices to speak out against injustice. This week, the Loretto Community added its voice to the chorus.”
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Immigrants Hide, Fearing Capture on ‘Any Corner’
By Vivian Yee and NYT staff, New York Times, Feb. 22, 2017
“No going to church, no going to the store. No doctor’s appointments for some, no school for others. No driving, period — not when a broken taillight could deliver the driver to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.”
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Live Blog: Women’s Marches Around the World
By GSR staff, including Mary Ann McGivern, Jan. 21, 2017
“Boston — Like many of the Women’s Marches held Saturday, Boston’s was all about numbers as tens of thousands of women, men and children thronged the city’s Common, overwhelming organizers.”
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Standing With Mary at the Foot of the Cross
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Jan. 17, 2017
“I am a member of the Sisters of Loretto. Our formal title is Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross. And our earlier name was Friends of Mary at the Foot of the Cross. We don’t tend to use the formal title. It harkens back to an 18th-century spirituality that can distract the people we work with from the tasks at hand of peace and justice.”
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Colorado Heights University Campus Up for Grabs
By Margaret Jackson, Westword, Dec. 5, 2016
“It’s anybody’s guess what will become of the Colorado Heights University campus after the last of the students leave the campus at the end of next year. … With a vision of educating women in the Rocky Mountain region, the Sisters of Loretto founded Loretto Heights Academy as a Catholic girls’ high school in 1886.”
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Alumna Mary Ann Wyrsch Takes Her Talents on a Global Scale
By Yue Zhang, The Journal (Webster University), Oct. 4, 2016
“Working as senior commissioner for multiple committees and departments in the UN and the U.S. government, Webster University alumna Mary Ann Wyrsch contributed her service and had a worldwide impact. She was honored with the Loretto Award in Homecoming this year.”
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Looking a Little More Closely at Gun Violence
By Mary Ann McGivern, National Catholic Reporter’s Global Sisters Report, Sept. 26, 2016
“For the past two years I’ve been part of an investigative project, interviewing mothers of murdered children on the north side of St. Louis.”
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Religion News Association Names Winners of 2016 Awards for Excellence in Religion Reporting
News release, Religion News Association, Sept. 24, 2016
“SILVER SPRING, Md. — Religion reporters from around the world won top honors Saturday, Sept. 24, at the Religion News Association’s 67th Annual Awards Banquet. … First place for Excellence in Radio or Podcast Religion Reporting went to Ruth Morris, Jocelyn Frank, Jonathan Miller, Maureen Fiedler and Laura Kwerel of Interfaith Voices.”
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Hildegard House Cares for Dying, Vulnerable
By Jessica Able, Staff Writer, The Record, Sept. 15, 2016
On Adams Street in Louisville’s historic Butchertown neighborhood sits a two-story house where individuals may come to die with dignity. For many years, the home housed Ursuline Sisters who taught at the now-closed St. Joseph School. Now the home is known as Hildegard House and provides short-term care to those in the final stages of life who have no home or loved ones able to care for them — all at no charge to residents.
Hildegard House, which welcomed its first resident this summer, provides compassionate care so that even the most vulnerable can die with dignity, said Karen Cassidy, the executive director. The ministry’s motto is “dignity has a home.
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Women of Impact Honored at Chihuahuas Game
Staff Report, online, El Paso Inc., Sept. 6 2016
El Paso Inc.’s 2016 Women of Impact were recognized during the El Paso Chihuahuas game Aug. 31 at Southwest University Park. This year’s honorees are Carmen Arrieta-Candelaria, Mary Kipp, Marcela Navarrete, Judy Robison, Sister Helen Santamaria and Patty Tiscareño.
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Locals Remember Mother Teresa’s 1976 El Paso Visit
Staff report, Rio Grande Catholic Online, Aug. 31, 2016
“Sister Eileen O’Keeffe, CCVI, was just 35 years old when she met Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It was May 29, 1976 and Mother Teresa was in El Paso for a youth speaking engagement. … Garcia said months later, he was picking up Mother Teresa at the El Paso International Airport. “She asked to visit the Sisters of Loretto at Nazareth Hall nursing home, that was very important to her,” he said.”
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At the Foot of the Cross: Remembering Ann Manganaro SL
By Kathleen DeSutter Jordan, Commonweal Magazine, Aug. 30, 2016
“In June 1990, I was present in El Salvador when the guerrilla leader Maria Serrano came down from her mountain headquarters, during one of the bloodiest periods of the Salvadoran Civil War, to join a celebration honoring my lifelong friend, Ann Manganaro, on her twenty-fifth anniversary as a Sister of Loretto.”
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New Music Festival Comes to Loretto, Louisville
By Elizabeth Kramer, arts beat, Louisville Courier-Journal, Aug. 10, 2016
“Although cellist John Popham left Louisville in 2001 – after establishing himself as a promising musician upon winning the Association of the Louisville Orchestra 1996 Young Artists competition at age 11 – he has often returned for respites from his professional life in New York. … During that time, Popham’s aunt suggested they give a concert at the Loretto Motherhouse, home to the Roman Catholic Sisters of Loretto, near Bardstown. They did.”
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A Meditation on Sin and Goodness: Hiroshima at 71
By Mary Ann McGivern SL, blog, National Catholic Reporter, Aug. 4, 2016
“In the spring, The New Yorker republished “Hiroshima” by John Hersey on its digital edition, online.”
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Sisters Urge U.N. to Remember Grassroots Work in Pursuing Development Goals
By Chris Herlinger, NCR’s Global Sisters Report, July 28, 2016
“Ready. Set. Go. Leaders of the United Nations say the global body’s ambitious agenda to eliminate global poverty and other ills is off to a good start but are reiterating the need for common efforts involving governments, non-governmental groups, business and others — including religious bodies in which Catholic sisters play a prominent role.”
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Award-Winning Theater at Nerinx Hall
By Linda Briggs-Harty, staff writer, Webster-Kirkwood Times, July 1-7, 2016
“Both Jenni and Maggie Ryan sport bright smiles that light up their faces — and the students’ lives at Nerinx Hall High School in Webster Groves.”
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It’s about Welcoming the Stranger
By Maureen Fiedler, blog, National Catholic Reporter, June 24, 2016
“I’m not British. I have no personal stake in the stunning vote by Britons to leave the European Union. But when I woke up this morning and heard the news on NPR, I found myself deeply saddened by that United Kingdom vote.”
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Peacemaking in Ireland
By Jeannine Gramick, blog, Global Sisters Report, June 20, 2016
“The green rolling hills and the rugged countryside were lovely to behold in mid-April as a group of 25 of us from the U.S. boarded our bus and drove through the western counties of Ireland.”
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Art That Grows Out of Uprisings Is Important
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog, National Catholic Reporter, June 10, 2016
“Visualizing Life: Social Justice in Real Time” was exhibited in the art gallery of the Urban League this spring.”
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Yes, Women Can Be Apostles, Too
By Magaly Garcia, Loretto Volunteer, Sojourners, May 17, 2016
“I keep finding myself repeating “it’s 2016,” to my friends and family, on social media, and in my head. We read about all these things in history books that actually didn’t even happen that long ago like women “winning” the right to vote, schools being desegregated, or the first president of the United States having some melanin.”
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Our Challenge to Missouri Executions
By Mary Ann McGivern, blog post, National Catholic Reporter, May 17, 2016
“About a year ago I signed on as a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Missouri Department of Corrections practice of buying execution drugs out of state at an unlicensed compound pharmacy, but the judge determined that we plaintiffs, two former Missouri legislators, a pastor and me, lacked standing.”
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Denver Catholic Worker Community
“It’s the Economy” hosted by Maeve Conran, KGNU, 1390 AM Community Radio, Denver, May 5, 2016
“…We hear about the Catholic Worker Community in Denver and their work with the homeless and poor in Denver, and we’ll hear about the challenges they face since their house burned down earlier this year. Joining us are Sister Anna Koop, a member of the Loretto Order of Nuns who founded the Denver Catholic Worker Community in 1978 …”
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Do Not Lose Sight of the Nuclear War Threat: Tools of Resistance
By Mary Ann McGivern, Global Sisters Report, April 19, 2016
“Robert Frost wrote “Fire and Ice” about ways the world might end, but I find myself thinking more in terms of slow and fast: the slow warming of the planet or the speed of nuclear doom.”
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Father Charles Nerinckx Comes to Missouri
By Frank Nickell, KRCU, Southeast Missouri State University, April 12, 2016
“Death comes to “The Apostle of Kentucky, 1824. It seems like almost yesterday that Father Charles Nerinckx arrived in the United States from Belgium.”
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Meet the Jeans-Wearing, Nature-Loving Nuns Who Helped Stop a Kentucky Pipeline
By Laura Michele Diener, Yes! Magazine, April 7, 2016
“The easiest way for me to find God is in nature,” Sister Ceciliana Skees explains. Born Ruth Skees, she grew up in Hardin County, Kentucky, during the 1930s. It’s a rural place of soft green hills, where her father farmed his entire life.
“Now just a few months shy of her eighty-fifth birthday, she remembers feeling the first stirrings of a religious calling at the age of 10. Her peasant blouse and smooth, chin-length haircut don’t fit the popular image of a nun, but she has been a Sister of Loretto—a member of a religious order more than 200 years old—since she took vows at the age of 18.”
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America’s Prisons: Working to Change Mass Incarceration and the Racism Behind It
By Dawn Araujo-Hawkins, NCR’s Global Sisters Report, April 4, 2016
Editor’s note: This week, GSR is focusing on the U.S. prison system and sisters who work with current and former inmates and advocate for a change in policies. This is Part 1 of 4.
“Ash Wednesday in Jefferson City, Missouri, was gray and frigid. Bundled in unintentionally coordinated purple coats, Srs. Mary Ann McGivern and Carleen Reck stepped out of St. Peter Catholic Church where the 7 a.m. Mass had just ended and made their way across the street to the Missouri State House.
“The Loretto Sister and the School Sister of Notre Dame had driven the 130 miles from St. Louis to Jefferson City the night before. This morning, girded with their ashes and their encyclopedic knowledge of Missouri legislation, they were ready to talk criminal justice reform with some of the state’s elected representatives.”
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The Sisters of Troost: 50 Years Ago, Vatican II Set Nuns Loose to Raise ‘a Light in the Darkness’
By Donald Bradley, reporter, Kansas City Star, April 3, 2016
“As Sister Donna Ryan stepped out of St. James Place into the cold morning, a woman walking past the food pantry yelled, “Good morning, Sister!” …
“But here and across the country, that first post-Vatican II class is now pushing 80, or beyond. Some have died. Many are retired. Maureen Smith at 84 knows she’s not the young firebrand who protested in Selma, Ala., just days after Bloody Sunday at the Edmund Pettus Bridge.
That was a life-changing experience,” said Smith, who went on to work many years in Kansas City’s poorest neighborhoods and now lives retired in a Sisters of Loretto mother house in Kentucky.”
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A Desire to Stay Active in “the Only Sport for Grownups”
By Dennis Gallagher, former Denver City auditor, North Denver Tribuen, March 17, 2016
“Now my precinct Committee woman, my neighbor and family friend, was named Aileen Ray, a member of the secretary’s union, the same union as Dolores. …
“I noted Holy Family convent was within the boundaries of the precinct. Dolores said, “Invite the sisters to the caucus.” The Sisters of Loretto had given their lives to us teaching me and lots of other North Denver kids at Holy Family grade and high school. Pat Schroeder, former Congresswoman for Denver once contended that if the Sisters of Loretto had been around during the writing of the US Constitution, women would have got the vote right then.
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Owner of Loretto Campus, Metro State Back Out of Deal
By Caitlin Hendee, digital producer, Denver Business Journal, March 17, 2016
“An agreement between Metropolitan State University of Denver and the owners of the historic Loretta Heights campus in southwest Denver has been cancelled, a MSU Denver spokesperson confirmed Thursday.”
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Who Is in This Year’s Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame Class?
By Natalie Munio, Denver Post, March 13, 2016
“A Denver woman who made space for women in Colorado’s financial industry will be inducted into the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame on Wednesday, alongside nine other honorees. … Lydia M. Pena is an educator, author and community leader.”
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Catholics Calling for a Acceptance in ‘March for Mercy’
By Shay McAllister, WHAS 11 News, March 13, 2016
“LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The annual “March for Mercy” brought out dozens of LGBT supporters Sunday afternoon, all calling for a more accepting community. This is the fifth year the group has taken on the pilgrimage downtown but supporters said this year was better than ever before- something they credit to the large turnout. Step by step, with signs in hand, LGBT supporters from different backgrounds, came together for the same cause.
“Discrimination is not a good thing, this country has been against discrimination for a long time and discrimination against LGBT people still exists,” Sister Mary Swain with the Loretto Community said.”
See video and read more here.

Hard Work of Implementing New U.N. Goals Emerging as 2016 Focus, Sisters Say
By Chris Herlinger, NCR’s Global Sisters Report, Feb. 17, 2016
“For women religious working within the United Nations, 2016 is shaping up as a year to press forward to achieve the hard-fought goals set out in 2015.”
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Mass Honors Men and Women Religious
By Ruby Thomas, Louisville Record, Feb. 9, 2016
“The Archdiocese of Louisville celebrated the World Day of Consecrated Life Feb. 7 at a special Mass held at St. Gabriel Church, 5505 Bardstown Road. … Fifty-three women and men religious — celebrating jubilees of 25, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 years of religious life — were recognized at the liturgy celebrated by Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz. Among the honorees were two Sisters of Loretto who have served in religious life for eight-plus decades. Sister Rosalie Marie Phillips is celebrating her 85th anniversary this year and Sister Angeles Caron is celebrating 80 years.”
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Struggling Families Searching for Options After Fire at Transitional Shelter
CBS Denver (CBS4), Jan. 29, 2016
“Jeff Wakeland and Dwanda Shadden had been staying at the Denver Catholic Worker House on Welton Street for only a month when they woke up to smoke billowing from the hallways.”
See video and read more here.

My Big Fat Polish Christmas
By Jeannine Gramick, Global Sisters Report, Jan. 28, 2016
“In the romantic comedy film, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” a 30-something woman named Toula breaks out of the expectations of her Greek culture to pursue a career outside the family restaurant business. She even falls in love with Ian, a non-ethnic Greek. When Toula announces that she and Ian will marry, her father feels hurt, infuriated and betrayed.”
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Advent Mercy
By Jeannine Gramick, Global Sisters Report, Dec. 15, 2015
“It was a crisp, sunny, December morning as I drove to the Washington Archdiocesan Pastoral Center for the annual Advent Day of Reflection.”
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Sr. Alicia Zapata Is Continually Reminded by the Farmworkers She Serves that the Goal Is What Matters
By Sr. Camille D’Arienzo, “Conversations with Sr.Camille” blog post, National Catholic Reporter, Dec. 8, 2015
“… Sister Camille: Alicia, many New Yorkers relocate to Florida to enjoy retirement, or the warmth, or the slower pace of living. What drew you from the home in which you grew up and our community in Brooklyn to the Sunshine State?”
“Zapata: As a novice I spent the last six months of my novitiate and the first six months in first profession in Panama, Central America. On my trip home for first vows I stopped in Florida to visit a friend, Sr. Pearl McGivney. I went with her to visit the farmworker families in the area. At one home there were two little boys playing outside. They had the base of a car jack and were playing with a live mouse. When it came time for me to decide on a ministry, I knew that the farmworkers in Florida were as impoverished as the people I met in Panama.”
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Hildegard House – Former Convent Becomes Home to Dying Patients 
From WHAS 11 TV, Dec. 3, 2015
This news story highlights the creation and development of Hildegard House in Louisville, KY and includes interviews of Hildegard House Board members Karen Cassidy CoL and Ceciliana Skees SL.
See the video.

Webster University Centennial: Inspired By Its Past, Webster Looks To Future
By David Baugher, Webster-Kirkwood Times, Nov. 20, 2015
“As the clock ticks down on the remains of 2015, time is also running out on the 100th anniversary year for Webster University. The institution was founded a century ago by the Sisters of Loretto in an effort to expand educational opportunities for women.”
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Religious Bigotry and Stupidity on Full Display
By Maureen Fiedler, blog post, National Catholic Reporter, Nov. 20, 2015
“Last night, as I watched a TV news program, I became enraged by the anti-Muslim diatribes of stupid, bigoted politicians.”
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Rosa Robles Loreto Goes Home After 461 Days in Sanctuary
By Rev. Gradye Parsons, Huffington Post, Nov. 12, 2015
“…For 461 days, Rosa and others plead with the U.S. government to grant her relief. For 461 days, Rosa and the congregation at Southside shared her story and gained support from Tucson, Arizona, to Loreto (sic), Kentucky, to the halls of Congress in Washington, D.C.”
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Optimism Abounds at Dayton Divestment Conference
By Maureen Fiedler, blog post, National Catholic Reporter, Nov. 12, 2015
“When President Barack Obama announced to the world on Friday that he had rejected TransCanada’s application [1] to build the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, there was surely no better place to be than at a conference of committed environmentalists… The conference I was attending was a highly informative gathering at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio… I was one of the speaker/panelists at the conference because my community, the Sisters of Loretto, voted unanimously [3] in July to divest from fossil fuels.”
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Webster Reaches its Centennial Year
By Emily Van De Riet, Webster Journal, Nov. 6, 2015
“One hundred years ago, there were few choices for women who wanted a college education in a Catholic setting. Only a small number of colleges for women existed in the United States; most of the well-known Catholic universities were for men only. The nuns of the Loretto community wanted to change that.”
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Webster University Marks a Century of Finding Its Niche
By Koran Addo, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Nov. 1, 2015
“… Webster originally opened its doors in 1915 when the Loretto Community, a Catholic order of nuns, sought to do something about the lack of opportunities for women to pursue higher education.”
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Loretto High School Alumnae Association Gives to Charities
Staff report, The Louisville Record, Oct. 26, 2015
“The Loretto High School Alumnae Association (LHSAA) recently made contributions to four charitable organizations associated with the Sisters of Loretto.”
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Elena Sandoval O’Connell, nun who became teacher, dies
By Joan Giangrasse Kates, Chicago Tribune, Oct. 23, 2015
“Elena Sandoval O’Connell, a former nun who taught children in Bolivia as a missionary, became an award-winning Chicago Public Schools teacher and served on a CPS executive committee on school reform issues in the 1990s.”
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My Week with Pope Francis
By Jeannine Grammick, Global Sisters Report, Oct. 15, 2015
“Pope Francis is called the “people’s pope,” and with good reason: He appeals to all people, Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The whole United States seemed to be agog with his September visit to our country, and I was no exception. Like a puppy, I followed him, visiting Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; and New York during the days of his U.S. tour.”
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“Sister Act” – Letter to the Editor, published in “The Nation”, October 26, 2015 issue
By Cecily Jones SL
“Thank you for your articles about Pope Francis [Sept. 28/Oct. 5]; I appreciated all three. In “A Vision So Old It Looks New,” Nathan Schneider expertly tracks the Catholic Church’s tradition of egalitarian economics. However, two corrections must be made to his article—one perhaps minor, one very major.”
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Indigenous groups, churches protest land rights doctrine, California priest’s sainthood
By Joanna Shenk, Christian Century, Oct. 5, 2015
“On one coast, in Washington, D.C., Pope Francis celebrated the canonization mass of Junípero Serra, a Spanish priest who led evangelization efforts in colonial California. At the same time in San Francisco, nearly 200 people gathered outside Mission Dolores for a ceremony to protest the canonization.”
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‘The End of the Line: A True Story About Faith, Fracking and the Power of the People’
Sellus Wilder DVD documents efforts of Bluegrass Pipeline opposition, features Loretto

Sept. 28, 2015
The film includes interviews with Sisters of Loretto and other members of the pipeline resistance, excerpts from Williams Co. presentations in Kentucky, the company’s media campaign, etc. The DVD may be purchased through the film producer’s website, Click here.

New Documentary Celebrates Webster University’s Centennial
Staff report, emissourian.com, Sept. 23, 2015
“In 1915 the Sisters of Loretto founded a small, Catholic college for women in Webster Groves, Mo.
This year, as Webster University celebrates its 100th anniversary as a co-educational, independent, global institution, the Nine Network documentary “Webster University: 100 Years” tells the story of how the school’s educational mission has remained intact through a century of unprecedented change. It will air on Nine PBS Monday, Sept. 28, at 7 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 3, at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday, Oct. 4, at 10:30 a.m.”
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How Metro State Can Honor the Heritage of Loretto Heights College
Letter to Editor by Cece Espinoza Holt, Denver Opinion page, Denver Post, Sept. 9
“As a graduate of Loretto Heights College (1970), I sincerely hope that Metropolitan State University of Denver considers the LHC heritage by refurbishing and remodeling many of the historical buildings on campus. The Administration Building tower has been a landmark on South Federal Boulevard for more than 100 years and serves as a testament to the excellence in education espoused by the Sisters of Loretto.”
Read letter here.

Doctrine of Discovery: A scandal in plain sight
By Vinnie Rotondaro, National Catholic Reporter, Sept. 5, 2015
“In 2009, the Episcopal Church repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery.
“In 2012, The Unitarian Universalist Association followed suit. Other religious groups … have also repudiated it.
“But the Vatican has refused to publicly address Catholicism’s role in bringing about the Doctrine of Discovery, or revoke the papal bulls that articulated it. Perhaps, then, it is not surprising to find that most Catholics know almost nothing about it.
“Libby Comeaux, a lawyer and co-member of the Loretto Community, recalls the first time the Loretto sisters were confronted by the history. It was January 2012. Comeaux was participating in an environmental conference in the Denver metro area, of which the Loretto community was a sponsor.”
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Loretto Sisters Divest from Fossil Fuels
By Brian Ruth, staff writer, The Webster Journal, Sept. 3-Sept. 17, 2015
“This summer, the Sisters of Loretto voted unanimously to divest from fossil-fuel companies.”
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Exclusive: MSU Denver Gains SW Denver Campus in Partnership with Colorado Heights University
Caitlin Hendee, digital producer/social engagement manager, Denver Business Journal, Sept. 2, 2015
“Colorado Heights University, which sits on the historic Loretto Heights campus in southwest Denver where college programs have been offered for nearly a century, will transfer ownership of 52 acres of the 70-acre site to Metropolitan State University of Denver as part of a cooperative venture.”
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Loretto Sisters from Pakistan Make Vows
Staff Report, The Record, Aug. 21, 2015
“Sisters of Loretto Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal professed final vows on Aug. 8 at the Church of the Seven Dolors on the grounds of the Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky.”
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A Time to Speak – Loretto in Pakistan
Reflection by Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal SL, The Record, Aug. 21, 2015
“Sisters of Loretto Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal helped establish the Sisters of Loretto’s first ministry in Pakstan in 2009 after years of preparation and study.”
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Sister Susan – Whole LIfe for Babylift
“In the early 1970s, seeing Vietnamese orphaned children on TV, a young American nun decided to visit Vietnam to help those kids.”
VNTG (Vietman & the Goio), posted on YouTube by Doi Ngoai Ban Aug. 16, 2015
View video here.

Pope Makes a Difference
By Don Corrigan, Webster-Kirkwood Times, Aug. 14, 2015
“I covered the St. Louis visit of Pope John Paul II in 1999. It’s a good bet the 2015 visit to America by Pope Francis in a few weeks won’t measure up as the same kind of lovefest.

“… One religious group, which doesn’t believe the pope is in the clutches of the old Soviet empire, is the Order of the Sisters of Loretto. The Loretto Community, which has a strong presence in Webster Groves, announced in July that all its institutions will shed investments in fossil fuel companies.”
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Loretto Sisters Shift Investments for Creation
By Marnie McAllister, The Record, Aug. 13, 2015
“Women religious have been at the forefront of efforts to take better care of creation in the Archdiocese of Louisville. …

“The Sisters of Loretto took another step in that direction in mid-July when delegates to the annual Assembly of Loretto Sisters voted to divest their financial interests of fossil fuels…”
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Archdiocesan News Briefs: Fossil Fuel Divestment
Staff Report, St. Louis Review, Aug. 5, 2015
“Delegates to the Assembly of the Sisters of Loretto voted unanimously last month to divest the congregation of all investments in fossil-fuel companies.”
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Sisters of Loretto Divest From Fossil Fuels, Cite Pope’s Encyclical
By Antonia Blumberg, Associate Religion Editor, The Huffington Post, July 30, 2015
“The Sisters of Loretto, a Kentucky-based Catholic community, are joining a growing movement of religious groups taking a stand for the environment.”
Read more.

A Case of Secrecy and Self-Silencing
By Jeannine Gramick, Global Sisters Report, July 29, 2015
“April 16 was a momentous day for U.S. women religious, and indeed for all Catholics. The Vatican and other Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic breathed a collective sigh of relief when the doctrinal assessment of the U.S. Leadership Conference of Women Religious by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the congregation’s mandate for implementation came to a conclusion. …

“So while I feel deep sympathy for the personal toll suffered by these leaders, I also feel deeply troubled by the structural implications of the settlement. I believe the two main pillars of the church’s bureaucracy have been maintained. There is still secrecy and there is still self-silencing.”
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Sisters of Loretto divest from fossil fuels
By Maureen Fiedler, National Catholic Reporter, July 22, 2015
“I have to admit: I was stunned.

“I am a Sister of Loretto, and my Loretto community is very environmentally conscious. For years, we have passed strong resolutions on climate change and preserving creation, but this week our delegate assembly voted unanimously to divest the congregation from all stocks and bonds in fossil fuels.”
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Maryknoll Sister Mary Grenough remembers the Sisters of Loretto
By Thomas C. Fox, Global Sisters Report, July 2, 2015
To view the video, click here.
You can read the interview with Sister Mary Genough here.

The call to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery
By Mary Ann McGivern, National Catholic Reporter, July 9, 2015
“My religious community, Loretto, has taken on this issue. The 2012 Loretto Assembly resolved to: Call on the pope to rescind these papal bulls; prepare educational/informational material for the Loretto Community, the Loretto schools and our associate groups; collaborate with those groups with whom we share a common purpose intercongregationally and interdenominationally as well as with environmental and Native American groups to help create a groundswell of support for this indigenous peoples’ movement. We sent requests to Pope Benedict XVI and to Pope Francis to rescind the doctrine.”
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School of Education ‘Transformative Learning’ Conference June 11-12 Honors Centennial Educator SL Eschen
Staff Report, Webster Today, June 4, 2015
“As part of Webster University’s Centennial celebration, the School of Education will host the conference, “Educators as Agents of Change Through Transformative Learning and Leadership,” June 11-12 in the East Academic Building’s Edward Jones Commons. … Webster alumna Carole Eschen, SL ’65 will be honored as a centennial educator during the conference, following the opening welcome on June 12 by School of Education dean Brenda Fyfe and the conference keynote presentation.”
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The Struggle to Ban the Bomb
By Mary Ann McGivern, Global Sisters Report, May 14, 2015
“As part of the Loretto Committee for Peace I attended the Peace & Planet people’s mobilization weekend April 24-25 and the first few days of the U.N. Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Since 1978 the Loretto Community, sisters and co-members, has formally opposed the production and use of nuclear weapons – even as deterrence. Our committee is proposing to our Loretto Assembly this summer that we call for the U.S. to unilaterally disarm all nuclear weapons.”
Read more.

This Pope Gives Me Hope
By Jeannine Grammick, Global Sisters Report, May 7, 2015
“On my lap-top computer is a round decal with a blue and white picture of Pope Francis with the words, “This Pope gives me hope.” On my car, next to the bumper sticker that says, “Civil marriage is a civil right,” is another sticker: ‘I ♥ Pope Francis.'”
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The History Of Our Town (March 24, 1967 edition)
By Lucille Basler, reprinted in the Ste. Genevieve Herald, May 12, 2015
“(The following entry in “The History Of Our Town” by Lucille Basler was published in the March 24, 1967, edition of the Ste. Genevieve Fair Play. The Herald this year began publishing in order the series of articles written by Basler, which began publication in December 1966.)
“Let’s all go back to school. We all remember the Old Convent, School and the “Rock House.” All these comprise the properties of Joseph Pratte, which ran from Third Street to Fourth Street along Merchant and halfway through the block to the north.”
Read more.

Graduation Day at Webster University
Staff report, Webster-Kirkwood Times, May 8, 2015
“Webster University will recognize five alumni with honorary degrees during May 9 commencement ceremonies to be held in The Muny at Forest Park. An estimated 12,000 graduates and guests are expected to be in attendance. … The four others to be recognized with honorary degrees are: Life-long educator Sister Barbara Ann Barbato…”
Read more.

Marian Middle School Spotlights Vocations Stories
By Dave Luecking, St. Louis Review, May 4-10, 2015
“Working in collaboration, sisters from eight religious communities wanted to form an all-girls counterpart to Loyola Academy, an all-boys Jesuit middle school a few blocks from St. Louis University.”
Read more.

Vietnamese Orphans Return Home
Barry Petersen, CBS Sunday Morning, April 26, 2015
“Forty years ago, Operation Babylift carried orphaned Vietnamese children out of the country in advance of South Vietnam’s fall. As Barry Petersen reports, some of those children – long since grown up – are now returning to the land of their birth to discover their roots.”
View video here.

Catholics to Press Nuclear Weapons Ban at UN Treaty Review Conference
By Dennis Sadowski, Catholic News Service, April 24, 2015
“It was April 11, 1963, as the Catholic church was in the midst of the Second Vatican Council, that St. John XXIII issued his landmark social encyclical Pacem in Terris (“Peace on Earth”) that included a call for a verifiable ban on nuclear weapons. More than 50 years later, the Holy See continues to make the moral case for nuclear disarmament.”
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Sisterhood Is Global, High School Girls Learn at the U.N.
By Chris Herlinger, Global Sisters Report, a project of NCR, March 30, 2015
“For visitors like Micayla Wilson, it was an embrace of sisterhood. Universal sisterhood. ‘We’re thinking about the same cause and sharing a common focus,’ Wilson, 17, a student at the Institute of Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic girls high school in Baltimore, said of the experiences she and hundreds of young women from throughout the world shared at the United Nations recently. … Such a declaration was second nature to other visitors – six students from Nerinx Hall High School, a Roman Catholic girls school founded by the Loretto Sisters and located in the St. Louis, Missouri, suburb of Webster Groves.”
Read more.

Sculpture Donated To WG Arts Commission: “Fiat” sculpted by Webster native Sister Jeanne Dueber who assisted Rudy Torrini
By Mary Shapiro, Webster-Kirkwood Times, March 20-26, 2015
“The Webster Groves City Council has accepted a donation from the city’s arts commission of the sculpture “Fiat” by Sister Jeanne Dueber, a member of the Sisters of Loretto religious order.”
Read more.

Around 100 attend meeting on proposed NGL pipeline
By Stephen Lega, The Lebanon Enterprise, March 20, 2015
“Approximately 100 people attended a meeting Thursday evening at the Marion County Extension Office to discuss natural gas liquids (NGLs), a request by the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (which is owned by Kinder Morgan) and what, if anything, citizens can do about it. … Marion County Judge/Executive David Daugherty organized the meeting, which included a panel that presented information about NGLs and the Kinder Morgan proposal. The panelists were Susan Classen of the Loretto Community, …”
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Former Loretto Sister, Webster Instructor Recounts Experience at March on Selma in 1965
File report, WebsterToday, March 5, 2015
“It was 50 years ago this March when the nation watched as a protest march for African American voting rights in Alabama turned violent. … Therese Stawowy (then Sr. Anne Christopher) was a Sister of Loretto nun and psychology and sociology instructor at then-Webster College in 1965. Despite being miles away from Selma, she felt she had to do something.”
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Loretto Sister Dunphy Served 66 Years
By Julie Filby, Denver Catholic, March 5, 2015
“Colorado native Sister Carol Dunphy, 92, a Sister of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross for 66 years, died Feb. 19 at the order’s motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky.”
Read more.

Sister of Loretto Carol Dunphy dies at 92
Staff report, The Catholic Record, Feb. 26, 2015
“Sister of Loretto Carol Dunphy (formerly Sister Peter Michael), who helped establish the first Loretto mission in South America, died Feb. 19 at the Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky. She was 92 and in her 66th year as a Sister of Loretto.”
Read more.

Amazing Grace in Action
By Judith Valente, America Magazine, Feb. 23, 2015
“Ever since the days of pioneer homesteaders, the Sisters of Loretto have lived amid the rolling hills of central Kentucky.”
Read more.

Gay Catholics Get Vatican Welcome, but No Papal Shout-out
By Nicole Winfield, Associated Press/San Luis Obispo Tribune, Feb. 18, 2015
“The Vatican did something it has never done before by giving a group of U.S. gay and lesbian Catholics VIP seats at Pope Francis’ weekly general audience. But in a sign that the welcome wasn’t all it could have been, the New Ways Ministry pilgrims were only identified on the Vatican’s list of attendees as a “group of lay people accompanied by a Sister of Loretto.”
Read more.

Loretto Academy’s ‘Nun Run’ raises money for schools in Pakistan
KVIA News, El Paso, Texas, Feb. 7, 2015
“The annual event is sponsored by the senior class as part of their service learning project. The money raised will benefit the Sisters of Loretto in Pakistan.”
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Changing the language: New dialogue after the apostolic visitation report?
By Dawn Cherie Araujo and Dan Stockman, Global Sisters Report/NCR, Dec. 17, 2014
“The Vatican’s report on the apostolic visitation released Tuesday was an affirmation of women religious in the United States – but was it yet another possible sign of a change in tone at the highest levels of the Catholic church?”
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Women religious and others react to apostolic visitation report release
By Dan Stockman and Dawn Cherie Araujo, Global Sisters Report/NCR, Dec. 16, 2014
“Women religious and interested watchers responded with gratitude – and a bit of caution – to the Vatican’s response to the apostolic visitation Tuesday, saying it represents both a dramatic change in tone toward sisters’ work in the United States and a path for future dialogue.”
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‘We Discovered Our True Selves
By Dan Stockman, National Catholic Reporter, Dec. 10, 2014
“Chicago – The view of women religious toward the Vatican’s apostolic visitation changed dramatically in the six years of the investigation, a panel of authors said Dec. 8, but that happened because of their own spirit, not because of anything that occurred in Rome.”
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How a Group of ‘Bad—‘ Nuns Changed My View of Marriage
By Jo Piazza, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Oct. 24, 2014
“Not so long ago, I couldn’t imagine my life without a husband. Then I spent three years reporting and writing a book about nuns.”
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History Nerds Will Love This Rare Bible
By Catherine O’Connell-Cahill, U.S. Catholic blog, Oct. 9, 2014
“Alert: history nerds!
“More than two hundred years ago, Father Stephen Badin, the first priest ordained in this young nation, took a Bible with him on his journey from Baltimore to the Kentucky frontier, where he would begin his ministry.”
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Urban Progressives, Rural Conservatives Unite in the Trenches for Green Energy
By M. Sophia Newman, Next City, Oct. 8, 2014
“…And a group of nuns from rural Kentucky who began opposing the Bluegrass Pipeline last year recently protested for UN action on climate change at the People’s Climate March in New York City…”
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St. Mary’s Academy: 150 Years of Courage, Tenacity and Vision
By Sister Regina Drey SL, Colorado Heritage Magazine, September/October 2014
“Amid tearful farewells and prayers for a safe journey, three travelers left Santa Fe, New Mexico, on June 22, 1864, for a five-day journey by mail coach that would change dustry Denver City forever.”
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After Two Centuries, a Good Book Returned
By John Nagy, Notre Dame Magazine, Autumn 2014
“When three Sisters of Loretto processed into Notre Dame’s Log Chapel for Mass this summer, their delivery of a treasured artifact marked a moment evocative of the more than 200-year history of the Catholic Church in the United States.”
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Nuns Blast Catholic Church’s ‘Doctrine of Discovery’ That Justified Indigenous Oppression
Renee K. Gadoua, RNS/Huffington Post, Sept. 10, 2014
“(RNS) In November, Sister Maureen Fiedler hand-delivered a letter to Pope Francis’ ambassador in Washington, D.C., urging the pontiff to renounce a series of 15th-century church documents that justify the colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples.”
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Nuns Urge Pope to Rescind Doctrine of Discovery
By IICTM Staff, Indian Country Today Media Network.com, Sept. 9, 2014
“A group of nuns is urging Pope Francis to rescind the Doctrine of Discovery, the set of 15-century papal bulls that gae tacit permission to seize lands and justify colonization of Indigenous Peoples, most notably on Turtle Island.”
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Nuns to Pope: Revoke 15th-century doctrine that allows Christians to seize native land
Renee K. Gadoua, Religion News Service/Washington Post, Sept. 9, 2014
“In November, Sister Maureen Fiedler hand-delivered a letter to Pope Francis’ ambassador in Washington, D.C., urging the pontiff to renounce a series of 15th-century church documents that justify the colonization and oppression of indigenous peoples.”
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Rare Bible Found in Kentucky Vault, Returned to Notre Dame
Ronnie Ellis, CNHI News Service, Aug. 29, 2014
“NERINX, Ky. – Carol Pike isn’t Catholic, and technically she’s not an archivist. She’s a former college and high school librarian and an elder for her Disciples of Christ church in Glasgow, Ky.”
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Historic Bethlehem Academy property up for auction
Anna Taylor, The News-Enterprise, July 21, 2014
“The Cecilia property once know as Bethlehem Academy, a boarding school for girls, is up for sale.” Read more.

Rare 1790 Carey Bible delivered to Notre Dame by Sisters of Loretto
Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, July 18, 2014
“We want to share some exciting news: This week we welcomed to campus a delegation of Sisters of Loretto From Nerinx, Ky., who brought with them a Bible that originally belonged to Father Stephen Badin, the first priest ordained in the United States.”
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University of Notre Dame acquires the first Catholic Bible printed in the U.S.
The World of the Bible, Bayard Presse, July 16, 2014
“The University of Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana) recently acquired a 224-year-old Bible of the first Roman Catholic priest ordained in the United States.”
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Rare Book Finds Its Way to Notre Dame
WNDU, Ch. 16, July 15, 2014
“SOUTH BEND, Ind.- A very rare book has found a new home on Notre Dame’s campus.”
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Notre Dame Buys Historical Bible of First Catholic Priest Ordained in U.S.
The Christian Post, July 15, 2014
“The University of Notre Dame has acquired the three-volume Bible of the first Roman Catholic priest to be ordained in the United States.”
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Notre Dame Buys 224-Year-Old Bible
WSBT, Ch. 22, July 14, 2014
“We are getting our first look at a new addition to Notre Dame’s rare books collection.”
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Notre Dame receiving Father Badin’s Bible
Fox 28, Anna Bockelman, Morning Producer, July 14, 2014
“NOTRE DAME – The University of Notre Dame is getting the Bible once owned by Rev. Stephen Badin.”
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Notre Dame Acquires Badin Bible
South Bend Tribune, News Briefs, July 12, 2014
“SOUTH BEND – The University of Notre Dame has acquired a Bible once owned by the Rev. Stephen Badin, the pioneer priest on whose mission grounds Notre Dame’s founder, the Rev. Edward Sorin, began to build the university 172 years ago.”
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Bridge will be named for a Sister of Loretto
Marnie McAllister, The Record, July 10, 2014
“If you’ve ever crossed Hardin’s Creek near Marion, Ky., by car, you’ve driven on what locals call “Sodelbia’s Bridge.”
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Sisters of Loretto with local ties celebrate anniversaries
The Record, July 8, 2014
“Eleven Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross are celebrating jubilee years in 2014.”
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Bridge will be named to honor nun
Stephen Lega, Lebanon Enterprise, July 2, 2014
“Sr. Sodelbia Hughes was born at the end of the 19th century. Later this month, in the 21st century, a bridge will be renamed in her honor.”
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Pipeline builders halting Kentucky project
Associated Press, April 28, 2014
“Developers are halting a three-state underground pipeline project that drew intense opposition in Kentucky from residents, activists and even a group of nuns.”
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Spirited Spat: Pipeline Battle Rages on Kentucky’s Holy Land
nbcnews.com, March 15, 2014
“Corn-speckled lands owned by a group of Catholic Trappist monks and a convent full of nuns have become a battleground in a fight between Big Energy and the ‘singing sisters.'”
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14 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2014
Center for American Progress, March 12, 2014
Last year was an exciting time for faith-based movements for social justice, with religious leaders and organizations making headlines for spearheading robust local and national campaigns around issues such as gun violence, economic inequality, and immigration, among many others.
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Nuns Versus Pipeline
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly, January 31, 2014
“A 200-year-old order of Catholic nuns, the Sisters of Loretto, battle the construction of a pipeline that would transport toxic gases through their Kentucky homeland.”
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Kentucky’s Intersection of Religion, Energy and the Environment
WFPL, December 12, 2013
Most of the snow from a string of storms over the past week had evaporated in Nelson County, Ky., Tuesday afternoon when more than 60 concerned people, many of them Roman Catholic nuns, gathered on the Boone Family Farm to declare an Energy Vision…
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Religious to release document about work for clean energy
The Record, December 9, 2013
Three religious communities in Kentucky’s “Holy Land” — Sisters of Loretto, the Dominican Sisters of Peace and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth — have coauthored an Energy Vision Statement that articulates the religious beliefs behind their work for clean energy solutions.
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Religious Groups In Kentucky Petition Governor To Oppose Gas Pipeline
Huffington Post, Nov. 6, 2013
Religious groups in Kentucky are continuing to fight against a potentially dangerous gas pipeline that two energy companies want to bury underneath 13 of the state’s counties.
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Protestors cite faith in opposing Bluegrass Pipeline
Courier-Journal, Nov. 6, 2013
About 40 protesters said they were bound by their faith to oppose the Bluegrass Pipeline project during a rally on the Capitol steps Tuesday.
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Nuns Hold Anti-Pipeline Protest At The Kentucky State Capitol Think Progress, November 6, 2013 In September, a group of Roman Catholic nuns successfully persuaded the companies building an underground gas pipeline through Kentucky to reroute the project to avoid their land. But the nuns aren’t stopping there. Read more.

Religious leaders rally against proposed pipeline Associated Press, November 5, 2013 A group of Catholic nuns who successfully redirected the route of a proposed pipeline off their land are joining other religious leaders who say their faith has prompted them to oppose the ongoing project. Read more.

Opponents Deliver Anti-Pipeline Petition To Kentucky’s Governor WEKU, November 5, 2013 Opponents of a proposed natural gas liquids pipeline through Kentucky delivered a petition to Gov. Steve Beshear’s office Tuesday morning, citing concerns over the project’s impact on the state’s environment and asking the governor to block it. Read more.

Citizens petition Beshear to oppose eminent domain for proposed pipeline Lexington Herald-Leader, November 5, 2013 Citizens presented a petition to Gov. Steve Beshear’s secretary Tuesday asking the governor to oppose the use of eminent domain to secure easements for a proposed natural gas liquids pipeline. Read more.

Women religious carry on long tradition of educating the young Our Sunday Visitor, October 6, 2013 Sister Barbara Roche entered the Loretto Community with the intentions of teaching, but ended up in administration. Read more.

Video: Meet the Singing, Anti-Fracking Nuns Mother Jones, August 15, 2013 In the rolling green hills of Kentucky, the Sisters of Loretto are leading a grassroots movement against the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline. Watch the video.

Orders of Monks, Nuns Oppose Bluegrass Pipeline WFPL, August 12, 2013 The Sisters of Loretto have been in Marion County for nearly 200 years. The land itself holds a spiritual meaning for the sisters. Read more.

Sisters of Loretto Respectfully Protest the Bluegrass Pipeline Hillybilly Report, August 8, 2013 It appears that Williams and Boardwalk didn’t appreciate the Sisters of Loretto (some folks call them the Nuns of Loretto) singing Amazing Grace at their Bluegrass Pipeline open house In Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Watch the video.

Pipeline raises concerns in Ky. Holy Land The Record, August 7, 2013 The Sisters of Loretto have been particularly active in opposing the Bluegrass Pipeline since they were approached in mid-July by a work crew hoping to survey their property in Marion County. Read more.

Pope Francis stirs up the Vatican CBS News, August 3, 2013 For a clergyman noted for his humility and mild nature, Pope Francis has put in an aggressive first 4 months, stirring up the Vatican. Kieran Harrington, spokesman for the diocese of Brooklyn, and sister Maureen Fielder, host of the public radio program “Interfaith Voices,” join “CBS This Morning: Saturday” to discuss the Pope’s recent comments. See the video here.

Nuns, monks block Ky. gas pipeline USA Today, Louisville Courier-Journal, August 2, 2013 Two Roman Catholic communities, which collectively own more than 3,000 acres in Central Kentucky, are refusing to permit access to their historic properties for a proposed underground pipeline that would transport flammable, pressurized natural-gas liquids across the state. Read more.

Answering the call of God La Voz Colorado, June 26, 2013 “Another member of the Loretto Community, who taught at the Loretto Heights College that Sandoval attended, is Sister Lydia Peña who told La Voz that she garners her inspiration as a nun from ‘all persons who give themselves to others — be it with time, talent or treasure.'” Read more.

The evolution of the committed life in the 21st century by Maureen Fiedler SL, National Catholic Reporter, June 8, 2013 “Maybe the model of “committed life” we’ve been living is evolving, and needs to evolve, as it already has since the days of the desert mothers and fathers. So I set out to explore new models of commitment…” Read more.

Davidson: Michael Sheeran, former president of Regis University, receives honor Denver Post, June 6, 2013 This article about retired president of Regis University includes a lovely photo of Fr. Sheeran with Loretto sister Marie Joann Reckart SL. Read more.

Exhibit chronicles history of Catholicism in El Paso El Paso Times, April 9, 2013 It wasn’t an easy assignment — telling the story of the El Paso Catholic Diocese’s 100 years — in one art exhibit. Read more.

Janine Young: Women have long contributed to diocese El Paso Times, April 8, 2013 Women religious have served the church in the Diocese of El Paso for more than 130 years. There are many Catholics who have benefited from Catholic schools, hospitals, charities and other institutions staffed and supported by dozens of religious orders… Read more.

Transition at the Vatican Diane Rehm Show, February 27, 2013 Roman Catholic cardinals gather to choose a new pope. Diane and her guests discuss transition at the Vatican and challenges facing the world’s largest Christian denomination. Our own Maureen Fiedler SL joins this distinguished panel. Read more.

Sister Cathy Mueller: Changing the world…one link at a time Finesse E-Newsletter, December 2012 “The adage goes, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Sister Cathy Mueller, SL, President of Denver’s Loretto Community, has dedicated her life to strengthening community links and ties to Mother Earth—often in tandem with one another.” Read more.

Remembering Sister J with thanks St. Louis Beacon, December 28, 2012 “As 2012 draws to a close, it is fitting to recall a legendary figure in St. Louis higher education who died earlier this year. Sister Jacqueline Grennan, leader of Webster College throughout most of the 1960s (first as academic vice president, then as president), brought national attention to St. Louis as few others before or since…” Read more.

Is this truly a stairway to heaven? Pueblo Chieftain, December 2, 2012 Some things simply defy explanation. And one of them is located inside the Loretto Chapel. Read more.

Nerinx President Barbara Roche to retire after 27 years of service Webster Journal, November 28, 2012 Last December, the city of Webster Groves honored Sister Barbara Roche by making Dec. 2 Sister Barbara Roche Day. Roche, Nerinx Hall High School president, celebrated 25 years of work and service at the school with family and friends on that day in 2011. Read more.

Iraqi Student Project brings refugee to study at Fontbonne St. Louis Beacon, November 23, 2012 When he was almost 10 years old, Ahmed Al-Dulaimi fled Baghdad with his family — everyone was terrified of what American bombs and American technology would do to them and their city. They left in 2003, as the United States invaded Iraq. Read more.

“Nuns on the Bus” tour Front Range to protect poor against budget cuts Denver Post, November 12, 2012 “Nuns on the Bus” toured Front Range cities Monday to denounce tax cuts for America’s richest 2 percent and budget cuts they say would devastate the poorest Americans… Read more.

Former teacher finds barns can be noble Rio Rancho Observer, September 19, 2012 Jerry Davis stands in front of one of the barns he drew as part of his book, “Barns From the Land of Enchantment.” This barn is in Bernalillo and is named “The Sisters of Loretto Barn.” According to the book, the barn was part of a convent and school complex that has been renamed “El Zocalo.” The barn was built in 1875 and renovated in 2011. Read more.

LGBT Injustices Central at Loretto Community 200th Jubilee Celebration in DC Bondings 2.0, September 19, 2012 LGBT issues were front and center when 40 people gathered in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the Loretto Community’s 200th Jubilee… Read more.

‘Nuns on the Bus’ Tour Visits West County Candidates About Fair Budget The group stopped by the West County offices of Ann Wagner and Todd Akin Thursday to “advocate for a fair budget” and speak out against Paul Ryan’s proposed budget. Read more.

‘Loretto in Louisville’ event to celebrate 200 years of order’s founding Louisville Courier-Journal, September 18, 2012 Two stately mansions in Chickasaw recall a time nearly 90 years ago when the Catholic Sisters of Loretto moved their original school in Portland to larger quarters on West Broadway… Read more.

Trail Dust: Sisters of Loretto Welcomed to Santa Fe 160 Years Ago Earlier this year, my friend Sister Patricia J. Manion of the Loretto Community, a teaching order of the Catholic Church, alerted me to an upcoming event, Sept. 26. On that date, a celebration will be held at Santa Fe marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Sisters of Loretto and also the 160th anniversary of their arrival in New Mexico’s capital. Read more.

Roots in Jesus, Mary enliven Loretto Community St. Louis Review, September 5, 2012 The Loretto Community in St. Louis will celebrate its 200th anniversary at a Mass at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, at St. Pius V Church, Grand and Utah avenues in south St. Louis. Archbishop Robert J. Carlson will celebrate the Mass, and a reception will be held afterward… Read more.

Sr. Dorothy Vidulich, former NCR Washington correspondent, dies National Catholic Reporter, July 12, 2012 Dorothy Vidulich was a Sister of St. Joseph of Peace and a Loretto co-member. “She was born in Jersey City, but Dorothy Vidulich was a true daughter of “The Nun of Kenmare,” the contentious, courageous, hierarchy battling Margaret Anna Cusack, founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace…” Read more.

Pakistani women studying renewable energy at SEI Glenwood Springs Post Independent, May 20, 2012 “Two women from Pakistan were in class last week at Solar Energy International…learning how to install solar hot-water systems on buildings…” Read more.

Appalachian women testify against coal industry The State-Journal [West Virginia’s business paper], May 11, 2012 An international women’s organization put coal — specifically surface mining — to the test in West Virginia Thursday. Read more.

Call to Jubilee: Loretto Community celebrates 200th Year Lebanon Enterprise, May 2, 2012 Sr. Agnes Ann Schum took a break on a bench as she was walking up the hill back to the Loretto Motherhouse. She and hundreds of other members of the Loretto Community had just gathered for a group photo to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the community. Read more.

Loretto Sister Swain dies at 66 Denver Catholic Register, May 9, 2012 Loretto Sister Susan Swain, St. Mary’s Academy Lower School principal for 15 years and founding board member of Escuela de Guadalupe, died in her Denver home April 27. She was 66. Read more.

Sisters of Loretto honor founders, plan future to celebrate 200 years Catholic News Service, May 8, 2012 The Sisters of Loretto honored their founders, planned for the future, renewed their vows and took action to aid immigrants during a five-day bicentennial celebration in the Archdiocese of Louisville. Read more.

La Hermandad de Loreto Al Dia en America [Louisville], May 3, 2012 Wonderful coverage of our 200th Jubilee celebration and immigration billboard – from Louisville’s Spanish-language paper. Read more.

Credit Louisville RecordSisters of Loretto Mark 200th Anniversary Louisville Record, May 3, 2012 The Sisters of Loretto honored their founders, planned for the future, renewed their vows and took action to aid immigrants during a five-day bicentennial celebration held April 22-26… Read more. Or see their photo gallery.

Sisters of Loretto turn 200 Lebanon Enterprise Fantastic photo display from our Jubilee Homecoming at the Loretto Motherhouse. Read more.

Nuns, Vatican at odds: Report chides umbrella group as Sisters of Loretto mark founding 200 years ago Louisville Courier-Journal, April 28, 2012 Rain began just as about 300 nuns and other members of the Loretto Community were finishing a symposium Wednesday that marked this week’s 200th anniversary of their founding by three Central Kentucky pioneer women. Read more.

Nuns gather in favor of immigration WAVE Louisville, April 27, 2012 Kentucky nuns gathered under a billboard to sing, pray and add their voices to the immigration debate. Read more.

Sisters of Loretto at 200: Celebrating frontier past, mission of peace and justice St. Louis Beacon, April 24, 2012 As patrons enter the Loretto-Hilton Performing Arts Center for a performance, some may wonder about its name. Was Loretto the first name of theater donor Conrad Hilton’s wife? His daughter? A lady in black? Read more.

Throughout Colorado’s history, women have had starring roles Denver Post, April 20, 2012 The Sisters of Loretto get a nice mention in this article about women’s role in Colorado history. Read more.

The Loretto Community Marks 200 Years Webster-Kirkwood Times, April 13, 1012 On April 25, the Sisters will celebrate the 200th anniversary of their founding. The Sisters’ interest in educational opportunities and social justice is reflected in their long history… Read more.

Loretto Sisters Celebrate Bicentennial Catholic Key, March 29, 2012 The Sisters of Loretto have been a force in education, human rights and the empowerment of women since they were founded in 1812. The 200th Jubilee celebration began in January… Read more.

Loretto alumnae celebrate history of education, justice Kansas City Star, March 26, 2012 Alumnae, former faculty gather for weekend events to celebrate the school’s 200th anniversary… Read more. Another article about the Kansas City weekend is here.

Sisters Of Loretto Honored Webster-Kirkwood Times, March 23, 2012 The council honored the Sisters of Loretto on the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of the founding of their congregation… Read more.

Sad story of nun Alicia Ramirez’s mother leads to “Patrocino e Yo” Denver Post, March 9, 2012 “Like so many people, Alicia Ramirez knew little about her parents’ lives until she was well into adulthood. Ramirez, a nun with the Sisters of Loretto, was 40 when someone asked her mother how she came to the USA…” Read more.

Founding Board Member: Remembering Luke Mary’s Pence Blog, February 21, 2012 Cecily Jones SL shares a lovely remembrance of Mary Luke Tobin SL, a founding board member of Mary’s Pence. Read more.

Susan Swain: Miracles Easily Found Denver Post, February 28, 2012 In this lovely reflection on the front page of the Denver Post, Susan Swain SL is honored for her co-founding of the now-thriving Escuela de Guadalupe, and is now modelling a graceful and faith-filled embrace of mortality. Read more..

Mass for Consecrated Life The Record, February 9, 2012 Pauline Albin SL is featured on the front page of the central Kentucky Catholic newspaper, as a participant in the Mass for Consecrated Life. Read more.

Wren Smith: Training People to See Nature Kentucky Living Magazine, February 2012 Wren Smith, a Loretto co-member and naturalist, is featured in this month’s Kentucky Living Magazine. “When people can really see nature,” she explains, “they might try to understand it better, which will then help them to love it.” Read more.

Two educators mark 40 years in Catholic; enjoy students’ ‘spark of understanding’ Denver Catholic Register, February 1, 2012 Kathryn McNamee, former Loretto sister, is honored for 40 years in Catholic education. Read more.

Anna Barbara Sakurai CoL Remembered in the NYT Co-member and former sister Anna Barbara Sakurai was one of just a handful of people to be featured in the New York Times Magazine’s “The Lives They Lived” print edition. See it here.

Webster Honors Sr. Barbara Roche Webster-Kirkwood Times, December 16, 2011 The city of Webster Groves recently honored Sr. Barbara Roche, president of Nerinx Hall, declaring December 2 as Sr. Barbara Roche Day. Read more.

Live the Life! Fun Begins at 55! Alicia Ramirez SL is featured on the cover of the Clements Community Center newsletter, holding a piece of her woodwork. See it here.

On Sunday, Catholic service undergoes biggest change since Vatican II of 1960s Denver Post, November 26, 2011 “Catholics who have grown up with the freedom and ‘open window’ of Vatican II will find this new translation clumsy and very stilted,” said vigil organizer Mary Ann Cunningham, a retired Latin teacher and member of the Sisters of Loretto. Read more.

Great Women of Spirit Regis University Magazine, Fall 2011 Sister Mary Luke Tobin, a 1934 Loretto Heights College alumna and Denver native, was the first subject of a new “Great Women of Spirit” art series at Regis University. Read more.