‘Walking Forward Together in Hope’: Loretto Assembly 2018

The 2018 Assembly logo, with the theme of ‘Walking Forward Together in Hope,” is revealed above. It was designed by Roberta Hudlow at the request of the 2018 Assembly Planning Committee.
(Logo by Roberta Hudlow)

By Karen Knoll

The Assembly Planning Committee discussed a possible theme for Assembly 2018 and the word “hope” kept arising.

Assembly 2012 had the theme “In Good Company … Stepping into the Future.” Assembly 2015 spoke to “Making The Future Possible.” Assembly 2016 had “Deepening Perspectives” and Assembly 2017 had “Trust Empowers Us” as its theme.

Now seems the appropriate time to proclaim “Walking Forward Together in Hope” the theme for Assembly 2018.

Having chosen this theme of “Walking Forward Together in Hope,” we began to wonder what are the hopes that we Loretto Community members carry in our hearts.

In the Fall Community Group discussions, the Responsible Planning for the Future Committee provided us the table feedback from the 2017 Assembly with many possibilities. We invite Community members to share some of the thoughts and hopes you carry in your heart at this time related to the theme “Walking Forward Together in Hope.”

Please send a brief summary of these heartfelt hopes to Donna Day: dday@lorettocommunity.org.

And don’t forget:
Walking Forward Together in Hope
Shepherdsville, Ky.
Paroquet Center
July 7-13, 2018

Clockwise from left are 2018 Assembly Planning Committee members Cathy Smith, Paulette Peterson, Pearl McGivney, Donna Day, Karen Knoll, Mary Seematter and Vicki Schwartz. The committee met in November in the conference room at the Sleep Inn in Shepherdsville, Ky., and also met with the staff at the nearby Paroquet Center, where the 2018 Loretto Assembly will take place.
(Photo by Jean M. Schildz)

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