Motherhouse Farm and Land

The Loretto Community has been a steward of the 788-acre Motherhouse property since 1824. Currently, the Motherhouse property includes a working farm, woods, wildflower fields in conservation and cow pastureland.

The current farm engages one full-time farmer in raising commodity crops, managing a cow-calf operation, and supervising various conservation practices. We have engaged in government-supported conservation practices for about 40 years, principally the Timber Stand Improvement Program and establishment of riparian buffers. In 2012, seventy-five acres of land were enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program and were planted in hardwoods, pollinator habitat and native grasses.

Summary of Loretto Motherhouse Property:
Woods – 322 acres
Lakes (3) – 23 acres
Crop land (currently in corn and soybeans) – 188 acres
Pasture land (approx. 45 cows, 35 calves) – 174 acres
Native grasses – CRP 36 acres
Wildflowers – CRP 17 acres
Total Farm and Land 760 acres
Buildings, residences 28 acres
Loretto Motherhouse total property 788 acres

The Loretto Community Land Ethic, a statement of values affirmed by the entire Community in 2006, recognizes land as a gift and sign of God and expresses our commitment to tend the land in such a way that β€œall life is enhanced and protected, and that the variety of ecosystems is sustained.”

A short video about Farm Renewal at the Motherhouse.

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