The prayer card for Loretto’s deceased members reads, “Gracious God, may they live forever in the splendor of your light and life in the company of all the saints.” We know that they do, but it’s good to say it. View all Obituaries.

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Remembrance of the Life of Ethel Mae (Kincaide) Siegwald CoL

By Loretto Community / February 8, 2018 /
A woman with short, grey hair and glasses, smiling for a headshot picture outdoors, wearing a white patterned cardigan with black flowers.

Ethel Mae Kincaide was born in Detroit, the seventh of eight children of two Michigan natives, George Gino and Mary Anna (Mason) Kincaide, known as Mae. Ethel was a twin,…

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Remembrance of the Life of Mary Lou (formerly Sister Ann Kathleen Prendergast SL) Steele CoL

By Loretto Community / February 8, 2018 /
A woman with short, dark, grey hair, and big round sunglasses, wearing a white collared shirt with black and grey geometrical patterns, smiling for a picture.

Mary Louise Prendergast was born in Fort Collins, Colo., of Catholic parents. Her father, John Prendergast, was a native of Ft. Collins and her mother, Mary Krogh Prendergast, came from…

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Simple Beauty Enhances First Green Burial at Motherhouse

By Sister Anndavid Naeger SL / February 1, 2018 /

In a November 2016 article for Interchange, Cecily Jones wrote, “… interest in a natural burial (formaldehyde-free preparation of the body; a biodegradable coffin or container; perhaps only a shroud)…

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Remembrance of the Life of Elizabeth Annette (Betty) Connor CoL (formerly Sister M. Annunciata SL)

By Loretto Community / January 7, 2018 /
A woman with short, light colored hair smiling brightly for a picture, wearing a light yellow collared blouse, red lip stick, round wire glasses, and red lipstick.

Elizabeth Annette Connor was born in Iowa City, Iowa, the middle child among six siblings: Dick, Kathleen, who died at age 4, and Jim; then younger siblings Dan, Bob and…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Virginia Ann Driscoll SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / December 29, 2017 /
A woman smiling for a headshot picture, with light colored short hair, and glasses, wearing a pearl necklace and a light pink collared blouse with a plain dark grey background.

Virginia Ann Driscoll arrived at Loretto in October 1940, and with several Webster classmates was received on April 25, 1941. She made her first vows on the same date in…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Carol (formerly Sister Mary Gerard SSM) Kaiman SL

By Loretto Community / December 23, 2017 /
A woman with dark grey hair, and round wire glasses smiling for a picture indoors wearing a white shirt and light colored blouse, a necklace and small hoop earrings.

Carol Mary Lucienne Kaiman submitted an autobiography to the Loretto Heritage Center on June 10, 2014, with a note: “Read at my wake or funeral.” At the same time and…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Susan (formerly Sister William Mary) Howard SL

By Loretto Community / November 18, 2017 /
A black and white headshot of a woman with short hair, and dark framed glasses, wearing a collared blouse, and smiling for a picture with a dark background.

Susan Catherine Howard was the youngest of seven children born to John Warner Howard and Mary Annette Madden Howard. Although born on the Howard farm near Springfield, Ky., Susan grew…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Dorothy (formerly Sister Mary Stephanie) Scheopner SL

By Loretto Community / October 16, 2017 /
A woman with short brown hair and big glasses, wearing a powder blue blazer with two pearl strands and a pink boutonnière with a plain white background.

Dorothy Ann Scheopner was the first of eight children born to Henry Joseph Scheopner of Windhorst, Texas, and Mary Ann Stroyek of St. Joseph, Mo. Although Dorothy and her sister…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Roseanne (formerly Sr. Rose Maura) Thornton SL

By Loretto Community / October 7, 2017 /
A woman with short grey hair smiling with her head tilted to her left indoors. She is wearing a dark green shirt and a St. Patrick’s day bead necklace with shamrocks.

Roseanne Thornton gave us her own account of the first half of her life, including her early years as a Sister of Loretto. She tells us, “I was born Sept.…

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Denver Community Celebrates Cecily’s Life and Work

By Loretto Community / October 2, 2017 /

A celebration of the life and work of Cecily (“Peggy”) Jones took place in Denver Aug. 13. About 60 co-workers, collaborators, Community members and other friends gathered at Loretto Center…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Katherine (formerly Sr. M. Katrien, then Sr. Catherine Siena) Misbauer SL

By Loretto Community / October 1, 2017 /
A woman smiling brightly indoors, wearing a white blouse patterned with little purple flowers.

Katherine Ann Misbauer was the oldest of four children born to Joseph Albert Misbauer of St. Louis and Katheran Bellovich Misbauer of White City, Ill. Katherine was baptized at St.…

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Remembrance of the Life of Trish Dunn CoL

By Loretto Community / September 14, 2017 /
A portrait headshot of a woman with short, light brown hair, wearing hoop earrings, and a grey turtleneck, smiling in front of a plain grey background.

Patricia “Trish” Corkill Brown Dunn died Sept. 14, 2017, surrounded by her loving family.  She was born Nov. 17, 1942, to Charles Fairbanks Brown and Mary Elizabeth Corkill Brown in…

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