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Loretto’s Changing Habits

By Loretto Heritage Center / February 20, 2020 /
Photo of two sisters standing out in the snow in winter habits

By Susanna Pyatt Come to the Heritage Center to check out our latest museum update! We’ve added a digital interactive about the history of the habit of the Sisters of Loretto. In the past two centuries since the community was founded, the Sisters have had four major alterations to the style of their habit and…

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Earth Saints and Heroes

By Loretto Community / February 18, 2020 /
Front Cover of Earth Saints and Heroes

Click the square in the center of the image above to view in fullscreen mode. From there you may read or download the pdf.

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Loretto Respects the Nearer and Farther Neighbor

By Loretto Community / February 16, 2020 /

Respect for all. That’s the Loretto way. We are all God’s children. We reach out to our neighbors near and far and welcome all to our table. Loretto’s constitutions state, “It is important that nothing in our lives cuts us off from other human beings. Rather, we try to live so that everything about us,…

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Loretto Motherhouse hosts “Bernheim Under Threat Roadshow”

By Loretto Community / February 12, 2020 /

The Loretto Community will host the “Bernheim Under Threat Roadshow” from 2 to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 18, in the Conference Room at Loretto Motherhouse, 515 Nerinx Road in Nerinx, Ky. The event will focus on the proposed LG&E natural gas pipeline and its impact on Bernheim Forest. The presentation is free and open to…

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Loretto Chooses Love

By Loretto Community / February 9, 2020 /
Bernie Feeney SL talks with elementary children

“Love one another, have only one heart, one soul, one mind,” reads a line from the Morning Manna once recited by Loretto sisters at the end of Mass. Now all Loretto Community members carry this loving call deep in their hearts.   Loretto responds to the power of love from God by saying yes to the…

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Be A Loretto Volunteer!

By Loretto Community / February 2, 2020 /
Three Loretto Volunteers standing with arms around each others' shoulders

Loretto Volunteers extend the Loretto Community’s outreach to those most in need through their service at immigrant and refugee advocacy organizations, health clinics, shelters for folks experiencing homelessness, food pantries, Loretto schools and many more sites. While serving for one-year terms, volunteers live in community with each other and receive a subsistence stipend that covers…

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Organizations Receive Non-Emergency Loretto Special Needs Grants

By Marlene Spero SL / February 1, 2020 /

The Loretto Special Needs Committee has concluded its 2019 distribution of funds for long-range social change projects. Grants are solicited twice a calendar year, on Feb. 15 and Oct. 15, with the committee meeting in March and November to analyze and evaluate each request and recommend funding according to grant guidelines. Combining both the February…

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Loretto’s New Volunteer Program Director is Annie Rosenkranz

By Loretto Community / February 1, 2020 /

Following a national search that produced a large number of applications from experienced and dedicated candidates, we have selected Annie Rosenkranz to serve as the next Loretto Volunteer Program Director. For the past seven years, Annie has worked at St. Louis University directing and managing programs that accompany and support its large cohort of international…

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Leslee Moore Joins Interchange Editorial Staff

By Leslee Moore CoL / February 1, 2020 /

Words have been a part of my life since long before I could read them. My parents were avid readers, and their love of the written word seems to be part of my genetic code. Looking back, the only summer of my childhood which I can recall in its entirety is the summer between, I think, fourth…

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Your Presence Gives Me Untold Joy

By Claudia Calzetta SL / February 1, 2020 /

When I sat down to write this article, I just couldn’t decide how to begin. There are so many “themes” that can be expanded about Roberta’s latest experience with jaw cancer. Shall I talk about the courage she exhibited before the surgery and then after? Or maybe speak about her upbeat and positive spirit, her…

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What Is Emerging?

By Loretto Community / February 1, 2020 /

By Mary Ellen McElroy and Cathy Mueller In the December 2019 issue of Interchange the Emerging Forms Committee invited us to enter into that deeper state of consciousness so that we begin to see with the eyes of our hearts what the future is calling us to be. During these two winter months we invite…

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Money and Justice/Just Money

By Martha Crawley CoL / February 1, 2020 /
Banner designed by Robert Strobridge with starburst and phrase "Be Light Into Darkness."

About 20 Loretto Community members and friends met Nov. 9, 2019, with Joel Koerner and Andy Loving from a Louisville, Ky., investment firm called Just Money. We had learned about this socially responsible company from Loretto friends in Kentucky who are their clients. After the 2015 Loretto Assembly decision to divest congregation funds from the…

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