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Pakistan Mission

Nasreen Daniel, Maria Daniel and Samina Iqbal are Sisters of Loretto who work in their home country of Pakistan. In 2009, they began Loretto’s Pakistan mission, initially working in Faisalabad. Since then, at the invitation of Bishop Sebastian Francis Shaw, they moved the Loretto mission to Lahore.

As we stand with Mary at the foot of the cross, we strive to bring the healing Spirit of God into our world and we commit ourselves to improving the conditions of those who suffer from injustice, oppression and deprivation of dignity.

From I Am The Way, the Constitutions of the Sisters of Loretto

In Lahore, the three Sisters of Loretto were given management of St. Anthony School. At the beginning, they had 130 students, and under their care, student enrollment continues to grow.

The Sisters also run a program called LEWP (Loretto Empowering Women in Pakistan) in which they teach local women reading, writing and math skills and intricate sewing and embroidery skills.

Solar panel installation

Additionally, the Sisters’ work involves solar panel installation. Their training in this area has proven a great asset because of the shortage of electricity in Pakistan. Sisters Maria and Samina coordinate the installation of solar panels in different locations in Pakistan, helping to create power for fans, lights, refrigerators, computers and other equipment needing electricity.

Please keep our Sisters Maria, Samina, and Nasreen and those whom they serve in your prayers, as they grow the Loretto presence in Pakistan.

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