Sisters of Loretto

Founded in 1812, the Sisters of Loretto are Catholic women whose pioneer American spirit urges us to answer God’s call to live out our baptism by sharing community, our faith and ministries. We freely choose to radically embrace the gospel of Jesus through proclamation of three public vows: poverty, chastity (celibacy) and obedience.

As vowed sisters, we commit to grow in love and service by means of our particular works of mercy, charity, or justice in a spirit of informed openness.

Ever ready to address the deep need facing us in the church and world today, we, through the freedom of consecrated celibacy pledge ourselves to living simply by sharing all things in common in a spirit of trust, and to recognize and follow the Spirit of God present in the Loretto Community and in our own lives.

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We face the emerging needs of today’s world in the fields of education, environment, women, rights of the marginalized, global concerns and non-violence.

The joy we experience comes from our commitment to God, to the Body of Christ, and to each other in the Loretto Community.


About being a Sister of Loretto

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“One of the things the Sisters of Loretto gave to me was the discovery that so many people are different than me, and that there are so many poor people in the world. I also learned the difference between charity and justice. I worked in parishes with very different people. This was a source of incredible joy.”

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Barbara Nicholas

President, Loretto Community

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