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Sister Communities

The Loretto Community is proud to partner with two sister communities abroad, the Holy Family Sisters in Guatemala and the Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity in Ghana.


The Loretto Community began service in Ghana some 24 years ago. In 2003 discussions began with the Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity – a Ghanaian community founded in 1984 to minister to the poor – about building a school in Akokoamong on land that had been given to them by the village’s queen mother. The need for quality education in this impoverished area made the partnership a good fit, as providing education to those in need is a value that has been part of our Loretto heritage since our founding in 1812. The school opened in September 2009 with 25 students, and enrollment has continued to grow.

Pictured in the photo at the top of the page are the following the Sisters of Loretto and Daughters of the Most Blessed Trinity, left to right: Marie Ego, Anna Amo FST, Pauline Albin, and Cecilia Ankomah FST.


The Loretto Community and the Holy Family Sisters (La Sagrada Familia) in Guatemala established a relationship of sisterhood (hermanamiento) in 1994 to enrich one another spiritually and culturally and to support one another in the mission and work of each congregation. Since then Loretto sisters and co-members have visited the schools of the HFS, worked with them in their missions, and participated in regional meetings and conferences in Guatemala. Holy Family Sisters have attended and addressed our assemblies, visited Loretto centers and participated in events at the United Nations. Although language continues to be a challenge, both groups feel this relationship has been valuable and enriching. The Loretto and Holy Family Sister Community Committees continue to seek new ways to work together for peace and justice.

Pilar Gonzalez (left) with two Holy Family Sisters.