Co-members of Loretto

The co-membership program has long been part of Loretto. It was established in 1970, more than 50 years ago, and opened the door to women and men of many religious affiliations and spiritual traditions to share in the Loretto mission “to work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.” The Sisters of Loretto (vowed members), along with the co-members, make up the membership of the Loretto Community.

Co-members of Loretto live the spirit and mission of Loretto through individual mutual commitment.

Lifestyles, occupations, marital status, geographical distribution and religious traditions vary. Co-members share in many aspects of the life of Loretto, serving on committees and staff and actively participating in Community Groups and gatherings. Although the greatest numbers of co-members live in areas that have the greatest numbers of Sisters of Loretto (Colorado, Kentucky and Missouri), co-members live in other states and countries outside the United States.

The name co-membership carefully was chosen and represents more than an association with Loretto – the “co” in co-membership means cooperation, community, communication, contribution and contract. Loretto co-members commit themselves to participation in the life and work of the Loretto Community and share their time, talent and treasure in support of Loretto and its mission.

You can read profiles of co-members welcomed into the Loretto Community over the past few years here.

Jean East smiling

For many of us in Loretto, we are blessed that we have vocations that give our lives meaning and support the vows of working for justice and acting for peace.

Jean East CoL


“I believe the good we did shapes the world today. I think we raised a light in the darkness that can never be put out.”

Maureen Smith CoL

on protesting in Selma, Ala., during the Civil Rights movement

Act for justice, work for peace

Co-members value community and are willing to express their views, be respectful of those with another view and remain open to learning from others and being modified in the process. Co-members also share a willingness to develop and grow in their spiritual life and thereby nourish their commitment “to act for justice and work for peace” in their daily lives.

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Lisa Reynolds CoL

Co-membership Coordinator

Use the form here to connect with Lisa for more information about co-membership.

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