Loretto Community

As Sisters of Loretto and Co-members of Loretto, we work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.

We believe that each person is called by God to love and serve God’s people. Loretto welcomes inquiries about becoming a Sister of Loretto, Co-member or Volunteer. Other options include becoming part of a Loretto Circle or joining us via other forms of connection, including emerging forms of membership. We welcome you to get to know Loretto and to help you discover where you see yourself belonging. Let’s talk!


“My commitment is to share concern which all members have for each other, extend and share Loretto’s vision, and to gift personal talents and ministry.”

The Rev. Peter Urban CoL

priest in residence, St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Denver
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Sisters of Loretto

As vowed Catholic sisters, we commit ourselves to generous love and personal initiative in following the Gospel. We pledge ourselves to living simply by sharing all things in common in a spirit of trust.

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Co-members of Loretto

Co-members are people who share the values and mission of the Sisters of Loretto. The Loretto co-membership program welcomes people of all backgrounds, faith traditions, races, genders, and sexual orientations.

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“I greatly appreciate Loretto’s stance on living the Gospel and in so doing, working for justice and acting for peace. I believe that, through the faithful living of my vows, I contribute to the building of justice that the world so desperately needs. ...I know that my membership in the Loretto Community is the concrete way that God is calling me. Together we stand with Mary at the foot of the cross and help transform the world’s suffering into Easter joy, one relationship at a time.”

Liz Deines SL

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