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Please help Loretto continue to “work for justice and act for peace” by supporting any, or all, of the following missions:

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    Sisters of Loretto Retirement Fund

    The Sisters of Loretto Charitable Trust supports the retired and/or disabled Sisters of Loretto, who have given their lives in service to others.

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    Wherever Funds Are Most Needed

    Your donation enables us to address operational and maintenance needs.

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    Loretto Volunteer Program

    Support the growth and development of the Loretto Volunteer Program, which places volunteers with social justice organizations in the US for a formative year of service. Learn more about the Loretto Volunteer Program.

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    Loretto Mission in Pakistan

    Support the day-to-day work of Loretto sisters in Pakistan, including directing St. Anthony School in Lahore, installing solar panels around the country, and running a women’s empowerment organization. Learn more about the Pakistan Mission.

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    Pakistan Endowment

    Ensure Loretto’s mission in Pakistan continues in the future.

Pearl McGivney

“Events like hurricanes in Haiti and Puerto Rico, massive wildfires in the western US maimed many residents, destroyed many homes and workplaces. Events like these require human attention and effort. Because we know you are part of the compassionate human community, you have Loretto’s thanks for your concern and generosity.”

Pearl McGivney SL

Past President of the Loretto Community (2012-2018)
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Other ways to give

Prefer to send a check, give a gift of stock or remember Loretto in your estate? Learn about other ways to support Loretto.


Thank you!

We are so thankful to our Loretto friends who love and appreciate all that Loretto has done and continues to do. And we welcome all new friends who would like to join us in our mission. Your generous gifts of friendship, prayers, encouragement, time, talent and financial support keep us actively engaged in ministries of service within Loretto and beyond. We ask you to continue to be faithful companions with us on this journey to serve our sisters and brothers in education, parish ministry, social agencies, addressing social injustice and working for peace in our troubled world.