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38th Annual MLK Jr. Birthday Celebration is a Success

By Pat McCormick SL / March 1, 2023 /
A large group of individuals collected outdoors for a photo with a sign saying, "Loretto Community honors the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan. 16, 2023 was the Loretto Community’s 38th year to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. The event is known as a Marade. In 1983, the U.S. Congress introduced…

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What is Emerging?

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2023 /
Pink and purple butterfly graphic for Interchange What is Emerging?

During the past several years, according to a variety of surveys, there has been a notable decrease of Christians attending religious services and a lesser decrease in other religious traditions,…

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¡Presenté! Pearl McGivney Honored

By Kathy Wright SL / March 1, 2023 /
A girl standing outside with her back facing the camera to show the back of the green t-shirt she is wearing. The t-shit says, "Young American Dreamers: Tomorrow's Leaders, Taking Action Today.

On a beautiful sunny day in Auburndale, Fla., I attended a ceremony held by a group of Young American Dreamers to honor Pearl McGivney’s work with them. Auburndale is where…

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Conservation Easement Now a Reality

By Martha Alderson CoL / March 1, 2023 /
A woman sitting down signing paperwork as another women watches over. They're surrounded by beautiful scenery photography and individuals sitting behind them.

“For the beauty of the earth, for the splendor of the skies, For the love which from our birth over and around us lies.” The singing of this hymn began…

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Paying a Call on Loretto’s Faithful Partners at Sunset Printing

By Christina Manweller / March 1, 2023 /
A man and women embracing one another and smiling for a photo next to a printing press.

We enter Sunset Printing’s lobby to find Kim Clem bidding welcome with a beautiful smile. Kim and Eddie Clem have been running Sunset Printing since 2008 when they took over…

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Anna and Mary Ann off Pakistan

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2023 /
A diverse group of individuals sitting, standing, and crouching smiling together for a group photo indoors.

On February 10 Anna Koop and Mary Ann McGivern left Louisville, Ky., destined for Lahore, Pakistan. They flew from Louisville to Dallas, to Doha in Qatar, then on to Lahore.…

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A Rewarding Visit to Shaker Village

By Eleanor Craig SL / March 1, 2023 /
Visitors enjoy a carriage ride through historic Shaker Village with a white horse.

Recently a small group from Loretto Motherhouse paid a neighborly visit to the site of one of Kentucky’s oldest religious communities. We sought wisdom from their experience, so like Loretto’s.…

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St. Mary’s Welcomes New President

By Loretto Community / March 1, 2023 /
four diverse women conversing on a walk outside smiling.

St. Mary’s Academy in Denver will have a new president beginning July 1, 2023. Iswari Natarajan will be the eighth school president. She has been on the school staff, including…

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Spotlight on Loretto Wisdom Women

By Joy Jensen SL / March 1, 2023 /
Woman in bright teal blouse and nametag smiles brightly indoors.

Editor’s note: We are featuring interviews of Loretto Community elders. We are grateful to the sisters and to Joy Jensen for sharing wonderful snapshots of our beloved Community members. The…

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A Plea from the Peace Committee

By Allison Lemons / March 1, 2023 /
A colorful banner with a white dove and a gradient color background of pink and blue with the text, "We work for justice and act for peace"

Nuclear weapons are weapons of massive destruction so horrendous that to expose anyone to them is not just immoral; it is demonic. On Aug. 6, 1945, our country dropped an…

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Loretto Celebrates Newest Co-Member Allison Grace Lemons

By Lisa Reynolds CoL / November 1, 2022 /

Celebrations of an individual’s acceptance into the Loretto Community as a Loretto co-member are always a moving reminder of the deep values and cherished community to which many of us…

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What Is Emerging?

By Loretto Community / August 1, 2022 /
A graphic of a stream of pink and purple butterflies arcing up.

by Mary Ellen McElroy Some of the oldest recorded spiritual teachings known to humanity are the ancient Chinese book of wisdom, the “Tao Te Ching,” and from ancient India, the…

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