All Souls Day 2018
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Loretto elects new leadership at 2018 Assembly
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Loretto Leadership Team, 2016-2018: From left are Karen Cassidy CoL, Mary Ellen McElroy SL, Mary Helen Sandoval CoL, Lillian Moskeland CoL, Mary Ann McGivern SL, Vice President Marlene Spero SL, Buffy Boesen SL, Jane German CoL, Barbara Nicholas SL, Ried Clark CoL and President Pearl McGivney SL.

The Loretto Community, founded in 1812 as the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross, consists of Sisters and Co-members, women and men who are members of the Community and share its values and mission to “work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.” Traditionally a teaching order, the Loretto Community has expanded its work into many fields to promote justice, including education, healthcare, elder care, environmental stewardship and advocacy. Learn more.

Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming Events

    • Day-After-Thanksgiving Concert to Feature Works of Bach, Beethoven, among others

      November 23, 2018

      Two piano students of Vernon Cherrix will perform works by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Mozart and Debussy beginning at 11 a.m. ET at Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky. Free and open to the public.