Working for justice and acting for peace since 1812

The Loretto Community

We are the Congregation of the Sisters of Loretto and Loretto Co-members. We work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.

SLs, CoLs and Loretto Volunteers stand around a banner advocating for being gentle with the earth.
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    About us

    Who we are, where we've come from, and where we're going

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    Get involved

    Explore the many ways to share in Loretto's mission.

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    Faith & spirituality

    We profess reliance upon God and each other.

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    How we serve

    We work for justice and act for peace, locally and globally.

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    Join us

    Learn what it means to be a Sister or Co-member

Pioneer sisters

The congregation of the Sisters of Loretto at the Foot of the Cross was founded on the Kentucky frontier in 1812, making it one of the first Roman Catholic communities of women religious established in the United States.

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    Heritage Center & Archives

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    Our History

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    Retreat Centers

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    Farm and Land

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Living our mission

Today, our Sisters and Co-members continue to live out the Loretto Community’s mission to “work for justice and act for peace because the Gospel urges us.”

Loretto Community members work in many fields to promote justice and peace, including education, healthcare, elder care, environmental stewardship and advocacy.

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Global Loretto

We serve throughout the United States, in addition to our missions and partnerships in Pakistan, Ghana and Guatemala.

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Loretto welcomes you.

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