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Regina Drey SL

Regina is historian/director of Loretto projects at St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, Colo.
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2024 Teacher Immersion at Loretto Motherhouse

By Regina Drey SL / May 1, 2024 /
Three women smiling for a photo. One woman stands behind an older woman in a wheelchair and another woman sits at the communal table.

The annual Teacher Immersion at Loretto Motherhouse was a journey into what it means to be a teacher in the Loretto tradition for 12 teachers (from Loretto Academy, Nerinx Hall…

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Lunch and laughter for Loretto Leaders and Loretto Community members

By Regina Drey SL / March 1, 2024 /
A large group picture of a wide variety of ages sitting and standing together for a group picture indoors. They are wearing name tags.

A delightful lunch in January was a much-anticipated opportunity for the fourth- and fifth-grade Loretto Leaders at St. Mary’s Academy in Denver to enjoy the company of 10 sisters and…

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Loretto and St. Mary’s Academy

By Regina Drey SL / June 1, 2022 /
Four young kids smiling in front of a colorful poster of letters in uniforms.

In my 42 years at St. Mary’s Academy (SMA), it is my current work as Director of Loretto Projects/Historian that is perhaps most satisfying, as it provides opportunities to share…

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Remembrance of the Life of Joy Gerity CoL

By Regina Drey SL / May 31, 2021 /
A woman with short white and blonde hair and sunglasses on her head wearing a black shirt and a light blue denim-like jacket smiling brightly outdoors with a bright greenery background.

Ed and Lois Gerity chose the perfect name when their middle child and only daughter was born on Sept. 24, 1940.    Joy lived up to her name in every…

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November 11, 1918: War and Pandemic

By Regina Drey SL / November 11, 2020 /

Note from the Editor of St. Mary’s Academy Newsletter: Veterans Day occurs on November 11 every year in the United States in honor of the “eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month” of 1918 that signaled the…

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St. Mary’s Academy Diversity Day: Be the Light or the Mirror That Reflects It

By Regina Drey SL / April 1, 2020 /
A woman wearing a white and gold cultural robe outfit from India. Her dark colored hair is pulled up in a bun, she has large earrings and a large necklace, and a bindi in between her eyebrows. She is raising her arms as if she is preforming while standing on stage in front of a brown velvet curtain.

For 19 years high school students in St. Mary’s Academy’s Common Ground Club have promoted understanding around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion through affinity groups, roundtables, networking with other…

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Loretto Happenings at St. Mary’s Academy

By Regina Drey SL / December 2, 2019 /
Three women pictured candidly sitting at a long table together, the woman in the middle is speaking into a black microphone to a crowd out of frame.

Fall brought several Loretto members to the St. Mary’s Academy campus. Pat McCormick, Cathy Mueller and Lisa Reynolds spoke with the junior class at SMA about their journey to work…

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St. Mary’s Academy Alumnae and Staff Help Create Keepsake Books

By Regina Drey SL / April 1, 2017 /
Blonde haired woman with bangs facing camera passionately conversing with brunette woman facing away from the camera indoors.

Remembrances of good times and struggles along with smiles and laughter helped create instant bonds when alumnae and staff from St. Mary’s Academy, Englewood, Colo., and elders who frequently visit…

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