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2024 Teacher Immersion at Loretto Motherhouse

Posted on May 1, 2024, by Regina Drey SL

Group photo of 14 people in winter jackets surrounding a religious sister and a monk.
Teachers from Loretto Academy, Nerinx Hall and St. Mary’s Academy with Sister Mary Swain and Brother Paul Quenon of Abbey of Gethsemani. Photo courtesy of Regina Drey SL

The annual Teacher Immersion at Loretto Motherhouse was a journey into what it means to be a teacher in the Loretto tradition for 12 teachers (from Loretto Academy, Nerinx Hall and St. Mary’s Academy) and me, the organizer.

Michael Lantagne from St. Mary’s Academy, sums up the immersion as an opportunity to more deeply understanding Loretto history and mission. Says Michael, “The Immersion happened in a multitude of beautiful ways: experiencing the history of Loretto firsthand; engaging with sisters, staff and co-members; being invited into the discussion about what the future of Loretto holds; learning about the initiatives of the Motherhouse from retreats and compassionate care for aging sisters and co-members to the inspiring regenerative ethos of the Loretto Motherhouse Farm; delving bravely into Loretto’s history of slavery and boarding schools and considering how to face those difficult truths; exploring spirituality with the sisters and with their neighbors the Trappist Cistercians at the Abbey of Gethsemani; spending quality time with the community and simply enjoying our colleagues.”

Others reflected on the time at the Motherhouse: 

Kari Chambers said, “To spend time with the teachers from Loretto Academy and St. Mary’s Academy was wonderful. To form bonds with people who share the same mission, spirit and values was truly one of the highlights of the trip. We have vowed to continue to meet and be a part of each other’s lives.” 

Alice Drury of Loretto Academy reflects, “I left with greater respect for Loretto Academy and the core values our three schools all share: faith, community, respect and justice. Every speaker touched my heart in some way and made me ponder how I can better serve my community, be a better steward of the gifts God blessed me with, or how I can live a cleaner, greener life to preserve the environment.”

Kelley Zinge of St. Mary’s Academy said, “I feel Loretto’s message to the world is such an important one. It’s all boiled down to that single ‘love is the only thing that will save us’ mantra. How many individuals have tried to pass that on to the world? Too many to name. I think it has to be an army of people passing that on — that’s why it was such an important trip.”

Three women smiling for a photo. One woman stands behind an older woman in a wheelchair and another woman sits at the communal table.
Two teachers with Mary Ann Cunningham SL in the center. Photo courtesy of Regina Drey SL

Thank you to the many people who made the annual Teacher Immersion in April unforgettable!  First, to the Motherhouse community for a wonderfully warm welcome.

Thank you also to the presenters: Johanna Brian, Eleanor Craig, Eileen Custy, Trent Farmer, Will Myers, Brother Paul Quenon, Angela Rakes, Cody Rakes, Mary Swain, Maria Visse and Reba Weatherford. 

Thank you to Stacy Ballard and Broolynn Thompson for organizing a festive party and thank you to the Loretto Living Center residents for sharing your stories: Denise Ann Clifford, Mary Ann Cunningham, Concha De la Cruz, Marie Ego, Maureen Fiedler, Sylvia Sedillo, Nancy Wittwer, Mrs. Jean Peterson and Stella De Witt.   

Thank you to JoAnn Gates, Ceciliana Skees, Cathy Smith and the Dietary Department for your wonderful hospitality and tasty meals. 


Regina Drey SL

Regina is historian/director of Loretto projects at St. Mary’s Academy in Englewood, Colo.
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