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Celebrating Loretto’s newest Co-members!

Posted on May 28, 2024, by Loretto Community

Five people pose together for a photo outside.
Jean East CoL, Sue Kenney CoL, Regina Drey SL, Christina Garcia CoL and Marty Lally CoL take a moment for a photo at Christina Garcia’s co-membership celebration in 2023.

This week Loretto celebrates its newest Co-members!

Robin Marlow CoL was accepted this past April 8 into Loretto co-membership. She has been consistently involved with Loretto in Denver for the last three-plus years and participated via Zoom with the wider Community on many occasions. Being a retired paralegal and executive assistant, she has found time to be a part of many Loretto gatherings, prayer groups and study groups, including participating as an intern on the Emerging Forms Committee. Among those who know her well, she is considered a spiritual seeker and someone who is open to new ideas while hearing and respecting the views of others. 

Jen Staed CoL was accepted into co-membership Dec. 4, 2023. Jen is well known in Loretto, having been an English teacher at Nerinx High School since 1995, engaging with the St. Louis Loretto Community over the years and visiting the Motherhouse numerous times. Jen also has been in a Loretto Circle for the last five years and is an active and supportive member of Loretto Link through her work as a board member and communications specialist. She is well respected and well liked by all those who have worked with her. 

Theresa Miller CoL and Pam Morgan CoL were accepted into co-membership on June 5, 2023. The Community knows them well: Pam lives in Kentucky and works at the Motherhouse; Theresa lives in Colorado and has been involved with the Denver Loretto Community for many years. They are both known for their compassionate hearts and passion for service. 

Christina Garcia CoL was accepted as a co-member on March 21, 2023. She and her husband and two daughters live in Denver, where she is a teacher at St. Mary’s Academy. At SMA, she serves with Regina Drey as the Director of Loretto Projects. Christina brings gifts of a lifelong passion for social justice and a deep love for Loretto. 

Welcome Robin, Jen, Theresa, Pam and Christina to the Loretto Community! We are so glad U R Us!


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