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Meet Our Farmers

The day-to-day management of the farm is trusted to two full-time farmers, Cody Rakes and Trent Farmer. Cody and Trent both have a passion for the land and caring for Earth through responsible farming practices. They work closely with the Farm and Land Management Committee to guide the work of the farm. 

Cody Rakes was hired as the Director of Farm and Land Development, or Farm Director for short, in October of 2015. Cody has a degree in Agricultural Education and was hired at the Motherhouse shortly after his graduation from the University of Kentucky. Cody can be found managing the day-to-day operations of the farm, while also balancing budgets and staying engaged in numerous education programs. He serves on several local and state boards including the Marion County Water District and The Kentucky Forage and Grasslands Council. Cody is always learning and finding creative ways to move the farm forward. 

A man stands, with an arm out on a fence post, with a black and white working dog sitting in front of him.
Cody Rakes with the faithful farm dog, Rascal.
Photo by Angela Rakes

Trent Farmer was hired part-time in 2017, while a local high school student. After completing an Associate’s Degree in Sustainable Agriculture in December of 2020, Trent joined the farm full-time. His calm demeanor makes him excellent at cattle handling, and he has a gift for operating equipment. Trent also has a broad knowledge of agriculture and is great for bouncing ideas off of. He is truly Cody’s right-hand man and is always there when the farm calls.

A smiling man holds the head of a black and white calf.
Trent Farmer with Sister “Sissy” Loretta, an orphaned heifer and the only cow on the farm with a name.
Photo by Angela Rakes