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Our move to a new house: A journey of hope and joy

Posted on February 1, 2024, by Loretto Community

By Maribah

Moving to a new house, even when it is just a rental house, is more than just a change of physical location — it is a transformation of self and a journey filled with the hope of new beginnings. For me it is also an opportunity to reflect on the past, let go of unnecessary baggage and make deliberate choices about the future. Packing and unpacking helped me realize so many truths. I am grateful for both of these experiences.

I am reminded of what I learned in the InterCongregational Collaborative Novitiate, that change is the only constant in life. I believe that this process of moving to a new house is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of our entire Community.

Living in such a supportive Community, I found that this big move was a wonderful experience for me to grow in my understanding of what change means. My prayer for this new home is that it will have a blessed future — even if this is only a temporary home — and it becomes a home filled with joy and peace.

The move was wrapped in the bittersweet process of packing and unpacking one’s life. It was a momentous occasion that symbolized a fresh start, a new chapter in life. For me, this move was like a blank canvas upon which we can paint the future we see for Loretto in Pakistan. The anticipation of what is to come, coupled with the sentimental attachment to the old, created a unique blend of emotions — excitement, sadness, joy and optimism for a new future.

The prospect of exploring a new neighborhood, discovering local shops and parks and meeting new neighbors is exciting. It fills me, and all of us, with a sense of adventure, curiosity and hope for new friendships. This excitement is the driving force that propels us forward as we continue this moving process.

Packing. The thought of creating my sanctuary, a place that reflects my personality and aspirations, was invigorating. With every box we packed, I could envision the transformation taking place. The mere thought of designing and decorating a new space to make it our own brought, and still brings, joy and satisfaction.

However, as I packed my belongings, I was struck by the sheer volume of items I had acquired over the years. Clothes, books, furniture and knick-knacks told the story of my life up to that point. Some objects had and still have sentimental value, while others had long lost their significance. The act of deciding what to keep and what to release was a journey in itself, a reckoning with the past and a deliberate step into the future.

Unpacking. The joy that comes with unpacking is akin to unwrapping presents on a special occasion. As the boxes were opened one by one, there was a sense of rediscovery. It was as if I was reacquainting myself with our Pakistan history. Familiar possessions that were packed away suddenly become tangible and relevant again. It was like reuniting with old friends.

The temporary home of the Loretto Community in Lahore, Pakistan.
Photo by Maribah

Unpacking allowed me to imagine how to personalize our new space. It was a process where we all had the opportunity to arrange our furniture, decorate the rooms, express our tastes and preferences and infuse the house with our personalities. The act of setting up our belongings in a new environment was not just about aesthetics. It was about creating a sense of belonging and a tangible feeling of being at home in this new space.

Truly this is a new beginning, a new chapter in our Pakistan mission. I am so grateful for the experience of moving and I continue to pray with Loretto, “We give you glory, thanks and praise, oh bless our works and guide our ways.”


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