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Social Justice While Social Distancing

By Loretto Community / April 20, 2020 /

Published on the Catholic Volunteer Network website – April 20, 2020. Written by Gabriele Eissner, a current Loretto Volunteer. We are living in an unprecedented time. This moment implores us to recognize our common humanity. Now more than ever, we are able to see that the health of the most vulnerable among us determines the…

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Loretto’s Legacy Resounds as a Grace and Challenge

By Loretto Community / April 19, 2020 /

Loretto’s first members, Mary Rhodes, Christina Stuart and Ann Havern, began their religious life together on April 25, 1812, a day celebrated as Loretto Foundation Day each year. From the very start in what is now the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the three women recognized the need of children in the area for education and religious…

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Unchanging community resistance amid the COVID-19 crisis

By Loretto Community / April 15, 2020 /

Published in the Global Sisters Report – April 15, 2020. Written by current Loretto Volunteer Celine Reinoso about her and her housemates’ experience volunteering in El Paso during the coronavirus outbreak. El Paso, Texas — As El Paso goes into week four of self-isolation and community quarantine, it’s hard not to notice the mood change…

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Loretto Values an Attentive Relationship with Earth

By Loretto Community / April 13, 2020 /

Standing in solidarity with Earth is more than a ministry or special project. It is a way of being, a mindset that recognizes our human dependence on the larger whole.  Plants, animals, air, water, humans, soil – we are all part of the same biosphere. John Muir said it well: “When we try to pick…

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The group of women religious proving that the church has no borders

By Loretto Community / April 7, 2020 /

Published by US Catholic – Monday, April 6, 2020 “’We have always said from the beginning that the church has no borders,’ says Sister of Loretto Helen Santamaria, a native El Pasoan who, with Sister of Loretto Mary Margaret Murphy, established Villa Maria in 2007. Located about a block from Juárez, the nonprofit provides safe,…

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This Is Holy Ground: Loretto Comes To Be Through the Creative Spirit of God

By Loretto Community / April 5, 2020 /

From the Kentucky frontier in 1812 to the present, Loretto shares in that mysterious gift of the Holy Spirit, which brought Loretto into being and keeps it alive today. The Holy Ground of Loretto is a place of life-giving rootedness in something larger than ourselves. It is something deep enough to keep us anchored. It…

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Reflection on Palm Sunday

By Eileen Custy SL / April 5, 2020 /

When we awoke on Jan. 2 with the start of a new year, little did we realize what we would be facing now. We were immersed in politics with all those people running for the office of president. We were busy making our new resolutions. We were celebrating the start of a new decade. We…

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‘Give Comfort to My People, Says Your God’

By Loretto Community / March 29, 2020 /

Health care is sacred because people care for one another, pray with one another, rejoice and suffer with one another. We try to promote a life-giving environment wherever we serve so that we can bring God’s healing presence to others. People turn to God’s presence in times of need. In our ministries, participation and partnership…

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Earth Day 2020: Reflections from the Farm

By Bob Ernst CoL / March 27, 2020 /

Earth Day is approaching. And it’s a big one. It’s the fiftieth time we’ve set aside this day to celebrate Earth, to mark the debt we owe the planet and to atone for our sins against her, to rally to her aid. So I’ve been wondering, what should I do to celebrate this momentous occasion?…

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Loretto Emphasizes the ‘Passion’ in Compassion

By Loretto Community / March 22, 2020 /

In the word “compassion,” Loretto places the core emphasis on “passion,” where we center our lives and work. We all ask where is God when suffering happens.  No answer comes readily. But we know that the deeper answer involves showing mercy and offering reconciliation, both of which direct our hearts to God. As Loretto, we…

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Reflections from the House of Loretto – March 19, 2020

By Maureen McCormack SL / March 19, 2020 /

Spring brings hope. Hope based in reality can fertilize the barren tree. Then perhaps it will bear fruit. I am unfolding toward my destiny even when I am not aware of it. That thought gives me hope. You have reason to expect much from your creation. The creative energies you have made available to us…

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Finding Sister Ann Elizabeth

By Loretto Heritage Center / March 19, 2020 /

By Roger Goose, Guest Contributor to the LOREtto Blog It’s a bright sunny day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s June 2018, the 21st as I remember, and I am with my wife and two friends, Don and June, having a week’s vacation away from work. Today I am at a loose end—Don has a…

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