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Loretto celebrates ‘12 Days of Christmas” a little early this year! Enjoy!

By Loretto Community / December 18, 2023 /
Puzzle made from a photo looking up at children leaping. A circular logo of a tree with "Loretto" underneath is visible in the upper right corner.

Loretto is celebrating the “12 Days of Christmas” a little early this year! Join us this week on our Facebook page as we share the Loretto Heritage Center’s delightful take…

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Carlita Vasser presented the 2023 Loretto Award from Webster University

By Loretto Community / December 18, 2023 /

Posted by The Argus Every year, a Webster University alumna or alumni who has dedicated a considerable portion of their life to the advancement of social justice and humanity is…

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NCR’s Newsmaker of 2023: Jeannine Gramick, tireless advocate for LGBTQ Catholics

By Loretto Community / December 15, 2023 /

Originally published by National Catholic Reporter on December 14, 2023 [O]ver the past five decades of American Catholic experience, perhaps no single person has had the kind of impact for…

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Loretto Carbon Reduction Fund Recipients

By Loretto Community / December 13, 2023 /
One woman in a pink shirt stands with four young people holding garden equipment standing next to a tree they planted in their garden.

The Loretto Carbon Reduction Fund was established in honor of Loretto Sister Anthony Mary Sartorius, who throughout her years as Motherhouse service coordinator planted countless trees, bushes and flowers at Loretto Motherhouse.…

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Loretto welcomes new co-member, Jen Staed

By Loretto Community / December 12, 2023 /
Jennifer Staed, head shot

The Loretto Community welcomes its newest co-member, Jen Staed! While Jen has been active in Loretto and Loretto Link for several years, she formally became a co-member on December 4th.…

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Marveling at the courage of LGBTQ advocates

By Loretto Community / December 12, 2023 /

Originally posted by the Global Sisters Report on December 11, 2023. Some of the nicest surprises of my “life in retirement” are chance encounters with sisters I met through Global…

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Loretto Honors Women of Spirit, Courage and Action

By Loretto Community / December 11, 2023 /
Section of Book Cover reads the title in red "Women of Spirit, Courage and Action"

The Loretto Feminist Network is a voluntary association of feminists in the larger Loretto Community. LFN is committed to act for the empowerment of women and all people. Network members…

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Loretto at the UN represents at the United Nations Climate Talks

By Loretto Community / December 8, 2023 /

The United Nations Climate Talks (COP28) are taking place Nov. 30 – Dec. 12 in Dubai City, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Loretto at the UN has coordinated a virtual…

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Advent at Loretto: Sacred words surround us — be ready, listen, pray

By Loretto Community / December 4, 2023 /
Hand lighting an Advent wreath

Remember those little calendars every Advent that when you opened the doors for each day of December a short message would appear? Those calendars may have helped some little ones…

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Meeting a pen pal: Pope Francis

By Jeannine Gramick SL / December 1, 2023 /
Three men wearing suits and ties, one nun, Jeannine Gramick, wearing a black and white plaid blazer, and a Pope, Pope Francis, in the center all smiling together for a group picture inside a church in front of a large detailed painting in a gold frame and large windows with white curtains on either side.

This story began in early 2021, when Frank DeBernardo, the executive director of New Ways Ministry, wrote to Pope Francis, describing the ministry Fr. Robert Nugent and I began in…

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St. Mary’s Academy welcomes new president

By Loretto Community / December 1, 2023 /
A woman, Iswari Nararajan, with straight brown hair, wearing a ceremonial black robe and yellow stole speaking passionately at a microphone on a wooden lectern with a dark blue banner with white text that says: St. Mary's Academy in front of large dark blue curtains.
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What is Emerging?

By Mary Ellen McElroy SL / December 1, 2023 /
Pink and purple butterfly graphic for Interchange What is Emerging?

What seems to be emerging in our broken world today is an increase of online organizations who do not adhere to any one religion yet produce a variety of programs…

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