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Mary Ann McGivern SL

Mary Ann recently moved from St. Louis to the Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky. She is searching for entry points into Marian County, Ky., civic life — funding the day care center, improving jail services, helping stop a pipeline through Bernheim Forest. She is on the roster of homilists at Loretto Chapel’s Sunday Communion service. Mary Ann has been a Sister of Loretto since 1960.
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U.S. Income, Expenditures and The Debt Ceiling

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / May 10, 2023 /

U.S. Income 2022: The income of the United States is basically what is brought in through taxes and fees on individuals and corporations plus FICA (Federal Income Contributions Act). We…

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Reflection on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / January 22, 2023 /

Many of our own accounts of joining Loretto begin with an attraction to the sisters. How much fun they had. They were happy. They had endless patience with us. They…

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Reflection on the Third Sunday of Advent

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / December 11, 2022 /
brown sand under white clouds

Rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say rejoice! Every word of today’s readings tells us to rejoice because our feet are firmly planted in the goodness of God’s…

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Honoring Veterans

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / November 10, 2022 /

About 10 years ago Paulette Peterson, who directed the Queens Vet Center for combat veterans, asked me if I said anything to my two veteran brothers on Veterans Day. It was a…

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Reflection on the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / November 6, 2022 /
An angel and a cross are profiled in front of the setting sun.

That first reading needs to be finished. The fifth and sixth sons refuse to eat pork and are tortured and killed. Then the mother is threatened with torture if she…

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Reflection on the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / October 2, 2022 /

In 1984, when my brother Joe was diagnosed with Gay Men’s Virus, before it was named AIDS and then identified as HIV, before there was any treatment, I prayed. I…

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Reflection on the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / September 4, 2022 /

“Who can know God’s counsel?” asks the book of Wisdom. We are timid and find it very hard to grasp the world around us – except that sometimes, says Wisdom,…

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Hiroshima: A Peace Committee Call for a Community Read

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / August 10, 2022 /

In 1946 The New Yorker devoted an entire edition to publishing John Hersey’s “Hiroshima.” Hersey reported on six residents. They were there in the city and, by turns of fate,…

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Use Your Voice! Call Your Senators!

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / July 20, 2022 /

The easy way to reach your senator or congressional representative is to call the congressional switchboard (202-224-3121). Call to say you are dismayed at the Supreme Court action on — just about…

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Nuclear Ban Week in Vienna

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / June 15, 2022 /
A pink banner with a white dove in the middle has blue lettering around it saying "Lorettos for Disarmament"

It’s finally happening, the first Meeting of States Parties to the U.N. Ban Treaty! Eighty-six countries have signed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and 61 states have ratified it!…

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César Chávez and Loretto: Seeing the movie

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / October 29, 2020 /

Mary Jean Friel CoL and her three grown children, Nathan, Michael and Carolyn, attended the San Diego premier of the 2014 movie “Cesar Chavez.” During the years the movie covers,…

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Mary Swain’s Letter Writing Campaign To Block LG&E’s Natural Gas Pipeline

By Mary Ann McGivern SL / November 1, 2019 /

Last spring Mary Swain received a call for help from an organizer from Cedar Grove in Bullitt County, Ky., north of Nelson and adjoining Jefferson County. The utility company LG&E…

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