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Boycotts – Shopping for Justice

Posted on February 14, 2024, by Mary Ann McGivern SL

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In the same way that boycotting grapes and lettuce in the 1970s was part of a larger campaign to support unionizing farmworkers, here are some boycotts today that have big goals.


The Coalition of Immokalee Workers in Florida continues to call for a boycott of Wendy’s, Kroger and Publix because these companies won’t increase tomato pickers’ pay and won’t join the Fair Food Program. Fair Food is a partnership among farmers, farmworkers and retail food companies that ensures humane wages and working conditions for the people who feed our families. Fair Food maintains a hotline for fresh food retail and consumer complaints. It educates workers. It is a game-changer for farmworkers but Wendy’s and Kroger and Publix won’t buy in.

Sabra/Hewlett Packard

Sabra hummus is a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Strauss Group, an Israeli food company that provides financial support to the Israeli army. Hewlett Packard helps run the biometric ID system that Israel uses to restrict Palestinian movement. These are products identified by the BDS campaign, a call for boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions of Israel.


The Nestlé boycott began in 1977 because Nestlé marketed infant formula in poor nations in unethical ways — dressing salespersons in white, marketing formula with directions in English and French but not local languages, giving formula away to new mothers, advertising on billboards and radio that formula is best for babies. Nestlé continues these practices to this day, and so the boycott continues. 

Consider joining the boycott today!


Mary Ann McGivern SL

Mary Ann recently moved from St. Louis to the Loretto Motherhouse in Kentucky. She is searching for entry points into Marian County, Ky., civic life — funding the day care center, improving jail services, helping stop a pipeline through Bernheim Forest. She is on the roster of homilists at Loretto Chapel’s Sunday Communion service. Mary Ann has been a Sister of Loretto since 1960.
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