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Eleanor Craig SL

Eleanor has been a Sister of Loretto since 1963 and an educator since birth. She graduated from two of Loretto's best known St. Louis institutions, Nerinx Hall High School in 1960, and Webster University in 1967. She taught mathematics at Loretto in Kansas City, where her personal passion for adventure history inspired her to develop and lead treks along the historic Oregon Trail. From 1998 to 2010 she created an award-winning program of outdoor adventure along the Western trails for teens who are visually impaired. Eleanor claims to have conducted more wagon trains to the West than the Mountain Men! From 2012 to 2021, Eleanor led a talented staff of archivists and preservationists at the Loretto Heritage Center on the grounds of the Motherhouse. Now retired, she still serves in the Heritage Center as Loretto Community Historian.

Reflection on the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Eleanor Craig SL / July 2, 2023 /
Colorful Loretto Community banner shows a silhouetted family holding hands with the words "Danger?" above. A Gospel quote follows: "I was a stranger and you took me in," Matthew 25:35.

2 Kings 4:8-16         Romans 6:3-11         Matthew 10:37-42                   Good morning.  I want first to thank you all for your encouragement and prayers while…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Kay (formerly Sister Josita) DeMarea SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / June 8, 2023 /
A woman with short white hair and round wire-framed glasses wearing a navy blue collared shirt and a navy blue jacket with a white collar trim smiling brightly for a headshot picture outdoors in front of a large treetrunk.

Loretto Sister Kay (formerly Sister Josita) DeMarea died June 8 in the Loretto Living Center at Loretto Motherhouse, in the 75th year of her Loretto commitment.  Kay DeMarea was born in…

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Remembrance of the Life of Sister Mary Kenneth Lewis SL

By Eleanor Craig SL / May 20, 2023 /
A woman with short white hair and round glasses wearing a light-colored plaid collared button-up shirt smiling for a headshot picture outdoors in front of pine tree greenery.

Loretto Sister Mary Kenneth Lewis died May 20, 2023, surrounded by the Loretto Living Center staff who had cared for her for many years. Mary Ken celebrated her 80th year…

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Reflection on the Easter Vigil in the Holy Night

By Eleanor Craig SL / April 8, 2023 /
Study for 'Christ', Kenyon Cox

Our Jewish kin celebrate Passover this week. Around family tables they are passing on the stories of their ancestors, the story of themselves as a people. We have just read…

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Cherished Loretto tails

By Eleanor Craig SL / April 1, 2023 /
A woman wearing sunglasses with a floral umbrella on a sunny day with her cat outside.

Every once in a while, some Loretto person suggests that we write a book titled “Only One Tail” about pets dear to Loretto households in our 210-year history. As one…

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A rewarding visit to Shaker Village

By Eleanor Craig SL / March 1, 2023 /
Visitors enjoy a carriage ride through historic Shaker Village with a white horse.

Recently a small group from Loretto Motherhouse paid a neighborly visit to the site of one of Kentucky’s oldest religious communities. We sought wisdom from their experience, so like Loretto’s.…

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Reflection on the First Sunday of Lent

By Eleanor Craig SL / February 26, 2023 /
Heart, love symbol on beach

Genesis 2:7… 3:7                 Romans 5:12, 17-19            Matthew 3:13, 16-17; 4:1-11 This morning we have in the Genesis…

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Intrepid sisters travel to Santa Fe in 1852

By Eleanor Craig SL / February 17, 2023 /
Ink drawing of a horse-drawn buggy bearing three bonnetted women.

Adapted by Eleanor Craig SL from PJ Manion SL’s “Beyond the Adobe Wall” Santa Fe, historic capital of New Mexico, has long been known for its jewel-like setting at the…

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Reflection on the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

By Eleanor Craig SL / January 1, 2023 /

Numbers 6:22-27 Galatians 4:4-7 Luke 2:16-21 It is an article of our faith that Mary brought Jesus to life in a relationship entirely and exclusively with God.  We take for…

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Artist Residencies at the Motherhouse

By Eleanor Craig SL / December 1, 2022 /

The Loretto Community at the Motherhouse is partnering with the Kentucky Foundation for Women (KFW) to offer artist residencies of one to three weeks. The residencies are open to feminist…

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Reflection on the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

By Eleanor Craig SL / November 20, 2022 /
statue of christ the king under blue sky

2 Samuel 5:1-3.         Colossians 1:12-20.         Luke 23:35-43 There are many passages in both the Hebrew and the Christian scriptures similar to those…

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Remembrance of the Life of Evelyn Donohoo CoL

By Eleanor Craig SL / November 6, 2022 /
A woman with short white hair and oval-shaped glasses wearing a burnt orange shirt and white dangly earrings smiling brightly for a headshot picture indoors.

Loretto Co-member Evelyn Donohoo died Nov. 6 in St. Louis, just three months short of her 100th birthday and in the 29th year of her Loretto life. She made every…

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