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Johanna Brian SL

Johanna came to Loretto from Colesburg, Ky., which is just over the hill from Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky. She attended Bethlehem Academy and Loretto Academy in Kansas City, Mo. She also attended Webster University and St. Louis University. Twenty-six of her 38 years of teaching were spent in El Paso, Texas, where she taught English and religion. For the past 25 years, Johanna has been on the staff at The Healing Place in Louisville, Ky., helping women to recover from alcoholism and drug addictions. Since moving to Loretto Motherhouse a few years ago, she has been having a great time participating in all that is going on there.

Reflection on the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Johanna Brian SL / August 30, 2020 /

In her book “So Far From Home” published in 2012, Margaret Wheatley said that the human race was on a roller coaster traveling at full speedwithout anyone knowing how to…

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Reflection on the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Johanna Brian SL / July 12, 2020 /

As I began to prepare this homily, I thought about the fact that this is the last day of the Assembly and you’re probably mentally and emotionally worn out.  Right? …

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Reflection on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

By Johanna Brian SL / June 7, 2020 /

One of my favorite Peanuts comics shows Linus, Lucy and Charlie Brown looking at the clouds and reporting what they see.  Linus sees Beethoven, Lucy sees the Statue of Liberty…

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