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From Loretto at the UN: Resources for information and reflection regarding the violence in Israel and Palestine

Posted on November 1, 2023, by Beth Blissman CoL

General Situational Update

Statement from the Bureau of the Committee of Religious NGOs (CRNGO)

We remind our members, partners, and supporters worldwide that violence is not inevitable. It is a choice. It can be prevented. It can be stopped. Each of us has a role to speak up and interrupt its spread. We also need to work on increasing peace in our own lives and daily practices.

Excerpt from CRNGO public statement
  • After much discussion, thought, prayer and heartfelt deliberation, realizing the complex and critical situation at hand, CRNGO issued this public statement regarding escalating violence in Israel and Palestine. Thank you for reading it prayerfully and considering appropriate personal and communal responses.

Some news from the U.N. about the situation in Gaza 

  • The crisis sparked by the Hamas terrorist attack and ongoing Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip is a “political and humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions,” said the U.N.’s independent human rights expert for the Occupied Palestinian Territory this week. You can read more in this article.

From Mary T. Yelenick, main representative for Pax Christi International / U.N.-NGO Delegation and St. Mary’s Academy alum

From Sandra Hareld CoL

  • A link to a statement from the Rabbinical Council for Jewish Voice for Peace. Following the statement is a beautiful prayer by Rabbi Alyssa Wise.

So what can I do?

From Amy Maltz (former 2019-20 Loretto Volunteer) now at Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP)

  • Overall resource with action items here. (Note that much of this material is created by Jews for Jews but just to emphasize that ALL are welcome and encouraged to take part!)
  • Link to email Congressional representatives to demand a ceasefire here (Fill out your address and the system will provide an email script and send to the correct elected officials on your behalf.) 
  • Link to call Congressional representatives to demand a ceasefire here (Fill out your address and phone number and the system will provide a call script and will call you to automatically patch you through to the right offices.)
  • Link to sign up for daily power half hours here (A collective virtual advocacy opportunity on Zoom where a facilitator gives a brief update of what’s happening on the ground, gives folks messaging resources for having hard conversations and walks attendees through how to contact their reps on the call.) 

Beth Blissman CoL

Beth, a Loretto Co-member, is the Community’s UN NGO representative.