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Infirmary Community Re-Elects Members of Resident Council

Posted on April 1, 2019, by Loretto Community

Re-elected Infirmary Resident Council members are, seated from left, President Elizabeth McWilliams and Secretary Carol Ann Ptacek; and standing, Liaison to Council Janet Osborne, Vice President Mary Peter Bruce and Activity Director Amanda Garret.
(Photo courtesy of Mary Peter Bruce)

By Betty McWilliams and Mary Peter Bruce

January 2018 the Commonwealth of Kentucky added two new regulations affirming the Infirmary Resident Council. One was that the council should elect a president, vice president and secretary. The other was that the Infirmary should provide not only physical care but holistic care.

In the spring of 2018 the members of the Infirmary decided to reorganize the Council to comply with the new regulations. The first step was to suggest and vote for three officers. Those elected were Betty McWilliams, president; Mary Peter Bruce, vice president; and Carol Ann Ptacek, secretary of the council.

This small group has worked together very well. It has been beneficial to have a group that can organize and put plans into action.

Not long after the organization of the council, state inspectors visited the Infirmary. Janet Osborne, social services director, was appointed a liaison to administration, and Amanda Garret, activity director, was invited to join the planning group for the monthly meetings.

The council members offered a survey to the residents to find out what kinds of activities to help nourish their spirits could be organized.

Recommendations were abundant. Some that were added were Tai-chi, happy hours, current events, rosary group, Bingo, games and card games, mindfulness, health topics, movies on Saturdays and Sundays, monthly restaurant meals, outings and other events. So far we have been on frequent trips to see plays and concerts. Several residents of the Infirmary enjoyed the musical “Sister Act,” and other stage plays and musical events.

One outing that was much appreciated was a trip this past Oct. 11 on the Dixie Belle, a boat at Shaker Landing on the Kentucky River. We took our lunch and enjoyed eating while we waited for the journey to begin. About 10 of us rode on the ferry that had made many trips to the Mississippi River and down to New Orleans. We learned that Shaker Landing had been purchased in 1830 by the Quakers to ferry their fine products to market.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of Michelle Essex, the Infirmary director, all three council members received a small Christmas gift.

Two of the officers along with Osborne and Garret, enjoyed a celebration meal at Olive Garden in E-town, Ky., as the closing event of 2018.

To our delighted surprise, the Infirmary Community elected the same officers to continue serving for another year, and we already have had outings or social gatherings in the Infirmary and added new choices as a result of this year’s survey.


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