“Our Old Kentucky Home” – The Loretto Motherhouse is the heart of the Loretto Community. Located in Marion County, Ky., the site and the nearby town are named after our priest-founder Charles Nerinckx. Thousands of women entered the Community through its doors to follow God’s call of service. Today, it remains a home to our members, who gladly welcome visitors. Learn more about our Motherhouse.

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The Gift of Trees at the Motherhouse

By Martha Alderson CoL / May 13, 2021 /
Dawn redwood tree leafing out

By Martha Alderson (for the Farm and Land Committee of the Motherhouse Coordinating Board with information from Susan Classen) ‘So much is unfolding that must complete its gesture.‘So much is in bud.’ Denise Levertov The last lines from this poem, “Beginners” by Denise Levertov, tell of possibility and promise. So much is in bud! The…

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Regenerative Farming at the Loretto Motherhouse Farm

By Loretto Community / May 7, 2021 /

Loretto Motherhouse Farm’s Farm Director, Cody Rakes, and his wife, Angela Rakes, the Motherhouse Education and Outreach Coordinator, gave a Zoom presentation on regenerative farming to Louisville’s First Unitarian Church for a special Earth Day service on April 25. In the video below, Cody introduces everyone to the farm while discussing caring for Earth through regenerative agriculture.

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Anchoresses in the Infirmary: Life During the Pandemic

By Joy Jensen SL / May 5, 2021 /
Long, four story brick building with a cross above the entrance.

In March 2020, life changed for us residents of the infirmary. In medieval England anchorites and anchoresses lived alone in stone cells attached to a church and had the mission to pray for all people. The famous anchoress Julian of Norwich lived during the ravages of the Black Death pandemic, and she wrote down visions…

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The Mission Bell Repair

By Sister Anndavid Naeger SL / March 9, 2021 /
A large bell hangs outside on a wooden beam held up by two wooden posts. A cross sits atop the beam.

“We found the large cedar tree in the holler near the Valley House,” said Robbie Lyvers. It had been felled during what then Gov. Steve Beshear had called “the biggest natural disaster in modern Kentucky history — the ice storm of January 2009.” Robbie, along with Joe Graves, worked for days to get the tree…

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Notes & News – Spring/Summer 2020

By Loretto Community / June 12, 2020 /

Smithsonian exhibit group meets at Motherhouse  By Susanna Pyatt, Loretto Heritage Center Curator  The Loretto Heritage Center will host the Smithsonian traveling exhibit “Crossroads: Change in Rural America” at Loretto City Hall in fall 2020 in partnership with the Beautify Loretto Committee and other local partners. We are planning and organizing programs and content specific…

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Running a farm, Caring for Earth

By Christina Manweller / June 12, 2020 /
Man on farm tractor

The studies that have been done about regenerative agriculture, that’s really what Cody is already doing in many aspects. Susan Classen CoL, Eco-Systems Manager Photo by Christina Manweller Farmers, working hard to produce crops and put food on our tables, bear much of the burden of a changing climate.  “I’m checking the weather multiple times…

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Loretto’s promise to the land

By Christina Manweller / June 12, 2020 /

‘The bees are swarming!’ One of the hives tended by Susan Classen released a black humming cloud that was moving up and onward with definite purpose.  Swarming bees can mean the loss of 10,000-plus bees in a matter of minutes. After a rush of excitement, Susan was fortunate; the bees settled in a nearby tree. She…

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This Is Holy Ground: Loretto Comes To Be Through the Creative Spirit of God

By Loretto Community / April 5, 2020 /

From the Kentucky frontier in 1812 to the present, Loretto shares in that mysterious gift of the Holy Spirit, which brought Loretto into being and keeps it alive today. The Holy Ground of Loretto is a place of life-giving rootedness in something larger than ourselves. It is something deep enough to keep us anchored. It…

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Motherhouse Farm guided by Loretto’s desire to live in responsible relationship with the land and with all life

By Loretto Community / March 16, 2020 /

We seek to live humbly on land made good by its Creator.  We accept the privilege to live in responsible relationship with the land and with all of life.  We commit ourselves to being shaped by the beauty and harmony of God’s Universe. Three goals guide the work of the Motherhouse through its Farm and…

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Award-winning Infirmary puts needs of residents first

By Loretto Community / February 28, 2020 /

The Resident Council at the Loretto Motherhouse Infirmary seeks to understand better the needs of residents and improve quality of life. The Council, made up of Loretto Community members and lay residents, holds elections annually, with officers beginning their terms on January 1 each year. Since instituting the Council, we have seen a doubling in…

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Notes & News – Winter 2020

By Loretto Community / February 28, 2020 /

Sisters of Loretto honored in El Paso The Option for the Poor Award was given in recognition of the sisters’ many years of service “Working for Justice and acting for Peace in the El Paso Diocese.” At the ceremony in El Paso, Texas, in November, Helen Santamaria SL gave the keynote, a reflection on the…

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Loretto Welcomes Amanda Mattingly

By Amanda Mattingly / February 1, 2020 /

My name is Amanda Mattingly, and I am the new Volunteer Director for the Loretto Motherhouse and Infirmary. I am a local, having grown up in Springfield, Ky., and now residing in Bardstown, Ky. All of my family call the tri-county area (Marion, Washington and Nelson counties) home. My family is blessed to own a…

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