“Our Old Kentucky Home” – The Loretto Motherhouse is the heart of the Loretto Community. Located in Marion County, Ky., the site and the nearby town are named after our priest-founder Charles Nerinckx. Thousands of women entered the Community through its doors to follow God’s call of service. Today, it remains a home to our members, who gladly welcome visitors. Learn more about our Motherhouse.

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Loretto Motherhouse Farm accepted to the 2023 Kentucky Farm Bureau Certified Farm Market Program

By Loretto Community / June 28, 2024 /

Posted by the Lebanon Enterprise on Aug 3, 2023 LOUISVILLE — Kentucky Farm Bureau is proud to announce the acceptance of Loretto Motherhouse Farm, located in Marion County, into the…

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Sisters of Loretto to recreate the Motherhouse’s founding journey to celebrate campus’ 200th year

By Loretto Community / June 24, 2024 /

Posted by the Lebanon Enterprise on June 19, 2024 In 1824 the sisters of Loretto made the 8.5-mile journey to found what is now the Loretto Motherhouse. On June 27,…

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In celebration of new life for Loretto & newly professed Sister Maribah Ishaq SL!

By Loretto Community / June 24, 2024 /
An older woman in white looks on as a younger woman with dark hair and traditional Pakistani clothing signs a document on an altar.

New life. This phrase evokes so many wonderful images of emerging life  — butterflies unfolding from cocoons, seeds sprouting new green life, tulips awakening after a long winter’s sleep. But…

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Plantings in honor of loved ones bring new life to the Loretto Motherhouse

By Loretto Community / June 24, 2024 /
Two women are shown planting redbud trees in a garden.

How might we honor those we love and also bring healing to Earth? A living tribute is a wonderful way to let our love for friends and family members shine.…

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Seeking Home—Corpus Christi—Mystical Body

By Loretto Community / May 29, 2024 /
Pencil sketch of Little Loretto in Harding Creek, KY

The Kentucky settlers and the Indigenous Peoples they displaced have a common story—they were almost all refugees, which means for one reason or another they needed to leave where they…

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Piano Concert – Loretto Motherhouse Church Concert Series

By Loretto Community / May 17, 2024 /

Please join us for the next concert in the Loretto Motherhouse Church Concert series. Dr. Kevin Priebe will give a piano concert at Loretto on Sunday afternoon, May 26, 3:00…

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Seeking Home: Commemorating 200 years of the Sisters of Loretto at Loretto Motherhouse

By Loretto Community / May 7, 2024 /

What: Commemoration of the 200th anniversary of Loretto’s journey from Little Loretto (near St. Charles Church in Marion County, Ky.) to the current site of the Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx,…

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Interactive Accessibility Training

By Loretto Community / April 16, 2024 /

Loretto is happy to offer an accessibility training to members of the greater community.  The training will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to create programming and…

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Ross among residency program recipients

By Loretto Community / April 2, 2024 /

Originally published by The Oldham Era on March 21, 2024 Crestwood’s Marcia Holloway Ross is among those who the Kentucky Foundation for Women have selected as recipients of the winter…

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Spring has sprung at Loretto Motherhouse Farm!

By Loretto Community / April 2, 2024 /
A black cow with yellow tags in her ears stands guard over her young calf resting in the grass.

This Easter Week Loretto celebrates spring at the Loretto Motherhouse Farm. Spring is always a time of new life and growth. Spring babies at the Loretto Motherhouse Farm bring joy…

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Loretto Motherhouse Church Concert Series – Ryan Schuering piano recital

By Loretto Community / March 27, 2024 /

Please join us for another concert in the Loretto Motherhouse concert series on May 11, 2024. Ryan Schuering, a student of Vernon Cherrix, will give a piano class recital at…

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Loretto Motherhouse Church Concert Series – Les Six

By Loretto Community / March 26, 2024 /

Les Six, the woodwind and piano sextet from Louisville, will play at Loretto Motherhouse Sunday, April 28, 7:00 p.m. Les Six is a sextet of friends who play piano, flute,…

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