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New Loretto books of interest

Posted on September 22, 2023, by Loretto Community

Women of Spirit, Courage and Action

This booklet is a collection of profiles and stories of members of the Loretto Community, along with stories of women across the world who have made a difference by promoting change, working for justice and acting for peace. We hope that those of you reading these stories and responding to the questions and activities presented will be inspired to continue this work in the spirit of Loretto and in the context of the 21st century and all its challenges.

From the introduction, “Women of Spirit, Courage and Action”
Image of book cover entitled "Women of Spirit, Courage and Action: A collection of stories that celebrate women across generations who have worked for justice and acted for peace" "Written and collected by the Loretto Feminist Networ"

The Loretto Feminist Network is pleased to offer “Women of Spirit, Courage and Action,” a collection of stories about the lives of those who embody the Loretto mission to work for justice and act for peace. Each section includes the story of a Loretto member who is matched with a young activist outside of the Community. For instance a section on living nonviolence includes the stories of Pat McCormick SL and X González of Parkland, Fla.

The booklet will be especially valuable for teens, who will find encouragement to pursue their own callings and find their unique voices. These inspiring stories are excellent teaching tools of Loretto values. The book would make an absorbing, thought-provoking gift for a teenager.

You’ll find the book, available as a downloadable PDF (donations appreciated), on the Loretto website here.

A hard copy may be ordered for $5.

Ann Manganaro SL’s poetry receives rave reviews

I came here gasping for God as if for air.
And came to the right place it seems, for God
Hangs in the very air like incense here

Excerpt, “La Palma, 14 September 1992”
Purple book cover with the title: "Give Me a Living Love: The Poems of Ann Manganaro SL

Ann Manganaro SL’s poetry book, “Give Me a Living Love,” has been released to rave reviews.

In a long, detailed piece in Today’s American Catholic, Michael Centore writes, “It makes sense, with a life so other-centered as Manganaro’s: In all of her works of mercy, as in all of her poetic lives, she kept herself completely open to the movement of the Spirit.”

In the Catholic Worker Newsletter guest writer Anne Marie Kaune ends her review with, “The Sisters of Loretto, Kathleen DeSutter Jordan and Lee Miller have given us a gift in this beautiful book. These poems show us that God gave Ann the grace she prayed for. She became a living love.”

If you missed the spring/summer 2023 issue of Loretto Magazine, which included a profile of Ann and sample poems, you will find it on the Loretto website here.

The book makes a wonderful gift for family and friends. It may be purchased on the website here. Instructions for ordering a copy through the mail are available on the same page.

To read all the articles in the Fall 2023 issue of Loretto Magazine, click here.


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