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Remembrance of the life of Patricia Ann Winterer Dressler CoL

Posted on February 23, 2013, by Loretto Community

Pat Dressler 1992
Patricia Ann Winterer Dressler CoL
Sept. 28, 1936—Feb. 23, 2013

Pat Dressler was baptized Patricia Ann Winterer in Seven Holy Founders Parish, St. Louis, Missouri, the second of a large family of brothers and sisters. Her father, Doctor Roland Winterer, was a generous caregiver and benefactor to the Loretto Sisters in St. Louis. She went to school with Loretto teachers at Seven Holy Founders and then Nerinx Hall. Immediately after high school graduation Pat applied for admission to the Sisters of Loretto. She made her first vows May 24, 1957. Two years later, she left the community and several years later married Norman Dressler, also from St.Louis.

Like so many former members, Pat reunited with Loretto at the reunion held in Colorado and expressed interest in becoming a co-member in the Community. In her application for Loretto Co-membership in 1986, Pat Dressler said:“My first desire was to be a nun, but God had other plans for me and I am grateful that He led me in another direction. I have always enjoyed working with people and this talent that God has given me has led me down many different paths. My love for people has been very rewarding and fulfilling. I loved doing many things but my first love has been my wonderful husband and family. Norm and I have a beautiful relationship. We share the same faith and values. We are very proud of our four girls and we feel we have been good parents. We have been available to our kids and often times find ourselves available for other peoples’ kids as well.”

In her Co-membership application, Pat made a partial list of her work and service:

“In Illinois I taught Head Start for 7 years. I found fulfillment of my desire to serve the poor by working with poor families who came to the center with their children. Now in California I am very much involved with an organization in our town to serve the poor in emergency situations—Lemoore Christian Aid. I have also started a literacy program to teach people how to read and our Migrant workers English. I am a Child Development Associate. I belong to the Legion of Mary in our parish and also the Ministers’ Association of Lemoore.”

Pat’s daughter, Cori Dressler Kolenda, expressed her appreciation for Pat in a Memorial Book online: “What an impact you had on so many people, Mom. You were truly such a unique one of a kind with boundless energy and a life long passion to help all those you knew were in need. From helping to start a local Christian charity, organizing a new senior group in your parish, or just reaching out to family, friends, or even strangers, you were always looking for ways to help improve other people’s lives. What an incredible role model you were. And as my Mom, I felt so unconditionally loved and cared for by you my whole life. Thank you.”

For twenty-seven years as a co-member and four years as a Sister of Loretto, Pat shared with Loretto her deep faith, her love and loyalty to the Community, and her efforts to carry out the vision of Loretto in the family and community where she lived. She often expressed gratitude for her early training:“I am thankful to Loretto and the sisters who have given me a good foundation to realize God’s plan for me. I am impressed with the continuing spirit of involvement of the Loretto Community in the most vital problems of the day and I want to be a part of that spirit. I share Loretto’s values and challenges. Co-membership affords me the opportunity to continue ties of friendship with sisters who share my aspirations and support me in communicating ideas that are relevant to the needs of the church and society today.”

Pat’s brother Larry summed up Pat’s life in this appreciation: “Charity, generosity, understanding (never judgmental) always anticipating the needs of others before her own, were typical of her personality. I can hear God saying ‘Well done, oh good and faithful servant; now enter into My kingdom.'”


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