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“The Intimate Universe”, by Thomas Berry, CP

Posted on December 15, 2019, by Loretto Community

“The Intimate Universe” will be used in the online sessions with Miriam Therese MacGillis, OP. To download a PDF of the article, please click here.

Way back in 1993, Loretto Magazine featured a lead article written for us in which Berry challenged Loretto to be aware of and reflect on the single sacred community of the entire universe. He wrote, “Throughout the natural world there is an intimacy of things with each other. The intimacy of the wind and the soaring raptors, the rain and the vegetation, the sea and the shore. So too the intimacy of the bee with the flower, the intimacy of the bluebird parents with the newly hatched young.” He indicated that we will see a renewal of existing religious communities and the rise of new ones as soon as “we recognize and dedicate ourselves to the Great Work before us, the renewal of Earth as the presence of the Divine.” 

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