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2022 Hunger Fund report

Posted on February 1, 2023, by Johanna Brian SL

In I Am the Way, the Loretto constitutions, we read, “Cooperation with others engaged in creating a more just and peaceful world is crucial to fruitful mission.” Every year the Hunger Fund committee lives out this Loretto mandate in our name and responds to as many requests as is possible. In 2022, these agencies received funds:

• Casa Arcoiris — Rainbow House in Tijuana, Mexico, $3000 requested by Mary Jean Friel

• Freedom Fund of Tucson, Ariz., $2000 requested by Molly Kammien

• Global Village Children’s Project of Massachusetts, $2000 requested by Mary Lou Pierrron

• Southwest Improvement Council in Denver, $1000 requested by Regina Drey

• Jemez Helping Hands of Jemez Springs, N.M., $1200 requested by Karen Knoll

• Salvavision of Tucson, AZ., $3000 requested by Sally Dunn

• Sisters of Loretto of Pakistan, $3000 requested by Nasreen Daniel

The Loretto Community is grateful to the Hunger Fund for the outreach work they are doing. Committee members are: Kathleen Corbett, Liz Deines. Michaela Fleming, Pat Frueh, Barbara Hagan, Pat Joyce, Janet Rabideau and Eileen Custy.

A girl finds a moment of lightness at a shelter for
migrants in Arizona.
Photo courtesy of Mary Jean Friel

Our lack of response to these tragedies involving our brothers and sisters points to the loss of that sense of responsibility for our fellow men and women upon which all civil society is founded.

Pope Francis Laudato Si’, para. 25


Johanna Brian SL

Johanna came to Loretto from Colesburg, Ky., which is just over the hill from Loretto Motherhouse in Nerinx, Ky. She attended Bethlehem Academy and Loretto Academy in Kansas City, Mo. She also attended Webster University and St. Louis University. Twenty-six of her 38 years of teaching were spent in El Paso, Texas, where she taught English and religion. For the past 25 years, Johanna has been on the staff at The Healing Place in Louisville, Ky., helping women to recover from alcoholism and drug addictions. Since moving to Loretto Motherhouse a few years ago, she has been having a great time participating in all that is going on there.
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