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Claudia Calzetta SL

Claudia (she/her) is a Sister of Loretto and has spent many years in varied forms of education — teacher, administrator and campus minister at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. She also spent six years as the Loretto Volunteer part-time coordinator in St. Louis. Claudia retired for approximately one year and recently has returned to this position. She loves gardening, traveling and baking French tarts and pies. She raises funds for Annunciation House in El Paso by selling her delicious desserts. Contact Claudia for more info.
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The Stars Continue to Align

By Claudia Calzetta SL / June 1, 2023 /
Woman in an embroidered blouse and glasses smiles brightly while leaning on a suitcase inside.

During the months from January to June 2022, we were all aware that for one young woman from Pakistan, Maribah Ishaq, prayers were being said that “the stars would align”…

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Locks of Love

By Claudia Calzetta SL / December 1, 2022 /
A woman with short black hair and dark-framed glasses smiling softly for a selfie indoors. She is showing off her new, short haircut after donating her hair.

Those of you who have met Maribah probably remember her with long, dark hair. Following the example of her friend, Assistant Formation Director Samina Iqbal, Maribah decided to cut off…

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The Stars Allign

By Claudia Calzetta SL / July 1, 2022 /
A woman wearing a blue shawl and skirt smiling in front of some pink and red heart posters and a red rose wall.

★ Maribah was accepted into the 2022/2023 Inter-Congregational Collaborative Novitiate (ICCN) in Chicago, Ill. ★ Maribah’s application for an H-3 visa was made and on June 21, she was given…

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Come and See… The Loretto Community

By Claudia Calzetta SL / April 1, 2021 /
Two women, wearing long-sleeve patterned dresses smiling together while sitting in a living room sorting papers together.

The year 2021 is truly a time of change, of hope for new ways of thinking, of hope for new life. We see this in our world, our country and…

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Your Presence Gives Me Untold Joy

By Claudia Calzetta SL / February 1, 2020 /
A woman with short light-colored hair and wire-framed glasses showing off greeting cards.

When I sat down to write this article, I just couldn’t decide how to begin. There are so many “themes” that can be expanded about Roberta’s latest experience with jaw…

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Khush Amdeed! Welcome!

By Claudia Calzetta SL / November 1, 2019 /
Five women wearing headscarves standing together in a line holding candles while looking towards the camera. They are standing in a room with white walls, a large dark book shelf, and bright blue curtains covering a window.

Khush Amdeed! Welcome! These words spoken by Barbara Nicholas began a meaningful prayer service that welcomed four eager and confident women to Loretto’s first Come and See program — the…

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Loretto Showers Volunteers with Necessities, Creative Gifts

By Claudia Calzetta SL / October 1, 2019 /
Nine women sitting together in a living room with assorted donations. They are sorting, and planning for donations to be given to those in need.

If you walked into any of the Loretto Volunteer gatherings in St. Louis, Denver or El Paso on Aug. 18 for the annual shower, you would have felt palpable energy,…

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‘Closet Lady’ Serves Asylum Seekers at Loretto’s Former Nazareth Center in El Paso

By Claudia Calzetta SL / November 30, 2018 /

When I read the November announcement from Loretto President Pearl McGivney that there was an urgent need for volunteers in El Paso, Texas, I decided to respond and make myself…

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Loretto and Friends Take Part in Nuns on the Bus Tour

By Claudia Calzetta SL / October 18, 2018 /

(Photos courtesy of Claudia Calzetta SL)

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Tobin House: Keeping an Open Door

By Claudia Calzetta SL / April 1, 2017 /
A white house with blue detailing surrounded by green trees and grass on a sunny day.

Everything happened so fast at the annual mid-year retreat for the St. Louis Volunteers. We were enjoying a beautiful sunny day at Rockhaven retreat center. It was a relaxing weekend,…

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