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Kathy Wright SL

Kathy, a CPA, joined the Sisters of Loretto in 1986 and continued her service to a variety of non-profits (including Nerinx Hall and Loretto Academy) and Loretto with her financial skills. She has enjoyed serving on many committees, including the Investment Committee, Guatemala Sister Community Committee, Executive Committee, Finance Committee and Forum. Kathy lived and worked in Haiti, where she fell in love with the people there. She now resides in Florida.
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Reflection on the Seventh Sunday of Easter

By Kathy Wright SL / May 12, 2024 /
Two women hold hands in prayer, while others reflect

When I read the first reading, my thoughts turned to upcoming elections, both ours and those taking place here in the U.S. in November. It is interesting to look at…

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Reflection on Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord

By Kathy Wright SL / March 24, 2024 /
Woden crucifix with two palms crossed behind Christ

For many years this Gospel was a mystery to me. Jesus, who usually shunned the role of a public figure at the center of everyone’s attention who was to be…

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Reflection on the Fourth Sunday of Advent

By Kathy Wright SL / December 24, 2023 /
Pregnant woman holds her belly

These readings for the fourth Sunday of Advent provide a timeless road map for our lives of faith and hope. They are as relevant today as they were thousands of…

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Reflection on the 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Kathy Wright SL / November 12, 2023 /
Colorful art poster reads "O Wisdom who comes forth from the mouth of the most High, reaching from one end to the other, strongly and sweetly directing everything. Come and teach us the way of prudence."

Today’s Gospel is not about scarcity; it is about preparedness. Five of the 10 virgins found themselves in a dilemma because they were not prepared for an event that did…

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Reflection on the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Kathy Wright SL / October 8, 2023 /
Imperfect globe graphic

While reading the Gospel several weeks ago, I began to think of the vineyard in the Gospel story as our planet, Earth. The examples of people with true claims to…

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Reflection on the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Kathy Wright SL / September 17, 2023 /
sign texture abstract vintage

The first reading starts off with some very good news from my perspective. It states that “wrath and anger are hateful things, yet the sinner hugs them tight. The vengeful…

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Reflection on the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Kathy Wright SL / September 3, 2023 /

In the early 1980s, before joining Loretto, my housemate and I agreed to take in a drug and alcohol addicted 15-year-old who had been on the streets prostituting herself to…

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Reflection on the 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By Kathy Wright SL / July 9, 2023 /

Five hundred years before Jesus was born, Zechariah, a prophet in his time, wrote about how Jerusalem and Zion would be saved. He was living in a time when the…

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Help for Haiti

By Kathy Wright SL / June 19, 2023 /

I made my first trip to Haiti with Fonkoze USA in 2002. Loretto had been involved with Fonkoze through loans to its loan fund. Haitians’ faith, hope and perseverance under…

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Reflection on the Sixth Sunday of Easter

By Kathy Wright SL / May 14, 2023 /

In addition to this being the Sixth Sunday of Easter, it is also Mother’s Day and my father’s birthday. As I read these readings, I was aware that I was…

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Reflection on Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

By Kathy Wright SL / April 9, 2023 /

Today’s readings tell the story of Easter according to John and how it  unfolded. The story seems to indicate that the disciples of Jesus needed each other to understand what…

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¡Presenté! Pearl McGivney honored

By Kathy Wright SL / March 1, 2023 /
A girl standing outside with her back facing the camera to show the back of the green t-shirt she is wearing. The t-shit says, "Young American Dreamers: Tomorrow's Leaders, Taking Action Today.

On a beautiful sunny day in Auburndale, Fla., I attended a ceremony held by a group of Young American Dreamers to honor Pearl McGivney’s work with them. Auburndale is where…

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